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Life With Two

Life With Two: 33 Months & 6 Months


Multitasking Momma
Multitasking???? What is that…? I am starting to realize the goal with two kids under three is to simply survive the day.

Parker has started boycotting naps most days but I still put him in his room for an hour or so. He will play quietly, read books, or on some days completely destroy his room. Caity and I still head into the nursery to nurse and cuddle during that time. This month Caity started letting me put her down around 9:30 pm asleep until about midnight. That is about the only time during the day I can accomplish anything so I make the most of it.

My goal by the end of this month is for Caity to be taking her morning and afternoon nap on her own. I also really need to look at everything I am doing (blogging, Thirty-One, MaryKay, Young Living, Etsy Shop) and try to figure out what is most important to me and what can fit into my schedule. I don’t like this feeling of always being behind. Not to mention the fact that I am not able to take time to craft which has always been a stress reliever.


Brother & Sister Love
These two absolutely love each other. Caity is always watching him and looking for him when he isn’t around. Even when he isn’t trying he can make her giggle. He always wants to “make Caity laugh” or make sure she has all her blankets etc… The other day I caught him saying, “it’s okay Caity I got you” as he handed her his apple. At times Parker can get a little rough with her but it’s hard for him to realize it when she laughs. I have also discovered that she gives him a big ole smile when he gets in trouble for being too rough ūüėČ




Parker VS Caity



Life With Two: 32 Months & 5 Months


Multitasking Momma
Things are up an down depending on the day right now since Caity still isn’t on a set schedule.

Parker has been sleeping in until 7:45-8 and she still likes to sleep late so we tend to sleep, or cuddle and watch Disney until 8:30. Then I change diapers, throw some clothes on and head downstairs for breakfast around 9. Caity watches Parker eat breakfast and then he plays while she watches me clean up the kitchen.

Her morning nap is an hour at best in the P&P around 10. If we are going out after naptime I let him watch a movie in the morning, if not we do that in the afternoon and he plays in the morning. Caity joins after her nap until I make lunch around 12. After lunch we all head upstairs for nap. I put Parker down and nurse Caity. If I have a lot of work to do I do it in my craft room. If not we cuddle in her room and watch Netflix.

After nap, around 3,  we have a snack and watch a movie, run errands, or play. Caity nurses again and usually takes a short catnap.

Dinner is usually between 4:30 Р5:30. Rob and I clean up while Parker plays . Then we head upstairs for baths, stories, and bed time. I nurse Caity while Rob puts Parker down. Then Rob and I head up to the art room. He works on papers and readings for school while I work on blog posts or design work.

Her colic is pretty much gone now so we try to rotate her between the playmat, bouncer and our laps to keep her occupied until I take her down for our bedtime routine around 9:30. Lately I can nurse her and put her in the R&P until about 1-2AM. Then she wakes 1-2 more times depending on the night. Once the kids and I return from our trip I plan to start getting more consistent with her sleep time and routine. We will also be getting rid of the R&P to help with the transition to the P&P.

Exciting news is that Rob bought a commuter car last week so the kids and I will be able to start going to the gym in the morning a few days a week. We can also run errands or go to the park once the weather gets better.

Iv’e been able to keep up with my household responsibilities and keep up with my monthly blog posts (their monthly updates etc…). I do have tons of other post ideas I would love to do and start updating and improving my Etsy shop. I just have to keep telling myself one step at a time.


Brother & Sister Love
One of Parker’s favorite things to do is cuddle with Caity. Whenever I have her on the bed, couch, or floor and goes over and lays next to her. He tries to be careful and for the most part he is very gentle with her. Now that she is a little bigger I can grab a camera to snap a photo instead of protecting her.¬†His favorite thing to do and bouncer her while she is in the bouncer. Every time I think it’s too much, she just starts laughing. I think she is gonna be one tough cookie.

