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Mamma’s Summertime Favorites

Since I always focus on Parker’s favorite products, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite summertime ones.

Vera Bradly Mocha Rouge | Bumble Tonic Lotion | MaryKay

Iv’e never really been into designer brands, the knock offs were just as good to me. Until, I met Vera. I just love the bold patters and affordability. Since I will be attending my first blogging conference, BlogHer, in Chicago in a few weeks, I decided to use some of the birthday money from my parents and get a few accessories to help keep me organized and stylish. The bookbag will be great on the airplane and I will use the mini hipster for the nighttime parties. I also got the coin purse and ID wallet to keep all of my wallet stuff. I love the ID wallet because it can go on my key ring so I don’t have to mess with a wallet and a diaper bag.

I was introduced to the Bumble & Bumble Tonic Lotion when I lived in California. I am simply in LOVE with this stuff. I don’t really do much to my hair since I stay home with P all day. I just spray this on my scalp after a shower, or those days that I don’t take one, and the peppermint scent makes me feel clean and cool. Perfect for the summertime heat. I also love this it is Amazon Prime 😉

I pretty much love ALL MaryKay products but there are a few I really start relying on in the summer. The Soothing Eye Gel is great after a long hot day, especially out in the sun. It helps reduce swelling and for an added treat, keep it in the fridge for a extra cooling feeling. The Beauty Blotters are great to reduce that shine throughout the day. I use the lip protector sunscreen all year round but it it very important during the summer to keep my lips soft, smooth and sunburn free. There is nothing worse than burnt lips. I am doing a 20% off sale for these 3 items for all of my wonderful readers. Just email me and let me know what products you would like and that you are a Cherry Blossom Love reader.

I talked about Edy’s Fruit Bars a lot last year while I was pregnant. They are still a summer favorite of mine. They curb my sweet tooth without destroying my Weight Watchers points for the week.

We found these awesome Aladdin Mason Jars at Costco last week. I am IN LOVE WITH THEM. They hold a ton of Diet Coke water and don’t sweat even with ice and the heat! I also love that they are plastic. After having Parker, I wanted to eliminate as much glass around the house as possible.

Thanks to Happy-Go-Lucky, I have now found my favorite iPhone app for the moment, A Beautiful Mess iPhone App. I am really trying to take more Instagram photos since I love the edit options I have. This app just takes it one step farther with fun frames, arrows, phrases and text!

I am always in the market for more summertime favorites, what are yours?


Valentine’s Day Treats for EVERYONE!

Pretty much every holiday is a favorite of mine but for different reasons. Growing up, I always looked forward to dinner on Valentine’s Day because my Mom would always have something special at our place at the table. I can’t remember what we got but she usually put some trinkets in a heart shaped box.

Even when I was single, and in one case broken up with, on Valentine’s Day I still loved it. Most haters say you should celebrate your love for someone every day. I don’t know what world they live in but in mine, sometimes the day gets away with you between work, house chores, raising a baby, and all the other daily tasks we have to accomplish. Valentine’s day to me, is a special day set aside to show some love.

I am really excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with two of my three favorite men. I know Parker won’t remember, but I will. So, we are going all out like I plan to for many years to come. I thought it would be fun to share what I have come up with.

Now that P is starting to eat some solid food, we thought it would be a good time to invest in a Summer Bibbity Rinse & Roll Bib. This little beauty will help catch any food P decides to spit out and catch any food that misses his mouth when he starts to feed himself.

Rob isn’t too pleased with this gift but I am so excited for this Baby Boy Valentine’s Day Heart & Strip Hat to arrive for his photo shoot! I got this from an awesome Etsy store, Sisters Craft Corner, and just love supporting fellow Etsy shop owners.

Since Rob and I are on our laptops quite a bit, P has developed a fascination with them. Here, see for yourself.

I decided he was old enough for his first piece of technology and decided the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen would be perfect for him. It got great reviews and one said that their little one, when asked, “what they are doing”, responds by saying, “I’m working!”

We were at the MCX today and came across a package of First Years Take & Toss Infant Sectioned Bowls & Lids. I liked them because they were portable and had sections so we could put his oatmeal in and add the puree when it was time to eat. There is even a place for the spoon under the top which is an added bonus. While these are meant to use and throw away, we plan to wash them and reuse them as many times as possible.

