Weekly Bump Pictures With Cricut

I loved documenting my pregnancy with Parker through weekly photos. It was a great way to watch my progress and now that I am on round #2, it’s great to look back to see what is different, what is the same, and what I should expect to see coming up!
I kept hearing that I wouldn’t have time to do this again with a toddler around but I have made it a priority and so far so good. I know I won’t get every week but if I get the majority that will be enough for a good timeline. You can check out my weekly updates, 12  |  13  |  14  |  15  |  16  |  17  |  18  | 
This time I decided to share which Cricut cartridges I used 
13 Weeks – Library Fonts & 50 States  |  14 Weeks – Library Fonts and custom made image

16 Weeks – Library Fonts  |  17 Weeks – Storybook Font

18 Weeks – Library Fonts & A Child’s Year  |  20 Weeks – Library Fonts & Simply Charmed

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Cricut + Pregnancy = Cute Weekly Bump Pictures

I posted regularly at Cherry Blossom Love during my pregnancy with P. I had so much fun using my Cricut to design my weekly Bump Picture Boards. During my week 23 pictures, my Sis accidently knocked my bulletin board over and it broke! I ended up using a white board after that but still found ways to use my Cricut to decorate them. I thought it would be fun to put all of the pictures together as a timeline 🙂 Enjoy!

Speaking Of Fall

As if I didn’t already love Fall enough, I have become obsessed with pinning Fall related items on Pinterest recently. I came across this pin and just HAD to replicate it!

Since I am in love with my Cricut, I decided to change this project up a little and use it instead of the computer. I had a few cartridges I was just waiting to use including the Speaking Of Fall, Stretch Your Imagination and Simply Charmed. Since I am using the Cricut, this projects requires a little more preparation to make sure all of the words fit on the page once they are cut out. 
I also decided that I wanted to make this a permanent fixture in our home and create one for every season. I would keep them all in the frame and just bring the current season to the front. Since this is going to be permanent, I decided to go with an 18×24 frame. This allows me to use more of the font options because the letters are larger than if I used a smaller frame. 
First, I made a list of words that reminded me of Fall.
Autumn  31  Leaves  Crisp  Apple Cider  Blue Jeans  Family & Friends  Scarecrow  Hay Rides  
Pumpkin   Pie  Hoodies  Corn maze  Football  Thanks  Cinnamon  Trick-Or-Treat  Pumpkins
Next, I sketched out the words in my sketchbook to get an idea of what size the different words would be. I scaled down the 18×24 frame so it would fit in my sketchbook and still be accurate.  

Then the tough part, deciding on paper! I went through all of my stash and choose a few colors and patterns that I liked. You want to use paper with smaller patterns so they will still show up in the smaller words. I also   chose most solid colors with a few patterns to balance the final product. 

I used the Cricut Design Studio to help me size the words I wanted to use. I love this program because you have so much more flexibility with the shape of the words you use. It can also save paper because you map out on the screen and it cuts it exactly. Additionally, if you want to use different cartridges but the same paper, you can do it all at once which saves time. This is by far my favorite feature! 

Before starting to cut, I put the frame back together with out the glass. This allowed me to place all of the letter on the page with out any of them being hidden behind the frame. There is nothing I hate more than finishing a project and then realizing part are cut off once framed! I also checked my lines every once in awhile to make sure I was gluing words on straight. 

This type of project is kind of like a puzzle. While you spend a great deal of time prepping and deciding the size and location of all the pieces, you sometimes have to be flexible and make a few changes. I ended up moving some words around and cutting out a few. No biggs! 

I am pretty excited about the end result and can’t wait to work on the Winter one, is a month or so! 

Happy Go Lucky