She may not be able to say it, but I can tell she loves him. She watches him like a hawk when he is around and smiles anytime he does something funny or even makes a loud noise. One night while we were all on Parker’s couch reading a story she took a head dive right into his lap which is what she usually does with Rob and I when she wants one of us to hold her. It was so obvious she wanted him to hold her. My heart seriously melted.


Parker VS Caity

5 Months Side By Side

Life With Two: 31 Months & 4 Months


Multitasking Momma
This is getting a little easier. Caity is consistently getting tired around 9am and will fall asleep in her R&P for 1-1.5 hours. I try to feed P breakfast, clean up the kitchen, throw a load of laundry in and if I have time answer a few emails. She sits in her highchair while I make lunch for Parker and I. She still won’t let me put her down for her afternoon nap. Luckily, Rob gets home from class and usually takes over so I can get a little work done. He has been able to help out a little more with holding her in the evenings as well which has been really nice. You can take a peak a little more into what are day looks like in my ¬†A Day In The Life Of¬†Two post.

The biggest thing when you have two young ones at home is to really reevaluate your expectations. Anytime I start feeling overwhelmed I take a look at my to-do list and 99% of the time it’s because I am trying to achieve too much. After taking care of the kiddos, tending to household chores I realistically only have time to get 1 thing done each day. Since I blog, have an Etsy shop, and sell Thirty-One, you can start to see my dilemma here. I just keep adding to my list and tackle one thing at a time.


Brother & Sister Love
I am in awe at how well Parker has adapted to Caity. Lately I have caught him picking up a toy she has dropped ¬†or telling her it’s okay when she is crying. She is getting more alert and aware of her surroundings and can tell she is always watching him and looking for him when he isn’t around. She isn’t scared of his loud noises and even giggles when he does them close to her. I want her to stay little for awhile longer but have to admit I am a little anxious to see how they interact with one another once she is mobile.

Now that she is awake for a good part of the day I have been trying to find ways to play with both of them. Usually I put a blanket on the floor so Caity and I can sit down and let Parker come over when he wants. My good friend Jen gave her some musical toys which has been a huge hit for both Caity and Parker. He ends up wanting to play with us, and her toys, the entire time.


While we still have to be very careful Parker asks to hold or cuddle with Caity often. The La-Z-Boy in the nursery is a perfect place to snap a few shots. As soon as I put Caity next to him Parker is trying to put his arm around her and give her kisses. My heart melts every time.

Parker VS Caity


Life With Two: 30 Months & 3 Months

Multitasking Momma

I have had my ups and downs with this the past month. It’s hard to prioritize or even plan to do something because it depends on the kids and how much classwork Rob has to do. When Caity has a good day and Parker is at daycare I can get quite a bit of blogging done. When Parker is home, I focus on housework and playing with him while she sleeps. When she is awake or eating we tend to watch a movie together on the couch.

However, days their schedule don’t line up I want to rip my hair out. For instance last Thursday when I was trying to get the kitchen cleaned, laundry done, and presents wrapped. We were leaving Friday for two weeks so these were all things I had to get done. Parker was on repeat mode and Caity was hysterical if she wasn’t being held. I texted Rob saying, “This. Day. Sucks”. ¬†I still ended up getting everything done, but it certainly was tricky and I didn’t enjoy any of it.

While we are in NJ and have some help with the kids I am hoping Rob and I can sit down and plan out a tangible cleaning schedule and game plan for shopping one day each week. I love schedules and I am confident that if we map out a good one things won’t pile up. We also have a habit of running errands several times a week. If we took one trip to Target each week that would cut out a lot of wasted time during the week that could be spent on family time. Not to mention saving some money!

I also have some goals to set for my blogging, Etsy, and Thirty-One business.

Brother & Sister Love



Parker is starting to show some signs of jealousy. He doesn’t act out but seems to want similar attention so he usually asks to sit on our laps and when he cuddles he wants to be laying right on us. I try whenever possible to put Caity down or hand her off to Rob so that I can get equal cuddles in with my baby boy.

