Caity’s Top Six Favorites At Six Months

I realized as I was writing up Caity’s 6 Month Update that I hadn’t shared any of her favorite in awhile. She is still loving many of her Month Four Favorites including the Baby Einstein Musical Activity Jumper and her Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether. She is also still sleeping at night in the Graco Travel Lite Crib. Here are some of her favorites in the last month!

Six Month Favorites

 Silicone Teething Necklace | Eric Carle Developmental Doll | Sassy Teething Feeder | Oball Rattle | Summer Infant Baby Bather | Joovy Caboose VaryLight

We had found a Silicone Teething Necklace at Buy Buy Baby before Caity was born. I loved the idea of still being able to wear a little jewelry that would be safe for Caity when she started chewing on it. She loves grabbing a hold of it when I am wearing her and chews the heck out of it. The only down fall is I tend to get a little slimy with all the drool but that’s pretty much become the norm anymore 🙂 You can find them online at Amazon or use a coupon at Buy Buy Baby.

Caity’s Bam (Grandma) found her the Eric Carle Developmental Doll at Christmas. We names her Crissy Cringle and it goes everywhere with us when we are out and about. There are so many surfaces for Caity to grab a hold of, chew on, or play with. I like the hook so it can secure to one of her Oball O-Links to secure it to the stroller or her Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair.


The Sassy Teething Feeder is a great way to introduce new foods without worrying about little one choking. We are taking a more Baby Lead Weaning approach and this has been great to introduce banana, mango, and avocado. It comes apart so you can thoroughly clean the mesh pouch and you can purchase new ones when they start getting funky. There is also a lid for safe keeping in the diaper bag on the go.

The Oball Rattle was one of Parker’s favorites and Caity has taken a fancy to it as well. It’s lightweight with a ton of holes for little fingers to grab. It’s a solid plastic surface so it is an easy and quick clean.

This month we moved Caity into the big bath tube. She isn’t quite sturdy enough to sit on her own and there isn’t much room to use a laundry basket like with did with Parker so we found the Summer Infant Baby Bather. It’s a great way for Caity and Parker to interact together but still keeping her safe. She loves splashing around

Joovy is definitely a favorite in this house and the Joovy Caboose VaryLight has been a fantastic stroller to have with 2 kids. Here is are Part 1 Review focusing on use with an infant and a toddler and our Part 2 Review focusing on use with a newborn and toddler.

Month Four Favorites
Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages  |  Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat  |  Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether  |  Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band  |  Baby Einstein Musical Activity Jumper  |  Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair

Month Two Favorites
Boppy  |  Fisher-Price Piano Gym  |  Chicco Key Fit 30  |  Chicco Kay Fit Caddy  |  Just Born Fleece Baby Blanket  |  Aden + Anais Swadle Blankets  |  Becco Soleil  |   Becco Soleil Infant Insert  |  Taggies Portable Fold N’ Go Swing

Month One Favorites
Fisher-Price Rock N Play Sleeper  |  Carter’s Knit Gowns  |  Aden + Anais Dream Blanket  |  Carseat Canopy   Baby Girl Headbands  |  Tiny Love Monitor  |  Maya Ring Sling

Caity’s Month 4 Favorites

Month 3 Favorites

Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages  |  Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat  |  Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether  |  Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band  |  Baby Einstein Musical Activity Jumper  |  Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair

There is certainly a theme to Caity’s 4 month favorites. She no longer wants to be in swings but up moving and looking around. Since we have an energetic toddler running around it means I need to keep her off the floor and secure when I have to run out of the room.  Many of these items are also in their second use a s they were also on Parker’s favorites list.

We had purchased the Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages for the train ride to Florida last January for Parker. We have been using it in our room to help transition Caity to laying flat. It’s smaller than a P&P so it fits perfectly next to the bed and when we are still traveling.

The Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat is a recent purchase but we are loving it already. I put it on the floor when I am sitting playing with Parker so that she can be a part of our activities. The tray spins around so it can also be used to serve snacks. Eventually the trays can be snapped off and the chair used as a booster.

