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From One Boob To Another: Joovy Boob and Naturally Nood Nipple Review


It’s no secret that Caity prefers her milk on tap. I was so worried about nipple confusion that I waited a little too long to introduce the bottle. Since Parker was exclusively on formula by 4 months this has been a very different experience for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love breastfeeding, but after 8 months I wouldn’t mind a nice evening out with Rob.

Over the last few months we have tried several different brands of bottles and nipples but she didn’t seem to take to any of them. When I found out Joovy was looking for bloggers to review their new Boob Naturally Nood Nipple I thought it would be a great opportunity to give it one more try. I am grateful for the opportunity to review both the Boob Naturally Nood Nipple and Joovy’s Boob Baby Bottle Gift Set with you all today. I did receive the below items for free in exchange for my honest review but I will never recommend a product I do not believe in or will not use myself or with my family.

Bottle Specs

Here are some of my favorite features about the Boob Baby Bottle PPSU:

– The bottle is made from PPSU material that does not allow the plastic to adsorb odor or color
– It can handle repeat sterilizations
– Is BPA, phthalate, and lead free
– The 1-piece CleanFlow Vent System is easy and quick to clean
– The vent tabs eliminate the chance of leaks or inconsistent flow
– The nipple design provides a better transition back and forth between the breast and the bottle
– The wide nipple base give Caity surface to get a good latch
– Multiple choices of nipples for the perfect flow rate
– Nipples are baked to strengthen and prevent collapsing
– The light gray color is classy looking


The Boob Naturally Nood Nipples are the perfect addition to the Boob PPSU Baby Bottles. Using an “imperfect” design the nipples create a similar experience to breastfeeding.

The Naturally Nood Nipples are soft to the touch. Caity seems to love the flexible nipple that she can stretch and position in her mouth just as she does while nursing (ouch!). The nipples also have interior bumps and wrinkles to mimic the breast which is more familiar to her.

The Naturally Nood Nipples are available in 5 different flow rates.
Stage 0 – Preemie 0+ months
Stage 1 – Slow Flow 0+ months
Stage 2 – Medium Flow 3+ months
Stage 3 – Fast Flow 6+ months
XCut – Extra Fast Flow 6+ months



DSC_7124 v2

DSC_7128 v2

DSC_7156 v2

The Joovy Boob and Naturally Nood Nipple has definitely lived up to my expectations. While Caity still prefers to nurse she doesn’t mind a feeding or two with the bottle nipple combination. She is playful with the nipple while feeding just like she does when she is nursing.


I love that the Joovy’s Boob Baby Bottle Gift Set has everything you need to get started bottle feeding with formula or breast milk. The 23 piece set comes with:

Three – 5oz PPSU Bottles & 9oz PPSU Bottles
The Boob PPSU bottles will not absorb odor or color and are BPA/phthalate/lead free. The gray color emphasizes a “clean” look and can withstand repeated sterilization. Each bottle is shrink-wrapped to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

One – 5 oz & 9oz Insulator
The Boob Insulators help keep liquids at their desired temperature longer. Insulators can be used with the Breast Pump Adaptor, Sealing Cap, or when feeding baby.

Two – Breast Pump Adapters
Great for moms who want to pump directly into the babies bottle. The Boob Breast Pump Adapter works seamlessly with or without the Insulator attached. The Boob PPSU and Boob PP are currently compatible with Medela, Lansinoh, Playtex, Evenflo, Ameda, and Simplisse pumps. The adapter worked perfecting with my Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pump.


Three – Sealing Caps
The Boob Sealing Caps allow you to store/freeze breastmilk or other liquids directly in the bottle. You can also keep milk frozen longer when using both a Sealing Cap and Boob Insulator. Sealing Caps work on both the Boob and Dood.

Eight – Boob Nipples
Designed to offer a smooth transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding the Boob nipples are molded, tested for consistency throughout production, and baked to strengthen the silicone.

{Two} Stage 0 – Preemie 0+ months
{One} Stage 1 – Slow Flow 0+ months
{One} Stage 2 – Medium Flow 3+ months
{Two} Stage 3 – Fast Flow 6+ months
{Two} XCut – Extra Fast Flow 6+ months

One – Bottle and Nipple Brush
Ergonomically designed the brushes are made with nylon bristles for fast and efficient cleaning of all the Boob components.

DSC_7173 v2

You can purchase the Boob PPSU Gift Set for $129.99 or you can purchase the pieces individually. The Naturally Nood Nipples come in packs of two for $6.99.

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