Caity VS Parker

Parker and Caity at 3 Months

Life With Two: 29 months & 2 months

Multitasking Momma
I am finding myself a lot more tired on days when I am alone with both kids. It’s a great day when their schedule mesh well together, it’s rough on the days when they don’t.¬†My days are spent running around trying to give both the attention they want/deserve. The evenings are much different this time around since Caity has developed colic. From about 7pm – midnight¬†all she wants is to be held/nursed. It gets emotionally and physically draining for me at times and frustrating for Rob since he can’t really help.

On a good day, Caity takes her morning nap while P and I get dressed and have breakfast. I try and throw in a load of laundry or clean up the kitchen before she wakes to eat. Parker usually plays in the morning and I put on a movie to occupy him while I nurse Caity and make lunch. During nap time I keep Caity upstairs with me while I attempt to get a craft project or blog post done. After nap I feed Caity while Parker plays until Rob gets home. Depending on the day he will either take care of them while I try to get more work done or we run errands. I usually feed Caity while Rob makes dinner and then he gets in some cuddles and playtime with Parker while I clean up and do the dishes. After that we head upstairs for bath time. Caity in her bath tub on the sink and Parker either in the bath tube or in the shower. Rob reads to Parker and puts him to bed while I nurse Caity again. Sometimes I don’t leave the nursery until it’s time to go to bed. Other nights I attempt to get some more work done upstairs. Rob usually heads upstairs to do homework right after putting Parker to bed. Good days and bad days can change this schedule around but for the most part, this is what the average day looks like. I will say that on a bad day nothing gets done, we watch a lot of movies, and I can usually be found in the kitchen attempting to make lunch with one hand while nursing Caity.

My biggest tip is to figure out what you can do while they are awake and what needs to be done while they are sleeping. I try to plan out at the beginning of the week what I would like to accomplish and what days I can work on those goals. The most important part of that is realizing it’s just a goal. Sometimes I get everything done including all the laundry while other weeks almost nothing gets done.¬†Either way, I won’t remember them in 20 years just the memory and photo of all the cuddles I can manage to get in.

Brother & Sister Love


Parker is adapting really well with Caity around. He constantly wants to help and thinks Caity should always have her blanket, Monroe, and paci.


Parker vs Caity

Parker and Caity at 2 Months


Life With Two: 28 Months & 1 Month

Multitasking Mamma
Having a toddler and newborn at home has been interesting. There certainly isn’t as much time to snuggle during the day and recuperate from all night feeding sessions. I have to find a balance between giving Caity the snuggles she needs as a newborn and giving Parker the attention he deserves. It’s still a work in progress but I am doing pretty well I think. Caity usually nurses between 5-7AM so she takes a morning nap while I get Parker and I ready for the day and eat breakfast. The morning is spent cleaning up, laundry and other chores. Lunch has been tricky because they both seem to get hungry at the same time. Nap time I try to get a little blogging or office work done while Caity naps in the Mamaroo. Afterwards we usually head downstairs to watch a movie and have quiet play until Rob gets home. Then it’s dinner followed by bed time routine. Rob gives Parker a bath or shark shower¬†while I give Caity a bath at the sink. Having the changing station in the bathroom has worked out great, especially with the colder weather coming. Then it’s story time and Parker goes to bed. Caity usually nurses again around that time and two more times before I go to bed.


Brother & Sister Love
Parker is doing really well with Caity. He is so interested in what she is doing and often concerned when she cries. If he sees she doesn’t have a blanket or hat he will look around for one and bring it to her saying, “Caity need hat/blanket.” We have caught him a few times bawling up his own A&A blanket and rocking it back and forth. He loves to help change her diaper and thinks that when I nurse her she is getting a bottle. I swear he is gonna tell someone women when he is older she has nice bottles (instead of boobs).

Iv’e noticed that they both look a lot alike and have several of the same mannerisms. She also gets hangry without much warning which is very similar to her brother and father.

Caity VS Parker