Parker’s Shadow Box

I didn’t get much done today but I am proud to say that I was able to finally finish P’s shadow box! I want to still do another one with his first outfit inside but this has a lot of the trinkets from his birth. A 2012 penny, fortune that Rob got the night he was born from Panda Express that said, “today will be lucky and memorable for you”, his hospital bracelet and the note the tech who did my anatomy scan wrote with P’s gender. I didn’t open it until the day after he was born. The cutouts are from my shower that my Mom and Sister made with the Cricut, of course 🙂

I Love Pinterest!

It is no secret that I am in LOVE with Pinterest! I found the site about 2 years ago and it has been a constanst obsession ever since. There are so many cute ideas and where I found my inspiration for maternity and bump pictures, nursery ideas, newborn photos, month milestone photos, getting our house organized and so much more! After  recent pin I decided to share some of my favorite baby related pins I have found.

It was hard to pick my favorites so check out that rest on my Pinterest site. Just click on a picture to go to the website.



Toddle Along Tuesday ~ Finding Balance Part II

So this past week the topic for Toddle Along Tuesday was Finding Balance. I thought about what I wanted to say, wrote my post and published it. Like clock work, this momma had a complete melt down with ugly tears and all. To someone else, it probably would have warranted a good laugh but it was very serious to me.

While I have been able to balance out different things in my daily routine like showering, eating, taking care of P and administrative things, I have so many craft projects and updates around the house that I really want to do. Between blogging, Pinterest and house projects I would start one, get distracted by another and then another. By the time Rob got home, there were 4-5 things going on and I really wasn’t focusing on any of them.

If you know me, then you know crafting is my life! It brings me so much joy and I love coming up with and creating new projects.

Que my genius hubby who came up with what I think to be the idea of the century!!! Using Popsicle sticks, I wrote 1 project on each and placed them into a mason jar. Whenever I have time to start a project, I pull one and work on that project, no others, until it is done.

I actually decided to take this one step farther and did another jar that has different exercises and physical activities on them. Every morning I will choose one and will have the whole day to work it in.

After I was done with just my initial list, I felt a little overwhelmed and said,”I will never get these all done.” His response, “one stick at a time babe.” <3

Starting the nursery!!!

I had originally scheduled today off since Rob was suppose to come home today and decided to keep it so we could do some baby related things. I have been anxiously waiting for Rob to come home to start all of this and am so excited it is finally here!

Our trip through IKEA lasted quite awhile but we managed to figure everything out for the basement and purchased the crib! We won’t put it together until the room is painted but I like knowing that it is in the house and “almost” ready to go. We decided to stick with the Gulliver Spindle Crib in birch.

We also stopped by Home Depot and chose the colors for the guest room and babies room! We finally decided we wanted to paint the walls a bright green color. I thought it would go well with some of the dark furniture we have picked out and the art work I am planning on hanging on the walls. This isn’t the best picture but it gives you an idea. I have a much better one come the 24th when the painters are done!