Christmas Traditions #10 ~ Volunteer

I often forget how lucky I have been to grow up with a roof over my head, food on the table, clothes on my back (and in my closet), an education and pretty much anything I ever needed. Don’t get me wrong, my parents worked extremely hard, and still do, to provide for us.

I truly believe in paying it forward and  positive karma. Up until now, I have only participated in about a dozen service experiences. My ultimate goal, when P is a little older, is to participate as a family in a volunteer experience a few hours each month. Until then, we will stick to finding something during the holidays we can all do.

I found this extremely helpful website,, where you can enter your zip code and from there, local opportunities are identified. This really helps alleviate one of the more difficult parts of volunteering, finding an experience that you truly enjoy and value. I have done many service projects and trips in my day and know how frustrating it is to volunteer only to be tasked with pulling weeds in the forest.

I was very excited when I saw this one. I don’t think P is quite old enough to interact with people closely we do not know but really want to do this next year.

Holiday Gift Delivery to Seniors In Need

We Are Family coordinates a major holiday gift delivery to 300 of the seniors we work with. We need your help to make this happen! We will gather on December 25 and divide up to deliver the gifts and visit with the seniors. Prior to delivery volunteers will have called the seniors to determine their gift preference, purchased the gifts, and wrapped them.
These seniors are facing extreme hunger and poverty and are often isolated and immobile. Without our deliveries they might spend the holiday completely alone and forgotten. You can help make an immense difference in their lives by adding some holiday cheer and warmth to their hearts!

      Full Hands, Full Hearts
Organizing Made Fun

Christmas Traditions #8 ~ Adopt A Family

When I moved to DC, some of my colleagues went in together and adopted a family for the holidays. It was a program run by our school so I am not sure of the exact name but we would get a family of 4 or 5 and a few of us would be responsible for each member of the family. We had to find clothing, an educational item and a toy for the children. We always had a blast doing it and felt so good after that  we were bring joy to a family on Christmas day.

This year, I was introduced to the program called, Operation Christmas Child, by one of my fellow blogging friends, Christa, over at Little BGCG. I am cheating just a little here because I have already posted about this program, but still wanted to share it as one of the family traditions Rob and I have started this year and plan to continue as our family gets bigger.

      Full Hands, Full Hearts
Organizing Made Fun