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Loving Our Lovable Labels {Review}

With Rob’s upcoming deployment, we have been making some arrangements for P to go to daycare a few hours each week. Even though I am a SAHM and it’s just P and I during the day normally, there are days I am counting down the hours to Rob walking through the door. Don’t get me wrong, I love staying home with P but there are just some errands and appointments that are easier solo.

We found a drop-in daycare at a base nearby that is perfect. I can schedule up to 24 hours each week, 2 weeks in advance. This will really allow me to grocery shop, mow the lawn, clean the house, run errands and maybe even catch an occasional movie.

After finding a facility that met my standards and had employees I trusted with P, it was time to work on logistics. Having worked in a daycare for many years, I know how often kids lose things. When you have a room full of energetic kids, it is bound to happen. Similar clothing, toys and lunch boxes can get switched easily. No to mention all the corners, pockets and toy bins those pesky pacifiers, blankets and socks can get lost in.

Luckily, I came across Lovable Labels a few months ago and have fallen in love with their products. These labels are exactly what I need to stay organized and keep track of all P’s stuff!

I may be biased but I simply love companies that are started by parents out of a need for a specific product. Laura, Owner and President of Lovable Labels, realized the need for durable labels after enrolling her son in daycare. She came up with colorful, exciting, durable and functional labels for just about everything!

I was so excited to get the Back To School Pack in the mail. I chose the Metal Man theme because I thought the robots were so adorable! Yeah, I went there and totally used the word adorable to not only describe metal but something my son will be using. #ilovewhentheyareyoung! Their packaging was so adorable and very appealing. Even Rob was wowed when I opened it up!

I loved that all of the labels were organized in a coupon book that can fit into any travel bag, purse or diaper bag. The last page were instructions to help you maximize the durability. I got right to work walking around the house and collecting things we take to our weekly play-dates. There was a label for everything!

The Slimline labels were perfect for bottles and some of Parker’s toys. 

The Multi-Purpose Labels were great for Parker’s pacifier container and some of his travel cups. I thought Parker’s new StrideRite shoes were adorable before, but now with the Shoe Labels inside, they look even cuter! 

I used a mixture of the Square Labels, Multi-Purpose Labels and Slimline Labels for all of his travel dishware. This will be really important since a lot of moms use the same products.

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about the Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS. After trying them out and going successfully through a few loads, they have absolutely impressed me and are by far my favorite. I plan on using these for Parker’s winter stuff more than anything else. The hats, mittens and jackets seem to get misplaced the most.

I used the metal tags for his changing mat and diaper bag.

30 Multi-Purpose Sticker Labels
80 Slimline Labels
12 Shoe Labels
48 Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS
12 Square Labels
2 Mini Metal Tags

I don’t know about you but I have gotten to the point where I will not buy something unless it is microwave, dishwasher AND washing machine safe. I am all for organizing but having to create an Excel sheet breaking down what can’t go where is just too much for this momma. It’s no surprise I didn’t have to compromise with Lovable Labels because they are approved for the washer, dryer, dishwasher and microwave.

Lovable Labels is running an amazing deal right now on their Back To School Packs. If you order by July 15th, you can get the WHOLE PACK for only $39.95. Plus, a surprise pack of FREE Fun Stickies! That’s over 180 colorful, functional and personalized stickers.


 Check out some of their other great products! 


9 Month Favorites

Really? I feel like I JUST did this! 🙂 It’s really neat to see how P is evolving with his toys. He isn’t fully crawling yet but does more of a worm to get where he wants. He is getting close to sitting up from a laying down position but isn’t quite there yet. For the time being, he will play on his back or side unless I sit him up. The IKEA MULA Stack & Nest Cups are great because he can play with them on his back, sitting up or even on the changing table. He is definitely a boy because he loves to knock them down.

I have been using the Dapple Wipes to disinfect P’s toys after play dates. I love the dish soap for his bottles, dishes and any toys that can be soaked in water. The wipes are perfect for the toys that can’t be soaked.

