Disney With A Toddler: Packing List

Packing for Disney was the most stressful and most time consuming part of the trip. In the end though, every minute spent was WELL worth it. We were very lucky to be able to bring as much gear as we wanted since we took the Auto Train. I know that with traveling via airplane it maybe a little harder to pack this much. In those cases I think it’s important to pack what you can.
Not able to pack everything you want? Here are a few tips that might help!
1. There is a 24 hour Walmart very close to the parks if you have a rental car. It’s also a great place to get inexpensive Disney gear and autograph books!
2. Most resorts have convenient shops where you can pick up toiletries and snacks.
3. You can also order items on Amazon and have them delivered to your resort and waiting for you when you check in. That is great for diapers that can take up quite a bit of room.
Here is a pretty extensive list of what we packed for our trip.

Everything fit very nicely in our Diaper Dude which I picked up at one of our local consignment sales. I also liked that is clipped right onto the stroller or could be worn over the shoulder. Thirty-One also just came out with the Explorista Crossbody, that hooks around the stroller, which is definitely worth checking out.

All of the contents are what we usually have in our diaper bag. Since Parker is almost 2 we don’t let him have his pacifier or blanket except bed time. We decided to bring those along to help him take naps in the stroller which worked out really well. After lunch each day we would recline the stroller, give him both and he would usually fall asleep in minutes. We also packed three spare outfits each day in case an accident happened.

I found bringing snacks and supplements for Parker’s meals was really important. It made mealtimes much easier and saved us a lot of money. On a few occasions we got him a kids meal but he mostly ate off our plates and what we brought for him. The kids meals are great for older ones but he is just young enough that it’s too much or not a good combination for him. Most of the items above are a usual in our diaper bag and certainly needed to make an appearance in Disney. I love each item but can’t say enough about the Tiny Bites Food Shears and the Munchkin Collapsible Bowl that make meal times a lot easier!

I am so glad we brought along these items to help make our days in the park a little easier. Each one ended up being helpful in their own way.
We have had our Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller for awhile now. You can check out my initial review of it here. I love using it for walks but it really was perfect for the parks. The seat is spacious so Parker didn’t feel cramped inside even after a long day. As you can see above, the seat reclines which makes it nice for naps. The basket was perfect for the rain cover, Becco Butterfly Baby Carrier, snack bag and additional layers of clothing.
There were times when Parker would want to be out of the stroller but we were on the move and walking around or standing inline wasn’t an option. It was great to pull out our Becco Butterfly Baby Carrier and plop him on our pack. 
I was so excited when Lovable Labels agreed to let me review their KID Bands!. Safety was a huge concern for me in the parks and putting these on Parker everyday was really comforting. It had his name and both of our names and phone numbers. You can check out my full review on the KID Bands! and other safety tips while you are in the parks here.
I know some parents don’t like the leash backpacks but it was nice to put this on when Parker wanted to walk around a little. He didn’t like it much when he wanted to run away, but I felt safer knowing I couldn’t get distracted a lose him. For some of the rides with a little bit of a wait, it was nice to put his sippy cup and pacifier inside and let him do the carrying! The leash is detachable so we can still use it when he gets older.
This was great to have in the room so Parker could eat breakfast at the table while we were getting ready. We usually keep this in the car in case a restaurant doesn’t have a highchair. It secures to the back and bottom of the chair and has a 3-point harness. 
We were a little concerned with what Parker would sleep in on the train and in the room if he didn’t like the P&P that was provided by Disney. The PeaPod Plus folds up nicely so it travels easily and is padded on the bottom for comfort. You can check out my full review of the PeaPod Plus here

We always travel with our Sunpentown SU-1051W Travel-Size Personal Humidifier. It keeps moisture in dry hotel rooms and helps us sleep better. We got this one from Bed Bath & Beyond for Christmas a few years ago from my Mom. It takes up no space in our luggage and we can refill a used water bottle with tap water.

