Welcome Henry

About 3 weeks ago an abandoned pup found his way to my BIL and co workers who are all saps for four legged companions. Based on his condition they thought he was out on his own for several weeks. My BIL went through near by neighborhoods, wrote FB posts, and took him to the vet to see if he was chipped, which he wasn’t.

Not having the heart to bring him to a shelter just yet, he begged my 37 week pregnant sister to bring him home. That night Rob and I sat there looking at the photos and after taking all of 10 minutes to discuss the pros and cons we reached out to them. Over the next week they took him to the vet for a full check up and sent us tons of photos and videos. We quickly named him Henry as the wrinkles in his face remind me of an old man.  I made arrangements for Caity and I to make a trip to NJ to bring him home.

The trip down was nice and he quickly bonded to Caity and I. It was also a great opportunity for Parker to have some solo Daddy time and for Caity to spend time with the girls.

All too quickly it was time to head back to Canada. We took him to the vet one last time for his remaining vaccinations and paperwork in order to bring home. He took the 8 hour trip like a champ but about half way through I could tell he needed a break. We happen to find Jamesville Beach in Onondaga County that has a huge off leash dog area. It was perfect for him to stretch out. The rest of the trip he and Caity seemed to snore in unison <3

He took to Parker and Rob very quickly and has already been a participant in some imaginative play with Caity. The cats aren’t as impressed so we have been strategic in what baby gates we keep closed during the day. So far we have taken him to the dog park, which he loved! Caity has had a few tea parties with him. Based on his playful nature we think he is around 2 and after talking with a few veterinarians and a lot of research online think he looks like a Boxer-Saint Bernard mix. He was definitely once owned because he is good with several commands. I fear he may have been in a home where there was some abuse and neglect but can’t be sure. He does not like being scolded and although he makes him dominance known around other dogs, it hasn’t been too hard to establish who the real alpha is in this house. He is so gentle with the kids and doesn’t bark at animals outside or when someone rings the door bell. In fact, the only time he seems to bark is when you are playing rough with him. Even then I think I have heard him bark maybe 5 times total.

What we know after a week…

He LOVES going for walks and being outside (unless it is wet)
He is truly a pup at heart and wants to play all the time, especially fetch
He is extremely gentle with the kids
Scratches under his chin is the way to his heart
He is extremely non reactive when the kids are running around screaming
He is fascinated with the cats and cries when they run away and he can’t get to them
He comes running when he hears his treat jar or the ice bucket being opened
It took a few days but he now sleeps on the bed and will cuddle on the couch
He will sit and beg for food by going up on his back paws with his front paws tucked in
He loves laying under my desk during the day while I work
He fits right into this family