P absolutely hates to get his nose wiped so I have to get in one or two wipes as quickly as possible. I keep a pack of Boogie Wipes nearby and in the diaper bag. They smell like grape and stay moist in the package for a long time.

I know, I know… If you have been counting we are now up to four types of bouncers. We actually purchased the Price Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano when I arrived at my parents house for a three week visit. P loves this thing and is getting really good walking back and forth. We had also scored a Go Pod at a local consignment sale. P is still growing into it but this thing is great to have. It folds up to the size of a camping chair. It’s great to keep in the car or in a room where there isn’t enough space for a full bouncer. I have used this on play dates, while doing some yard work and when I need to take a shower while P is awake.

Picking out a stroller has been more difficult than buying a car, seriously. We had originally purchased a higher end stroller and after about three weeks realized we hated it. There were two handles so it was difficult to push if I was holding a basket or something in the store. It also had a tiny under basket, not enough room for the diaper bag. I felt guilty wanting to purchase another one but we came across a Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller and it had all of the features I wanted. I am SO glad we went ahead and got this one. It is perfect for our needs. There are no chest straps so P can move around a little more. He loves having the tray in front of him too. The basket underneath has more than enough room for our diaper bag plus a few shopping bags. I can also get in and out of under basket even when the seat is fully reclined.

This last item is one of my top favorites to date. Kangaroo Care is an adorable shop on Etsy you have to check out. She makes all kinds of Nursing/Teething Necklaces. These necklaces are 100% natural, vegan and eco-friendly. They are perfect for nursing or baby wearing mommies. They are safe for baby to chomp on and stimulate their senses. I had mine on for about 30 seconds before P noticed it and started playing with it. I haven’t been able to wear jewelry but now I have something that is safe, fashionable and mom approved.

What items have become a favorite in your home? 


Parker’s Easter Basket Goodies

Growing up, we always had the same Easter basket every year, just like our stockings. It’s always exciting to unpack them with the other decorations and anxiously await Easter morning. Even though I am 29 years old, I still love searching for my basket!

I was so excited to host a Thirty-One party a few weeks ago. I purchased several bags for travel, play dates and three of the Mini Utility Bins. They are the PERFECT size for Easter goodies and collapse for easy storage. I loved that I could personalize each of them with a pattern, font and stitch color.

I am not a huge fan of the real peeps and since P is still too young for that type of food, I thought these adorable little Plush Peep Bunnies were perfect. 
I never miss an opportunity to give P more books! He already got two adorable ones, The Night Before Easter and The Berenstain Bears’ Baby Easter Bunny, from his Bam last year. So I found two others that were really cute, Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs? and Witzy’s Backyard Easter Hunt
I recently posted about P’s favorite bath time toys. Even though he may have enough already, I couldn’t resist getting him these Boon Bath Tub Appliques. He actually got these early and has been playing with them in the bath tub for a week now. They are so much fun and he loves chomping on them, their real purpose, right? 🙂 
Although we have an awesome sound machine at home, I wanted to get something for P that we could use when we travel. The Cloud b Sleep Sheep On The Go is perfect and even secures to the crib at my parent’s house. 
I can’t wait to watch P play with these Sesame Street Maracas! He loves shaking things and now that he is getting stronger, he will be able to really shake these around! Don’t worry, video to come 🙂 
What have you come up with for your LO’s baskets?!?!

{Tipful Thursday} Bath Time Favorites

Bath time has become one of our favorite activities. Now that he is sitting up on his own, we had to transition him out of the infant bath tub. We just weren’t ready to put him in the bath tub with out any support. I started looking online for a bath tub seat, similar to the Aquababy Bath Ring but it was too pricey for the amount of time we would probably need it. A laundry basket works just as well, and makes it easy to collect his toys at the end!

Up until about a week ago, we were using The First Year’s Infant – Toddler Tub (with sling). We would fill it with water and put it on the changing table since P didn’t really move or splash, at first. The sling was perfect to support him as we learned how to bath an infant.

