It’s getting real!!!

I didn’t want to say anything until it was official but…. looks like this family of 3 is moving to a bigger playground!

A few weeks ago we found this amazing home that has everything we are looking for. Some of my favorites are a wall big enough in the entry way for a coat closet just like this, separate laundry room, garage, 4 bedrooms (so one of them will be my art room), a large master bedroom with soaking tub and backyard for P to play in! Here are a few pictures. Since a family is still living there, I didn’t want to post pictures of their personal belongings. It is kind of like a split level so there are four floors (the forth being a one room loft), laundry room, coat closet, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, living room, four bedrooms, two full and one half bath, garage and a crawl space.

I am so excited to be able to document this whole process and share all of the ideas I have for the new house! I have already created in inspirational board (to come in a little bit). Just keep your fingers crossed because this was a short sale and so it isn’t really “ours” yet. We are waiting to hear back from the bank but are optimistic they will be satisfied with our offer.

In the meantime, we have begun the process of selling our home since we have to close on our current house before we can close on a new one. We love our Realtor and the company we are working with. A moving company they work with came out to give us a quote on packing our house and moving it. Not sure if I will need help packing but we wanted to get a quote just in case. They came and put up the sign today and listed in online. Rob and I spent yesterday evening making sure the house was all tidy and clean. It wasn’t too much of a project due to my awesome cleaning schedule and always having the house pretty put together.

I also made a few notes for those coming to look at the house. It included info on Flip Flop & Alice (with pictures) and a note about some of the bigger items in the house included and not included.

I can’t wait to share all the excitement to come with you all!!!

Daddy’s New Playroom!

I knew before Rob had left that I wanted to do something really nice for him as a surprise when he got home. I decided that his make shift work room in the basement was not suitable as a Daddy. So I decided to build him one with style! I knew this was something I wouldn’t be able to do on my own so I asked my parents to help during their monthly trips to visit.

In January, we went to Sears and I picked out a Craftsman work bench, wall cabinets, floor cabinet and drawer set.  It was set to be delivered in February when my parents would be down to visit again. We spent that weekend moving everything out of his workroom onto shelves in the basement to make room. My parents even took the nasty carpet home with them for the dumpster. 

My parents came in February on Thursday evening so we could spend Friday preparing the room. We went to Home Depot to put wood and peg board to build walls covering the concrete and insulation around the room. This isn’t the best picture but it illustrates how packed their car was. My Mom and I had to drive home in it because there was wood above our heads and my seat had to go all the way up. 
We spent Saturday morning building the walls and putting up the peg boards. The room looked 10 times better just with that! The delivery guys came and brought everything downstairs for us which was a huge help. Once we saw all the boxes and realized almost everything was no assembled, we got right to work. We decided to start on the corner shelving unit. I am still not sure if that was a good or bad idea. About 2 hours later, we had finally figured out how it was suppose to go together and made some progress finishing it up. The wall cabinets and floor cabinet were much easier to assemble. We put together the workbench and realized we would need to do some cutting on the bottom support beam to fit around the piping in the room. We worked until Sunday evening and decided to finish everything up when they came back in March.

We organized all of Rob’s loose tools into boxes so we could find everything better! 
March’s visit was a little easier. We made some altercations to the workbench, finished up the last drawer set and cleaned everything up. I am SO happy with how it turned out and am very grateful my parents were willing to give up three weekends to help make it happen. 

This is the end result and I think Rob was very pleased when I showed him!!! We also had some fun moments along the way 🙂

Flip Flop and Alice were GREAT supervisors!