I found this miniature IKEA dish rack at a local thrift store for under $3. I always hate to recommend a product when I can’t provide a place to buy it but after a few hours of searching, I don’t have a link to provide. I do love having this for travel though. It keeps Parker’s dishes off the counter. We used this a lot when Parker was still on bottles and we traveled.

The ArtBin Twisterz Jars are great for medicine, lotion and jewelry. I get mine from Jo Ann Fabrics where you get choose from a few different sizes. They all interlock making it easy to keep together.

The Thirty-One Littles Carry-All Caddy is also a travel favorite for us. It folds pretty flat to store easily in your luggage and can hold most of your toiletries. Rob and I each have one which keeps almost everything off the counters.

The Thirty-One Cinch-It-Up Super Sac was large enough to hold all of our laundry for the week. A carrying strap makes it easy to hull a full bag around and the front zipper pocket to hold detergent and dryer sheets. 
Digital Thermometer  |  Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy  |  Children’s Benadryl  |  Little Remedies  |  Children’s Advil  |  nail clippers  |  Balmex  |  Baby Ganics Lip Balm  |  Pedialyte powder packets  |  toothbrush and toothpaste  |  nasal aspirator  |  Dapple dish soap  |  Johnson & Johnson’s body wash.
One of the worst experiences as a parent is when you have a sick child and no medicine. The best pieces of advice one of my friends gave me was to always be prepared when traveling. Even if we are gone for a night, these are the items I bring along just in case. The clear bottle is Dapple to wash Parker’s dishes and the blue bottle is shampoo/body wash for bath time. 
Well there you have it. Feeling overwhelmed yet? If you are, don’t be. While it may seem overwhelming now, once you get started it will be much easier. I would do your own research and then make a list of those items you want to bring. Having a list will remind you what you still need to purchase or locate around the house.

Disney In Photos


For a recap of our entire Disney experience, check out my post Disney with a Toddler!

We’re Back!!!!

We’re back!!!! Sorry for sneaking away from you. I had gone back and forth about sharing photos of our vacation on Instagram. A friend of a friend who is a blogger had the unfortunate experience of her house being broken into while away. She still wonders if it was because she announced over social media and her blog. I decided to sneak away and ask for forgiveness later 🙂

We had a wonderful trip! Spending 10 whole days with some of my favorite people, in the happiest place on Earth and 70 degree weather is my kinda vacation.

I can’t wait to comb through and share some of our favorite photos. Between the Memory Maker and all of the photos we took on our iPhones, I think we have well over a thousand.

I also have several posts in the works that will be published over the next few weeks. Some of the things I will touch on is our hotel stay, food, highs and lows of our experience and a very extensive packing list. I will also be writing up our experience on the Amtrak Auto Train, which is probably the best way to travel to FL with a toddler.

In the meantime, here are some of our photo favorites!

Preparing for Disney: Reservations

Ack, I can’t believe how close our trip is getting. I have been busy making lists, starting piles to pack and making reservations. I feel like I still have a million things to do! We have made a lot of progress on all of the reservations we wanted to make and I wanted to share what we have so far.

I am getting more relieved and excited that we decided on the Amtrak Auto Train. We can buy everything we need for the trip, not worry about luggage weights and can travel in comfort. We are staying in one of their bedrooms which will give Parker room to play and for all of us to sleep. The trip includes dinner and a continental breakfast so we don’t have to worry about food. We also decided to pay the extra fee so that our car was one of the first 20 cars off at our destination. I can’t wait to share a video of our cabin and what the experience was like!

I feel like a kid getting so giddy about the Disney Magic Bands! What a fantastic idea on Disney’s part. No need to carry tickets, room keys, cash or even credit cards. You can swipe into your room, the park, check in at FastPass+ locations, add pictures to your Memory Maker account, pay for meals and even purchase souvenirs. Plus, you can personalize them by choosing your favorite color and adding your own bling!

One of the best parts of a vacation is all of the photos you get to look at when you return. I know we always struggle with pictures of all of us together because someone has to take the picture. In the past, while we loved a lot of the pictures taken, they were too expensive to purchase.