Around 4 months, we took the sling out and put the infant tub in our bath tub. I talked about the Bath Luv Frog in P’s 3&4 Month Favorites. This was really important in keeping P warm and happy during bath time. We used it up until a week ago when he started sitting in the bath tube in a laundry basket.

Of course, I couldn’t miss out on a opportunity to share our bath time favorites!

Since I love warm bath water, I love the Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer to keep it at a safe temperature for P. While we are in the tub, the Especially for Baby Stacking Cups and Sassy Developmental Bath Toy – Catch & Count Net keep P entertained and happy. 🙂 He loves cups both inside and outside the tub. I wasn’t thrilled with him putting them in his mouth at first but there is no way to stop it 😉

I talked about the VTech Musical Bubbles Octopus in P’s 8 Month Favorites post. It is a really great price for the quality. As you can see, P really enjoys it too!

The Green Toys My First Tugboat is a great toy and functional when washing P’s hair. I found it new at a great price at one of our local consignment sales. They are recycled milk containers made in the USA.

We use Johnson’s & Johnson’s Naturals Shampoo and Johnson’s & Johnson’s Foaming Wash to keep him nice and clean. There are so many great products out there but these were the ones we went with. After we are done, we use hooded towels to dry him of and give him a little “free” time. We use Burt’s Bees Nourishing Lotion to keep him soft baby skin hydrated and silky smooth.


{Tipful Thursday} Favorite Books 0-7 Months

I just love collecting books for kids. I actually started collecting when I was in high school and working at Toys R Us. I would always grab the clearance ones knowing someday they would come in handy! For my baby shower, my Mom and Sister asked each guest to bring their favorite book. It was pretty neat because I didn’t get a single duplicate. It was so cute to read some of the inscriptions as to why they were a favorite. The first gift I opened at the shower was this adorable book case. I had picked it out and planned on buying it for the nursery but my Mom beat me to it.

Parker got Rumble In The Jungle from his cousin, Emilia. He loves all the bright pictures and that I can read it pretty fast 🙂 I make all the animal noises and one day I am sure he will laugh at me!

Pop Up Jungle was one of the books I purchased on clearance when I worked at TRU. I had actually purchased quite a collection while I worked there. I knew they would come in handy some day. Parker, as if it was a surprise, loves the pop up part about this book. He is just now starting to grab at them to touch.

We found Color Train at the local second hand book store. It’s a goldmine for children’s book. This is probably more MY favorite book than P’s but it’s really neat how they incorporate colored ribbon throughout.

Beautiful Oops is another book that is probably more my favorite so I read it to P often. This is such a cute book that takes common accidents like ripping paper or spilling paint, and showing how they can be turned into something beautiful. This is a MUST have for any crafty moms out there to read to their little ones.

Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic that is often the theme of birthday parties for little boys. I love all the big bold pictures and P loves looking at them while I read the story.

I always had a hard time reading Dr. Seuss because of the quick pace it calls for when reading. I am getting better though. I started practicing before P was born. I must have practiced more with Dr. Seuss Sneetches On Beaches because I can read that one pretty well! This particular one is a part of the Dr Seuss Nursery collection. It’s small and has a fun little squeaky button on the front. I also really like the moral of the story but of course, P won’t get it until he is older!

As you can see, the whole family loves reading to him!

Those are just a few of P’s books and I can’t wait to continue sharing our favorites as he gets older!


Parker’s 7 Month Favorites

Rob and I gave P the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn: Learning Kitchen for Christmas. We found it at Kohls on Black Friday and I thought it was adorable! This has been great in giving P practice sitting up. I can tripod him and put that between his legs and he can sit and play with it. He loves when the light is on. I love it because it is a play kitchen and well, I am kinda obsessed with them!

