Gift Wrapping Closet Upgrades

It’s amazing how my organizational needs can change so drastically in such a short time. Not that long ago I shared my Gift Wrapping Closet which I was SO proud of at the time. I was working with what I had and it was my first organizational project in our new home. I have learned a lot since then but am still impressed with the way I organized my greeting cards, gift bags, and tissue paper.

I can’t believe that here I am a little over a year later needing to make a few upgrades. Rob is going back to school in July and we needed to create a work space for him to call his own. That meant giving up a huge storage area for me. My wrapping closet still had a lot of potential for storage if we found the best way to organize everything.

Here is what I started off with.

I knew we needed a trip to IKEA and a look around Pinterest to really get the ideas flowing.

Follow Mary’s board Craft room in the making on Pinterest.

Before we left for IKEA I measured the closet and realized that one of the Expedit Bookcases would fit perfectly. I already have a 4×4 with a 2×4 stacked on top in my craft room so another would flow nicely.

Since the Expedit collection was being discontinued, I was hoping we would still be able to get one. While they still had quite a few in black-brown we found one in the scratch n’ dent for 35% off! Even though the rest of the furniture in my craft room is birch, this one will remain in the closet, at least for now, so the savings was worth it. It does look as though IKEA has already released their new collection, KALLAX, which is very similar to the Expedit collection but uses less wood to build.

There is also a fantastic DIY blog, Practial Delights, designed and provided step-by-step instructions to build your own drawers for the IKEA Expedit Bookcases.

While it’s always an added bonus to find something in the scratch n’ dent if you don’t like assembling yourself, it didn’t really help us in this situation. After several attempts, a few curse words and a “minor” disagreement, we realized we would need to take it apart to get it into the closet. I already had my mind made up that this was going in the closet so poor hubs had to oblige since we was deploying leaving me pregnant and stubborn. If he didn’t do it, he knew I would ๐Ÿ˜‰ It may not be the most attractive trait but it sure gets me what I want sometimes!

Once we had it back together filling in the cubes was really easy.

I couldn’t top the way I had organized my greeting cards and tissue paper so those stayed the same. I used the Knuff Magazine Holder to store all of my special holiday paper, labels and holiday address stickers.
The drawers were perfect to store all the little items balloons, ribbon, and package embellishments.

I am a pack rat to say the least. I absolutely refuse to dispose of tins, boxes, bags, and even tissue paper that is still in good condition. I have purged from time to time but I mostly just get better and better at storing them to maximize space. I now have one bin dedicated to tins and the other to boxes.

I always like to have a few gifts on hand for events that slip my mind or when a little gift is needed. Now that I am a Thirty-One consultant, I have collected several of my favorite items during their flash sales. My favorite is the Keep-It Caddy which makes the perfect gift bag for baby showers!
One of the ways I was able to create a lot more storage was to utilize the door. I was inspired by Kelly’s amazing idea over at Steve and Kelly Plus Two, using the elfaยฎ Door Rack System. It was the perfect way to add a lot of storage in an empty space.

I am very happy with the way it turned out and how much additional storage space I was able to create with just a few upgrades. The whole project ended up being $172 which is a little high for a normal upgrade for us but I am very happy with the results. I also like that all of the pieces we invested in can be taken down if we ever move so it won’t be a wasted investment.

My Crafting Attic

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Kidproof Entertainment

Trying to balance baby proofing and style have been a little bit of a challenge now that Parker has gone mobile. I don’t mind having a house full of toys but prefer to find appealing ways to organize everything.

This is what we started with. I was so excited about the project I didn’t think to take a before picture so this is all I have. This entertainment center was bulking, dark and fully exposed to toddler shenanigans.

VideoSecu Tilt Wall Mount  |  Mono-Systems Behind Wall Power Kit  |  VIDJA Table Lamp  |  LIATORP Sideboard

I had my heart set on a LIATORP Sideboard but at $350 it just wasn’t in the budget. We decided to do a walk through of IKEA and decided on a BESTA set that ended up being around $180 with all of the parts. On our way out, we stopped by the scratch n’ dent section and BAM there it was, a smaller BESTA set for only $60. There was a cabinet and drawer on the left and glass enclosed cabinet on the right. It was perfect and I was simply giddy! Since we had a $35 gift certificate we also splurged on a cute decorative VIDJA table lamp. Overall this upgrade was $145, well worth keeping our electronics safe from curious little hands!

The installation was extremely easy and only took about 45 minutes. I was picky about the wall mount and wanted it to be very secure to the wall. The VideoSecu didn’t disappoint, especially for the price. The Mono-Systems Kit was really neat and even came with a round hand saw to make a perfect hole in the wall. The most time consuming part was pulling the cords through but they even provided a flexible arm to facilitate that.
Since the entertainment center was from scratch n’ dent, no assembly required. All we had to do was hang the TV and organize all of the electronics. 

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Making This Home Ours: A Color Makeover

Feather Gray | Prairie Brush | Champion Cobalt | Sundance | Pike’s Peak  | Show Stopper

I really wanted to share our home tour when it was all completed but I think that is going to take several months and I am just too impatient. When we moved to this house a year ago I wanted to work hard and make it our own. Having lived in university housing and nothing but white walls in our first home, painting was a must. I love painting so I really wanted to do it myself. We decided to fully move in and then I would paint and decorate each room at a time.

We still have a ways to go. I have some cute ideas for the walls in the living room and family room. I have also collect some awesome thrift store finds for the master bedroom. Hopefully I can focus my attention and do a new room each month come the new year.

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My Crafting Attic: Stamp Shelf

When we moved to the new house last year I was determined to take the time to actually organize my craft room and either purchase or make what I needed. It’s easy to temporarily organize something but it never works out in the long run and ends up becoming a cluttered mess. 
One of my first projects was organizing my gift wrapping closet. Also on my to-do list was my stamp collection. I have collected quite a few over the years and never really had them organized. Since they were such a pain to get out, I rarely used them. I wasn’t able to really find something I liked in the store. I needed something that wasn’t deep but long enough to hold my entire collection and continue to grow with me. My darling husband he helped me with the project before he deployed. 
All we had to do was a little staining…
A little measuring…
And a little cutting…

Some nail shooting and a little more measuring…

And vuala, a custom and totally amazing stamp shelf!

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Making This Home Ours: Picture Frame Menu Board

I had this frame up in the kitchen with every intention of adding some cute quotes in the other two spaces. I do have a habit of purchasing frames and putting them around the house before I have pictures printed to fill them. Guests often ask if I have another family they don’t know about ๐Ÿ™‚

Since we had already added this awesome white board to our kitchen, I decided to keep the theme going. Rob and I have been very intentional about our grocery shopping and meal planning. I wanted to have something in the kitchen that would display our menu for the week.

I had to find a way to keep a picture of my handsome little boy, Parker, in his chef outfit! I decided to turn it into a canvas piece through MailPix. Just had to make a few small modifications… I took out the mat to make the frame a little cleaner. Painted the frame with the same Tropical Oasis gloss spray paint. Luckily, I had enough of the yellow mat I used for the background of the white board to use on this frame as well. As a last touch, I printed out the days of the week from word and added a label to the top. 
Presto chango, a brand new super cute menu board! ๐Ÿ™‚  
My Crafting Attic

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