Father’s Day

Yet again, Pinterest has become an excellent way to help inspire me with a project. Rob will be deploying again soon and I wanted him to have a little something he could take with him.

You can check out some of the sweet Father’s Day quotes I found here. I ended up laying eyes on the quote below and knew right away what picture I wanted to use with it.

Rob loved it so much he said I should add it to my Etsy Shop, designsBYmcm. So if you have a special hero in your life and are stuck on what to get him, check out my shop, there is still plenty of time! You can customize the background, text and the color of the text. If you LIKE My Crafting Attic on Facebook, you can also get a 20% off coupon code for a Father’s Day print. Just enter the code at check out! 

Parker’s First Easter

I shared a post a few weeks ago with what we decided to put in P’s Easter basket. Holiday’s have always been a big thing in my house and I am so excited to have a family of my own to continue the tradition with. It’s always nice to have an excuse to buy a few things for someone you love!

We were in NJ this year for Easter. Rob and I spent the night at a hotel and went to a movie on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary. We came back early Sunday so we had time to look for Easter baskets (yes, the Easter bunny still hides them) and take some family photos before we left for Easter dinner. P got a few things from Bam & Chief and his Auntie Sarah.

We went to my Aunt’s house for Easter dinner. Now that all of my 14 cousins are older, we are tasked with bringing something. The boys always seem to bring the alcohol which leaves the desserts and appetizers to the ladies. We don’t mind because we always find something cute on Pinterest to make. 
I saw this adorable idea and just had to try it myself. I will be posting a “how to” on these over at My Crafting Attic sometime next week! 

Parker’s Easter Basket Goodies

Growing up, we always had the same Easter basket every year, just like our stockings. It’s always exciting to unpack them with the other decorations and anxiously await Easter morning. Even though I am 29 years old, I still love searching for my basket!

I was so excited to host a Thirty-One party a few weeks ago. I purchased several bags for travel, play dates and three of the Mini Utility Bins. They are the PERFECT size for Easter goodies and collapse for easy storage. I loved that I could personalize each of them with a pattern, font and stitch color.

I am not a huge fan of the real peeps and since P is still too young for that type of food, I thought these adorable little Plush Peep Bunnies were perfect. 
I never miss an opportunity to give P more books! He already got two adorable ones, The Night Before Easter and The Berenstain Bears’ Baby Easter Bunny, from his Bam last year. So I found two others that were really cute, Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs? and Witzy’s Backyard Easter Hunt
I recently posted about P’s favorite bath time toys. Even though he may have enough already, I couldn’t resist getting him these Boon Bath Tub Appliques. He actually got these early and has been playing with them in the bath tub for a week now. They are so much fun and he loves chomping on them, their real purpose, right? 🙂 
Although we have an awesome sound machine at home, I wanted to get something for P that we could use when we travel. The Cloud b Sleep Sheep On The Go is perfect and even secures to the crib at my parent’s house. 
I can’t wait to watch P play with these Sesame Street Maracas! He loves shaking things and now that he is getting stronger, he will be able to really shake these around! Don’t worry, video to come 🙂 
What have you come up with for your LO’s baskets?!?!

Parker’s First St. Patrick’s Day

We love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Not only because we are Irish but it is also my sister Sarah’s birthday. Double whammy over here 🙂 

Noticing a theme yet? I love any excuse to buy a little something for P! This time, it was just books and some super cute clothes!

I had a REALLY hard time deciding on only three books, the limit I set for myself. I love ready “night before” books to P. It’s an easy way to start some cute traditions early on. The other two were just too cute to pass up! Since Sarah’s birthday is St. Patrick’s Day, I got her a copy and wrote a note from Parker inside! 

The hat, shirt, pants and socks are from Children’s Place. I got the adorable baby legs from a swap group I belong to. 

Parker’s First Valentine’s Day

I just love Valentine’s Day. It made it even more fun this year with a little boy! I found an adorable shirt at BRU and knew I wanted to do a mini photo shoot with P for Valentine’s Day. I knew when I laid my eyes on this hat, I had the perfect outfit! 



Rob brought Indian home for dinner. P loved the Naan. I decided to give him a little of the Chicken Tikka Marsala and he went bananas for it! He tried to eat the rice but it ended up mostly in his highchair.

I put together cute little treat baskets for us. Parker’s had baby food and candy (that Mommy and Daddy enjoyed) because his gifts wouldn’t fit. Ours had the coupons I made and then some treats. It was a nice addition to the table for dinner!