I know that P already has quite a collection of books but I just love buying special ones for each holiday and writing a message in them. I reviewed several lists of favorites and decided on The Great Valentine’s Day Surprise by Suzy-Jane Tanner. I found it slightly used on Amazon for a great price! 

Coffee Press | Pretzel M&M’s | Fishers Popcorn 
MaryKay Satin Hands | Teething Necklace | Skinny Cow Crisp
Personalized Valentine Coupons

While at the MCX today, Rob stumbled upon the Healthy Steps Coffee Press. He thought it would be great to keep in his backpack he takes to work and I thought it was the perfect size/price for a Valentine’s gift. Mix that with some of his favorite candy, Pretzel M&M’s and a bucket of Fishers Popcorn and you have one happy Poppa!

I was running low on my MaryKay Satin Hands so it will be the perfect time to restock, since I only have to walk upstairs to My Crafting Attic to take one out of inventory. I also recently joined a co-op and one of the deals were teething necklaces. I have heard nothing but good things about these so I decided to get one (ok, two) for myself. The link isn’t to the shop where we got ours but it is a great example. Since I am watching my weight, I was so excited to find a 100% satisfactory replaced to a normal candy bar. Skinny Cow Crisps are so yummy and I have only about 1/8 the guilt when I am done eating it because they are only 110 calories!

Now for the most exciting gift of all! I made these really cute coupons that Rob and I are going to make  for each other. It’s a FANTASTIC free and cute gift for one another. To see how to DIY your own AND find out how you can download a free printable, visit My Crafting Attic!


{Tipful Thursday} I xoxo OXO

I love many of OXO’s products but just recently came across one that has made its way to the top of my favorites list rather quickly. We were in the grocery store walking by the kitchen supplies when my eye caught an OXO Good Grips Palm Brush Storage Set. One of our goals this year to is simplify our cleaning supplies and make it as easy as possible to follow our cleaning schedule. I was pretty sure this would do the trick and decided to get it. Boy was I right! We keep this in our shower and it has been easy and convenient to scrub our shower.

When we got pregnant I knew I wanted to slowly do away with our cleaning supplies and use safer and ultimately more organic cleaning agents. As luck would have it, one of my amazing friends gave us a few Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products.

Between these two things, I have become an unstoppable cleaning machine! Factor in our awesome new cleaning schedule (coming soon) and our house is cleaner, smells nicer and makes for one happy Momma!

What cleaning products have you come across lately that are now you your MUST list?

Thanks for stopping by for another Tipful Thursday!

Toddle Along Tuesday ~ Holiday Wishlist

When I saw this weeks Toddle Along Tuesday topic I knew it would be a toughie! It’s hard for me to even remember the last time I thought about something I wanted. Even in one of my favorite stores, Kohls, I find myself in the children’s section instead of the shoes or home decor! With the holiday season approaching quickly, I realized that even if this took me awhile, it would be nice to pass along to family :o)

Cricut Expression Rolling Tote-Brown/Pink

One of my favorite craft items is my Cricut! The only problem right now is it is a little awkward to travel with because of it’s unique shape and size. This bag would be perfect to transport along with the power cord and USB to hook up my Design Studio! 

Realistically, this just isn’t in the budget for Christmas but it doesn’t change that it is on my wish list! With all of the blogging I have been doing and what I would love to be doing in the future, this would be AMAZING! I will admit, I still use my version of Photoshop from back in college! 

Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet

If you know me, and my major slight obsession with As Seen On TV products, you would be telling me the last thing I need in my kitchen is another gadget. I will say that this is something I could REALLY use! When I was home last my Mom used hers to cook pork chops and I loved that she could put everything in to cook and go off to do other things. Will a little one at home, these types of gadgets are worth their weight in gold! 
I have had my camera since the Summer of 07 and still have not put a strap on it. Hubby keeps telling me I am playing with fire. I just didn’t like the plain strap it came with. Since I LOVE Vera and this is a favorite pattern of mine it would be perfect! 
Having trouble coming up with your Christmas list? Hop on over to Toddle Along Tuesday to see what other Mommas have on theirs!