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25 Days of Christmas: Minis & Mixers

White elephant gifts have become a staple during the holiday season. There so many directions you can take; completely off the wall, thoughtful, hilarious, or practical. This year we have a few parties to attend and decided to take a fun but practical approach.

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I pulled out a few of my Littles Carry-All Caddys from my stash. We filled them with minis, their matching mixers, and added a mug with chiller cubes to round it out.

Jägermeister and Red Bull
Fire Ball and Angry Orchard
Captain Morgan and Coke
Baileys and Hot Chocolate

And a extra shot of Southern Comfort with a lime for fun.

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Michaels has their Christmas stuff 60% off already and I found a mini snow hat and scarf in their Merry Mini collection.

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25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Song Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are pretty important traditions in my family. We exchange them every year and Rob even proposed to me with one he had made while we were in Disney. Tomorrow I am attending a cookie and ornament exchange. I’ve been pinning a lot of ornament ideas on Pinterest and decided I wanted to make my own.

I’ve had these glass ornaments for years and just never got around to doing anything with them. I decided to decorate a few to represent some of my favorite classic Christmas songs.

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For Frosty I used the same crochet yarn from my snowball project, extra fabric from a tie blanket, and a few buttons.

Hearing the sound of bells jingling always puts me in the Christmas spirit. I have a small collection of bells in various colors that were perfect for a Jingle Bells themed ornament.

Santa is filled with crumpled tissue paper and embellished with construction paper I secured with some hot glue.

Festive. Unique. Fun. Most importantly, easy!

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Iv’e enjoyed finding projects that I can do with Parker. It’s never to early to start molding that creative little brain! For Christmas, our daycare provider made these adorable LOVE signs for each of the parents. It was such a wonderful surprise and absolutely made our Christmas. I often host craft play dates with my moms group and thought this would be a great project to do.

I tend to look for fun projects that are easy to do with tons of kids around, can incorporate them into the project and don’t take a lot of time.

The total for this project was about $15.00 and the paint can be used for future projects. I got all of my supplies at Michael’s and the folkArt paint was on sale for $.99. You can save a few dollars and just paint the L and E but I like the look of the different levels.

These little beauties come in handy for all sorts of projects. It makes it easier and quicker to paint wood leaving minimal mess. You can also use them over and over again which is also a perk.

I painted the boards a few hours before we did the hand and feet imprints. I wanted to make sure the paint was completely dry so there was no smudging. It’s great when you have an extra set of adult hands. I would paint their hand and feet, with a roller brush, and then one adult would hold the plaque while the other directed their hand or foot in the right place. It’s certainly not perfect but the imperfections are what make it real and beautiful.

I love how they turned out and how festive they are for Valentine’s Day. It’s a great decoration to bring out once a year to remember how tiny those little hands and feet once were. I can’t wait until St. Patrick’s Day rolls around to do it again!

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