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Happy Tuesday everyone! We are in Jersey visiting family and helping my mom recover from surgery for a little while. It’s the perfect time to catch up on some blogging when I am not distracted by decorating! I managed to get photos taken of the kiddos playroom all finished and I am so excited to share it will you all.

I decided to do a few posts first before the final tour focusing on some of the more ambitious projects we took on. First up was something to organize all of Parker’s cars, helicopters, and airplanes.

DSC_5916 watermarked

I looked around Pinterest and saw some great ideas using crates and toilet paper rolls. I decided to take a look in the basement to see if there was anything I could upcycle. I ended up finding an unfinished 3-tier shelf (JoAnn Fabrics) and 2 narrow unfinished crates (Michaels). I chose Valspar Deep Sea Diving (5001-8C) and used a few coats for extra protection.

DSC_5912 watermarked

The top made a perfect helicopter pad so I used my Silhouette, the Disney font, and vinyl to make the symbol.

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Parker’s Aunt, my sister, nicknamed him Buster when he was just a baby. The nickname stuck and I find myself calling him by it daily. I thought is was appropriate to name his garage such. Can you tell I am loving my Silhouette lately?!?


We wanted to add an airplane hanger for all of his planes and larger trucks so Rob made a shelf to sit inside one of the cubbies. We used wood glue to secure supports and then slide in the shelf. Very simple and an easy way to add extra storage.

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In most of the examples we saw on Pinterest toilet paper rolls were used. There is no way that would stand up to Buster Boy so we decided to choose 3 different size PVC pipes. Once they were cut we sanded the edges and glued them together with hot glue.


I’m pretty excited about the final product. The design and construction prevents Parker from just dumping all of his collection out so I have noticed a little more intentional play. He likes looking through for specific cars and putting them “back in their home” when he is done.  Some of Caity’s cars are also housed in Bust Boys Garage.

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Festive Fabric Banner

I know it is only the first of September but I am so anxious for fall. It is by far my favorite season with all of the beautiful colors, cool weather and upcoming family gatherings. I have been seeing these fabric scrap banners all over Pinterest and just loved them. Such an easy and colorful way to get in the holiday spirit.

I decided to head to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick out some fabrics and make my own for fall. I realized that the fabric quarters are the perfect size and I had so many colors and patterns to choose from. I used a 15% coupon so each on ended up being $1.19. I already had some twin and scissors at home to this project totaled around $12.00.
I took each fabric quarter and made shallow cuts about two inches apart. You don’t need to be precis with this which is a nice relief!
Once you make the shallow cuts, just rip each strip the rest of the way to get the frayed look. If you like things cleaner, you can cut each stripe but they will still fray a little over time.

Our mantle was made for this piece! There were even 3 nails in the perfect place to hang it. I have to admit, I was a little bummed I didn’t have to take the hammer out again 🙂