When I first heard about the Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether I refused to spend that much money on a teether. Luckily Rob’s Aunt purchased it for us and I am SO glad she did. So much so that it is one of the things I get for expecting moms. Caity’s refuses bottles, pacifiers, and teethers except this one. It’s the soft colors, smell, and unique design that attracts her to it. She loves teething on the head, neck and legs. I am almost ready to buy a second one so I am not always searching for the one we have!

Caity received the Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band from a good friend for Christmas who sure knows her presents. This set is a MAJOR hit in the house. It was also fun to see all the newer babies playing with them during the last play date we hosted. They are small and each one makes a unique sound that attracts without scaring. I have them placed around the house on Caity’s various bouncers as something to grab a hold of.

The Baby Einstein Musical Activity Jumper was one of Parker’s favorites because it is easy to turn around. Caity loves the lights and the wheel and will turn back and forth to play with each of them. If she is in a good mood and not hungry she will happily babble and play in it for 30 minutes or so. Sometimes she forgets it bounces until she accidentally does it and then gets this big goofy grin on her face.

We had received the Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair at our baby shower for Parker and at the time I had no idea how valuable it would be. It has certainly earned it’s place in our ultimate top items. The recline is perfect for infants who want to be a part of dinner but cannot hold their head up yet. As they get older and begin to eat you are raise the seat to an upright position. It’s perfect when visiting houses with no high chairs and even perfect for when you want to have a picnic on the floor. It is supportive enough to hold Caity at 3 months but strong enough to still hold Parker (31 months) when we want him to stay in one place while eating on the floor. The tray is easy to clean and the seat fabric can be washed.

Gift Ideas: A Toddler Wish List

Before every birthday or Christmas I find myself searching mom blogs for toys, games, and gear that their children enjoy. Here are a few of Parker’s favorite toys and games at the moment. It’s a good mix of imaginative play, educationally based toys, and toys to help him learn and understand social norms. You can find all of these items on Amazon Prime which is great for last minute gift purchases and avoiding the busy malls.


 Rio | VTech Cogsley Learning Robot | VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Heavy Duty Set
T.S. Chunky World Fire Dept. Puzzy Book | Kid Craft Everyday Hero Play Set
Play Visions Crayola Bathtub Crayons | Dyson Toy Vacuum | Toy Story 3 Memory

I always thought I would keep Parker away from all TV until he was older. That was something that changed quickly when I got pregnant and especially now with a nursing infant. We limit Parker’s TV time to 1 movie a day and on the rare occasion 2. I also look for movies that have color, music, and no violence which usually means Disney. His favorites right now are Frozen, Cars, Planes, Madagascar, and recently Rio. I have to admit I absolutely love this movie. The vibrant colors, fantastic music, and adorable animals keep both Parker and I entertained. Whenever I am watching with him we talk about what is going on in the movie and try to learn a few new words and actions. I am looking forward to adding Toy Story to our collection soon.

Parker is actually getting the VTech Cogsley Learning Robot for Christmas but I wanted to include it in this list. We have had it for quite some time waiting for the right moment.

We are a huge fan of VTech and the Go! Go! series. The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Heavy Duty Set are a great for the car or to play at home. They each have their own name and personality which lets Parker relate to them. They can be used individually or with the Go! Go! series play sets.

Parker received the T.S. Chunky World Fire Dept. Puzzy Book for his birthday and it has certainly become his favorite puzzle. I like the added book that allows the puzzle to really come to life.

Rob scored this Kid Craft Everyday Hero Play Set of Craiglist and it quickly became one of Parker’s favorite toys. Since it does not need any batters or have noises or flashing lights we have it in his room. He will often play with it before he goes to bed and when he wakes up before he calls for us. It’s fun to watch him interact with the police chief and fire chief throughout the station in the appropriate social settings.

