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Our 4th Weekend


We had such a wonderful 4th weekend. One of the many nice things about living in Canada is that we get to celebrate double holidays often and Rob gets extra long weekends.

The 1st was Canada Day so we decided to try someplace new. We ended up finding this cute little down about an hour away with an Aquaratarium. There were some fish and a few otters but the best part was all of their interactive exhibits. Very child friendly.


My parents came to visit for the weekend and we decided to make a trip out to our favorite farm and eat pick some strawberries. The kiddos jumped right in and new exactly what to do. That night we have fresh strawberries and home made whipped cream! I also freezed a few pounds to make jam once we get all the materials to can.


The most exciting event during the weekend was celebrating the 4th at the Ambassadors house. He hosts an amazing event and it was a lot of fun to dress up and eat some amazing food.


Hope you all had a wonderful 4th.

Christmas 2015 in Photos

It’s hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone already. It wasn’t the white Christmas we had hoped for moving to Canada and all but Mother Nature has redeemed herself over the last few days. Our weekend was filled with heartfelt traditions, good company, yummy food, and lots of laughs.












My personal favorite tradition is opening ornaments on Christmas Eve.




My Dad reading Twas the Night Before Christmas, a 32 year tradition.



X-Mas Gifts

The kiddos were a little overwhelmed with all their new toys so we spent the day slowly opening things up. I think the favorites are Caity’s L&L Car and Parker’s building blocks.


Parker couldn’t wait to take his new digger to the park and play in the sand.


We decided to get a sitter and all go our for an adult dinner. It was nice to sit down and enjoy a meal while being able to pay attention to the conversation!

Our 4th of July Weekend

Happy 4th everyone!

We had been going back and fourth all week about our plans. Rob was watching the weather pretty closely and Mother Nature just couldn’t make up her mind on what she wanted to do. Rob took of Thursday for a doctors appointment and had Friday off so we had a nice long four day weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up and were kind of putzing around. About 9:30 I suggested we head to Kings Dominion. It was a little random but we figured it would make for a fun day.


The kids played quietly (seriously!) while Rob and I tagged teamed getting ready. Practice makes perfect and I would say we are getting pretty good at it since we were out the door in about 20 minutes. The kids played and slept in the car and at one point I looked back and saw this. Parker is still rear facing in my car so they love when we Rob’s car and they can interact with each other more.


The day was perfect. We had fun at the park and Parker LOVED going on all the rides. We visited the Planet Snoopy Family Care Center to take a break from the heat in the late afternoon. It is a wonderful center and perfect to get out of the heat. There are private rooms for nursing/pumping, a whole changing station, rocking chairs for nursing, and a small play area with movies running. While I tend to just nurse on the go, this was a great place to cool off and excuse for some quiet time!

We had planned on staying for the fireworks but changed our plans when Rob noticed some rain clouds coming our way around 4pm. We had paid for the preferred parking so we were less than a five minute walk from the gate. Rob and I had just gotten in when the rain started so it was perfect timing 🙂

4th of July Collage

Caity got fussy on the way home so we decided to stop at the Texas Roadhouse in Fredricksburg. It was hands down the best meal and service I have had in months. They had these awesome booth highchairs so it felt like Caity was more involved in the meal. Their fried pickles were on point and the steaks were perfect.


We made it back just in time to find some parking for the fireworks. Low clouds made them a little uneventful but it’s being a part of the experience with everyone else that makes it so much fun. We wore the kids in our Tula Carriers so we didn’t have to worry about a stroller or the crowd.


It was a great day from start to finish and I am so glad we decided to take a chance and just wing it. Sometimes those are the best days and the best adventures!



Sunday morning we decided on a last minute trip to MD so Rob could take Parker to the Heritage Fair. The kids were tired from a fun filled 4th but Rob really wanted to take Parker around the fair. We stopped by a friends house who was having a pre-fair party for some yummy food and a water balloon fight.

Heritage Fair

It was a great weekend and I know the kids and I will need Monday to catch up on some chores and re-coop but it was definitely worth it! This will probably be the last time we celebrate the 4th in country for a few years 🙂