I was thrilled when someone told me about the Disney Memory Maker package. One package for any pictures taken around the park, character meals and even ride attractions! Even better, it can be purchased ahead of time for only $149. You can also link up the confirmation number to all of the magic bands in your party so all of your photo memories can be found in one place! You can view all of your photos in your My Disney Experience (more below).

We went back and forth about getting a dinning plan. Rob and I had one when we went a few years ago and it really was convenient. At first we got a quote for the price and thought it was much higher than what we would spend individually. Then I started crunching the numbers. I took into account some of the places we wanted to eat, the fact that there would be 3 of us eating at each meal and what groceries we would need to buy. After seeing that total, I was convinced a Disney Dining Plan was the way to go. If nothing else, it gave me an exact number to budget for.

We decided on the dining plan that would give us a quick service meal, a sit down meal and a snack each day. Since Parker is only 18 months and doesn’t pay for hotel accommodations or park tickets which means he does not need the meal plan. Keeping in mind he will be eating off our plates, here are the places we decided to make reservations for.

Here are the places we made reservations for! Teppanedo and Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater are the only places we have eaten so far. I can’t wait to try the rest and share photos and our reviews of them!

The first thing we did after booking our trip was each create My Disney Experience profiles. The My Disney Experience allows you to navigate pretty much every aspect of your vacation in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. Since Sarah and Tim live so far away it has helped keep us all up to date on things.

Within the My Disney Experience you can:

Create Your Family & Friends List: Since we are vacationing with my sister and Rob’s best friend, we wanted to find a way to all keep up on reservations and planning.

Link Existing Reservations and Tickets: This is where you can link every aspect of your trip together making it easy to find information and reservations. This includes your hotel, park tickets, Disney Memory Maker and more.

Personalize MagicBands: As I mentioned before, MagicBands pretty much replace the need for paper tickets, room keys, cash and even credit cards while in the parks.

Make FastPass+ Selections: Once you purchase your tickets, you can start making some FastPass reservations for your favorite rides. Once we purchase our tickets on base we will be linking them so we can start making some FastPass+ selections!

Make Dining Reservations: Within the My Disney Experience you can choose all of your dinning reservations in advance limiting wait times and eating on the go.

Online Check-In Available: You can check in online and make the arrival process quick and easy.

This was in 2010, the last time we were at Disney. Things were a little different back then… 🙂

Gadgets in Disney

I just love gadgets that help make life a littler easier. As soon as we booked our trip to Disney I started making a list of things we had and things I wanted to get. I want to make our journey on the Auto Train, the hotel and the parks as smooth and organized as possible. I am not sure which will be more fun, actually using everything or sharing my reviews afterwards!

Having P in a crowd always makes me nervous. Since he is still not walking we use a stroller or baby wear him which gives me some comfort. I am really hoping he is walking by the time Disney roles around but that will open up a new set of problems.


                            Joovy Groove                                                                Joovy Zoom 360

I am torn between two different strollers in the garage. I love both of them for different reasons and I guess in the end it will depend on how much room is in the car.

                         KID Bands! from Lovable Labels            Zoo Safety Harness from Skip Hop
Lovable Labels was gracious enough to provide a set of their KID Bands! to review. I had them printed with Rob and my names along with our phone numbers. I also got P the Zoo Safety Harness for when we wants to walk around a little. I know people don’t like these (*cough my sister cough*) but Parker’s sefety and my piece of mind are all I care about 🙂
We were a little stumped with what the sleeping arrangements would be on the Auto Train. Rob looked at the measurements and we are pretty sure there will not be enough room for his Pack n’ Play. I was thrilled when KidCo sent us the PeaPod Plus for review. It will be the perfect for the space we have.

As a Nuby Mom Blogger I am excited to test out and review some of their products on our trip. I have already reviewed the Snack Keeper but know this will be perfect for snacks on the go.

Of course I am using some of my Thirty-One favorites for the trip. I just love looking stylish and organized at the same time. These are just a few of the products from Thirty-One I will be using 🙂
Now it’s your turn to share! I am in desperate need of your must have items when traveling with a toddler. I have several checklists going at the moment and want to cover everything.