Bath time is our favorite part of the day (Parker’s and ours). He loves playing in the water whether it be a bath or “shark” shower and for us it means bed time is near! We got the Play Visions Crayola Bathtub Crayons so he could color on the tub and shower walls. He has even tried to give himself a tattoo a few times 🙂 It didn’t take long for him to realize he could click the crayon all the way up but after breaking a few and not getting them back he quickly learned to be more careful.

Parker loves watching us attend to chores around the house, especially vacuuming. We found this adorable Dyson Toy Vacuum awhile ago and he loves pushing it around the floor just like I do. It has such realistic sounds and even picks up a little dirt on the floor.

We received Toy Story 3 Memory a few days ago and decided to pull it out last night after dinner to play. We only used 6 sets at a time and placed all of the photos up. Rob and I would take turns handing Parker a card and he had to find a match. He didn’t really understand but he found every single one which was fun. We will slowly add more and eventually turn them upside down. For the moment though, he is practicing image recognition.

I would love to hear what are on some of your kids Christmas lists or items your toddler absolutely loves! There is another consignment sale coming up in March and I will be on the hunt for some birthday gifts!

Caity’s Month 2 Favorites

Even though Caity is still fairly low maintenance at two months, here are a few things that we recently started using that makes life a lot easier!

Two Month Favorites

Boppy  |  Fisher-Price Piano Gym  |  Chicco Key Fit 30  |  Chicco Kay Fit Caddy  |  Just Born Fleece Baby Blanket  |  Aden + Anais Swadle Blankets  |  Becco Soleil  |   Becco Soleil Infant Insert  |  Taggies Portable Fold N’ Go Swing

It’s very interesting how the needs of each baby can differ just was much as each baby differs. Before Caity was born I was considering selling the two Boppy pillows we had since they were rarely used with Parker. I am so glad we didn’t because I use both multiple times a day. They really help support her when nursing especially at the dinner table. I also use it when I need to sit her down on the floor for a minute or when I am at the computer working in the evening. She was to be close to me and this still gives me two hands to work with. We have also started using it to introduce tummy time. The most adorable part is when Parker grabs it and mimics what I do with his baby doll.


It’s never too early to bring out the Fisher-Price Piano Gym otherwise known in my moms group as “the crack mat”. This was a favorite of Parker’s and Caity seems to be enjoying it as well. It’s so cute to watch her kicking the keys with such force and intention.

We stored away the Chicco Key Fit 30 and Chicco Kay Fit Caddy after Parker outgrew it knowing we would want it for baby #2. There are so many different infant car seats to choose from but we liked the features of this one the best. We also LOVE the Caddy. It can be unfolded and folded with one hand and you simply click the car seat in. The basket is huge and can fit our Zip-Top Organizing Utility tote, my purse, what ever baby carrier I am using that day and then some. There are also two cups holders that can comfortably fit large drinks and a center compartment for keys or your phone. Usually when Rob and I are running errands with the kids I push Caity in the Caddy while Parker sits in the shopping cart Rob pushes. I am a huge advocate for NEVER putting an infant car seat on top of a shopping cart. No shopping carts or car seats are designed for that use and it can result an accident injuring or killing the infant. If it’s just the kids and I, Parker goes in the shopping cart and I wear Caity.

It’s getting extremely cold here so Caity is always bundled up under a blanket. I like to keep one in each room and for her car seat so I never have to go searching for one. We found some really soft fleece once from Just Born at Buy Buy Baby that ended up being a good deal after the 20% off. Iv’e also been using the Aden + Anais Swadle Blankets to keep her warm in stores and at the mall when the fleece blankets are too much. Caity doesn’t like to be swaddled but for babies who do, the A & A blankets are perfect swaddling blankets.