P got the LeapFrog My Discovery House from his Bam and Chief for Christmas. It’s amazing what he has learned to do with it in just a short month. This house keeps him busy for about 30 minutes straight. It’s the perfect distraction when I need to tidy up his room and make his bottle in the morning. It is small so it can travel to our momma/baby play dates and has so many fun little buttons to push and things to play with. He especially loves chewing on the handle!

P loves his O-Ball and O-Football. When Bam and Chief came to visit, they brought a Rhino Toys O-Ball O-Link. It is so cool and perfect for P’s stroller and when he is in the shopping cart. There are two rings to attach to a strap and then his O-ball at the end. I can also attach other toys along the

When I went to get P’s first car seat inspected, I was told that our Brica Day & Night Light Musical Auto Mirror, was a no no. They said that mirrors cause accidents because parents were looking at their kids. Here is my opinion for what it’s worth. If I hear P coughing/choking, not being able to see if he was in immediate danger would cause a great chance of an accident then being able to glance in my mirror. So, this is one of those warnings that I considered and chose not to follow. For us, this mirror has been fantastic and doesn’t distract me at all. I can calmly keep driving when P gets into one of his crying fits or starts coughing because I can SEE what is going on. This one in particular is really nice because it has a remote and I can turn on the light at night to catch a glace. It also has music. We have been using this since day one and it has continued to be really important. I chose to share it this month because P is really starting to make a lot of noises, be a little more active in the car, and not like his car seat as much. All reasons I love being able to see him.

We were originally told that shopping card covers were not worth it so we decided to go get one. During one of our consignment sale trips we came across a Boppy Shopping Cart Cover in a really cute pattern (shown above). It was a great deal and didn’t look used at all so we decided to go for it. I am so glad we did because we use this thing all the time. When P was first transitioning to a highchair in restaurants, we wasn’t strong enough or big enough to really fill it out so we used it there. I also ALWAYS use it in the store. It protects the entire front of the cart so I don’t have to worry about disinfecting every inch.

I talked about A & A Blankets in our First Month Favorites but I am talking about them for a different reason today. I’ll be posting P’s 7 month update soon and the biggest thing I talk about is his transition from the P&P to his crib. As I mentioned before with the car mirror, there are several things that have been deemed a “no no” that we chose to ignore. I do not do it lightly but after research and discussing it with one another, Rob and I feel that certain things don’t make sense to us or work with our son. Yes, we have blankets in P’s crib. He has really slept with a blanket in some capacity since he was a newborn and I think he has LEARNED to sleep with on. However, we still get a little nervous when he puts one on his face to fall asleep. We decided to test out a few and realized that the A&A blankets are so thin and breathable that we were comfortable with him cuddling up to one at night. He usually holds it in his arms which puts him to sleep almost immediately.

It December after we celebrated P’s 6 month birthday, it was time to start transitioning him to the crib. We had been using the Relax M app on our iPhones as white noise and knew we needed to find something new for the nursery. We decided on the HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine. It has several noise options and even a timer. It is on for all P’s naps and at night. It’s small in size so it can be transported easily on long trips.

This last item has been hands down one of the most important things that helped P transition to the crib. It took about 2 weeks of crying at night when we put him down, then two weeks of waking up around 2am to eat. Now he gets a bottle around 8, is put down in his crib awake and soothes himself to sleep. He sleeps until about 7:30 am. We had to take the mobile out of his crib because he was playing with it too much. We played with several different ones and then decided to splurge on the Fisher Price bConnect Digital Soother. You can get it for about $20 cheaper on Amazon. We were not sure about it the first few days and decided to try it out for a week and send it back if it wasn’t effective. On about day 5, we noticed that P would calm down and start watching the screen if we were by the crib. He also learned how to make it play. Slowly, we were able to put him down easier and easier. We also noticed that if he woke up in the middle of the night, he would turn it on and go back to sleep. Now it’s almost light his nighttime TV show.

Well that is it for our month 7 favorites. I have already started putting together our month 8 favorites and can’t wait to share them in a few weeks! Especially now that we have a rolling baby!