In last months favorites post I shared my new favorite ring sling which is great to use in the house when I need an extra hand or to throw in the stroller in case Caity needs a break from the car seat. In addition to that, we also have the Becco Soleil in the Enzo pattern. It was part of the goodie bag we received at the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower back in May. I am a huge fan of Becco as we already have the Becco Butterfly that we used with Parker. Right now Caity needs the Infant Insert to fit properly in the carrier. I love the Enzo pattern which is subtle but beautiful. There is a pocket on the front waste band and an optional pouch that can be snapped on the front to hold keys etc… There is also an optional hood that can be snapped on to shield baby. We also purchased the Infantino Hoodie to use in the cold weather to keep both Caity and I warm.

When Parker was born my Mom bought us the Mamaroo which Parker LOVED. It was pretty much the only place he would take naps if I wasn’t holding him. Caity, HATED it and cried every time I tried to put her in even if she was just changed and fed. As much as I hated, we decided to sell it and find something she did like. We ended up deciding on the Taggies Portable Fold N’ Go Swing. The swing is silent as it works with magnets, not a motor, to rock back and forth. It’s also small so it fits under my craft table, out of the way, when we aren’t using it.

I am working on posts for our favorite bath time and cold weather favorites in the next few weeks. What are some of your must haves that I should get?

Caity’s First Month Favorites

It’s neat to see how different the needs can be from one child to another. Parker was born in the summer, received formula, and loved being swaddled so his first month favorites were a little different than Caity’s. She has been pretty simple and as long as she isn’t too far away from her food source is pretty content. These are a few of the items we use daily

Month 1 Favorites

Fisher-Price Rock N Play Sleeper  |  Carter’s Knit Gowns  |  Aden + Anais Dream Blanket  |  Carseat Canopy   Baby Girl Headbands  |  Tiny Love Monitor  |  Maya Ring Sling

The Fisher-Price Rock N Play Sleeper was a favorite of Parker’s so I wasn’t too surprised when Caity took a liking to it as well. I love how portable it is, soft, and the upright position. She is currently battling a nasty cold her brother was so kind to give her so I love that it keeps her upright providing a little relief. When she is sleeping I usually move it around the house based on where I am and what I am doing. It sits right next to the bed at night, in the bathroom when I need to take a shower, and up in my art room when I am trying to get some blogging done.

Since it is getting cold out already I have been wrapping her up in the Aden + Anais Dream Blanket my Grandmother gave her to keep warm. This blanket is most certainly a dream and a MUST HAVE for any new baby. She sleeps so well when she is cuddled underneath and during midnight feedings it also keeps me warm. Don’t worry, we were in my art room when this was taken where I had eyes on her.


The Carter’s Knit Gowns are great for quick diaper changes at night when you don’t want to wake the toddler with hangry newborn cries. She also tends to get really hot sleeping on my in the recliner so this allows us to cuddle under her Aden + Anais Dream Blanket without getting too warm.

The cold air is a little too rough outside and means flu and cold season are here. Since we have been more adventurous this time bringing her out early I love the protection the Carseat Canopy provides. I have been told I have this, “don’t you dare touch my baby” look so no one has ever been bold enough to impose. This provides a barrier between your infant and people.

I am amazed how often people think infants are boys if there are wearing anything but pink. While I love pink Caity’s wardrobe does have some variety and even some of Parker’s hand-me-downs. That’s when Baby Girl Headbands come into play. They are a great way to scream to people, “SHE IS A GIRL!” This set includes a variety of different colors so you can choose one the coordinates the best. I have certainly been a little obsessed with purchasing headbands and have also gotten a few on Amazon and this cute little shop, Jen’s Chic Boutique.

A photo posted by Mary Meyer (@mommammeyer) on


The Tiny Love Monitor is great to keep her occupied when I am putting laundry away or need a second to pee. It is adorable and changes setting as your LO gets older.

My Maya Ring Sling is a recent purchase but I am already in love. Ring slings take a little getting use to but such a nice way to help support an infant without a bulky carrier. Once I am really comfortable with her in it we are going to try to learn the nursing position. That way I can nurse her on the go a little easier and a lot more discretely.