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8th Month Favorites

I really do love putting these together. It is so neat to even go back to P’s earlier month favorites to see what products we loved then and are still using now! This month especially, I noticed that all of our favorites are catering to P’s growing independence.

We started P on puree and oatmeal around 4 months after we got the go ahead from the doctor. Since then, we have slowly integrated some bites of solid food here and there. Recently, we had him try Baby Mum-Mum because after 2 months of trying, he still didn’t like Puffs. He loves nomming on these and I love it because it keeps his hands and mouth busy which gives me enough time to catch up on dishes, start preparing dinner or eating dinner myself. They dissolve quickly so I don’t have to worry about him breaking off too much. They are also large so he can pick them up easier.

Even though there were some mixed reviews about the Sassy Mesh Teether, we decided to take a chance. Yet another reason why I don’t like to make decision solely on reviews. We absolutely LOVE this thing, We have put frozen fruit, fresh fruit and even avocado inside. P really enjoys sucking on it and again, makes it safer to try new things. There were a few reviews that stated the mesh was impossible to clean. We got an extra pack because of this but after a month of using it, there is no need to replace it yet. I personally have had no issues cleaning it out, even after fresh banana and avocado.

P started holding his bottle around 4 months. Around that time, we decided to start trying out sippy cups. We have tried several different types and finally found the Nuby Sippy Cup which has become our sippy cup of choice. It took quite a while, about 2 months, for P to really get the hang of it but now I can fill it with a mixture of Tots Motts Apple Juice and water. He only drinks about a quarter of it in a sitting (still playing with it more than drinking it) but he enjoys it and again, it keeps his hands and mouth busy. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know that crib bummers are quite a hot topic. If you have a strong opinion against them, then I suggest you move on to the next product. Based on all the crib bumper warnings, I originally returned the Sumersault Geo Turtle Crib Bumper, that matched our bedding, before P was born. I loved that the bumper came separate in our set and decided I could always change my mind later. Around the 24th of January P, my not so little boy, started rolling. He hasn’t stopped since. This kid can move and he does it just as much in his crib at night. That is when I decided that the crib bumpers made total sense for us and we haven’t looked back since. I know there are breathable bumpers but those have no cushion and wouldn’t protect his head etc… at night.

We got the North States Superyard Play Yard in November so that we would be prepared for when P started moving. My mom swears by playpens and I think they are a great way for P to learn to play on his own. It also keeps him safe when I am running around the house doing chores. This one looks adorable in our living room with its bright colors. You can also purchase an expansion pack to make it larger.

Although P has some really cool light up toys, I wanted something a little more simple. The Anatex Mini Rollercoaster is perfect when he is in his room winding down for the night while I am tidying everything up. He loves moving the beads around.

We absolutely love bath time! P has loved the water from day one and has such a blast in his little tub. We have several bath toys but the VTech-Musical Bubbles Octopus seems to be a favorite. We put his shampoo inside to make the bubbles and it works out pretty well. P laughs when they start pouring out!


6 Months Favorites

I didn’t realize it when I started these how much fun it would be to look back and see when we really started using different products and toys. I really look forward to making these each month!

Baby Einstein – Musical Motion Activity Jumper, Blue 

Last month I talked about the Fisher-Price Animal Crackers Jumparoo. P loved it so much, we decided to get another one for my craft room since we both spend a decent amount of time there. Instead of getting the same exact one, we decided on the Baby Einstein because we have never been disappointed in any of there products. P loves this one and the seat moves a lot smoother so he can turn around to play with the different activities. 

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners
Especially with cloth diapering, these ended up being a necessity. The BabyGanics Nursery Freshener can only go so far! I love this because they are small and fit perfectly in the bottom of the cloth diaper and garbage pails. I can already tell a huge difference after a few days.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Animal Sounds iPhone App
I can’t really blame P for being so interested in our cell phones. We are constantly on them! Fisher Price has some really cool kids apps but this one is a favorite. He learned quickly that the animals change if he touches the screen.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical Toy
We have had this guy since P was born. He was always interested in the lights but just recently he has really started to play with it. I love sitting him in the recliner and putting the turtle on his lap while I make him a bottle etc… I know everything is a-okay because I can hear the songs going all the way in the kitchen. This one is really cute because each button is a different musical instrument and contribute to the overall sound of a song.

Plum Organics
We started feeding P baby food just after 4 months after we got the go ahead from the Pedi. We planned on making our own baby food but I quickly realized that would be very time consuming and at the end of the day, not much cheaper. We feed P a veggie and fruit mixed with oatmeal every night for dinner. Gerber Organics are our favorite but we use these Plum Organics when we are out and about and I always carry one in the diaper bag in case P gets fussy and wants food on a spoon. This usually happens when he sees me eating with a utensil.

Green Sprouts Warming Plate
Since we feed P oatmeal, a veggie and a fruit for dinner, this plate is great to keep it all separate. We use the big section for the oatmeal since that is what we give the most of. This was a gift from our shower and I remember thinking, “it’s gonna be forever before we use this!”.

BabyGanics Stain Remover, Nursery Freshener and All Purpose Cleaner
I have already talked about the Stain Remover being a favorite but it is SO good, it’s worth mentioning again with some of their other products. Their Stain Remover continues to handle every stain I have thrown at it so far. I use the Nursery Freshener on the recliner, crib, carpet as well as the P&P and our bed. There is a hint of cucumber which smells amazing! I use the All Purpose Cleaner for the bathroom, high chair and a quick wipe down of his toys.

Of course, we are continuing to use our Snugli CarrierFisher Price Animal Crakers Jumperoo and Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair among other things! 


Month 5 Favorites

Fisher Price Animal Crakers Jumperoo & Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper

A boy on the move requires toys that will let him fly! We now have two types of bouncers in the house. About two months ago we purchased the Fisher Price Animal Crackers Jumperoo (L). At the time, we had to put a pillow underneath him and move it to make sounds and noises. Now he knows exactly how to shake it to make noise. He absolutely loves this thing and is the main reason I have the house unpacked already. I love the pastel colors, the music or learning option, the two volume choices, and the interactive gadgets including blocks, a book, mirror and teether.

Once we moved to the new house, I decided it would be nice to have another one in my art room. Since space is rare, we decided to go with the Sassy Seatโ„ข Doorway Jumper (R). This is perfect for a small area and is very sturdy! There are cute toys that go on the front and a mirror that P loves looking into.  

We didn’t use this diaper bag at first because it was a little much and the biggest compartment was the cooler and I was nursing. Now that P is strictly FF, we have to have formula, water and bottles with us all the time. This bag is fantastic for day trips and versatile so the hubs isn’t embarrassed to carry it. I’ll be posting more on this and what we carry around with us soon!

Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair – Coco Sorbet 

When we originally registered for a highchair, I didn’t realize how cool this one actually was! Is it stylish, functional and portable! There is a quick release button on the front when you are only working with one hand and has two positions (slightly reclined and upright). The cover comes off and can be washed easily, which you will appreciate when your little one switches to baby food!

Chiccoยฎ Lullaby LX 4-in-1 Playard – Adventure

This playard definitely has all the bells and whistles. We registered for it because we loved that is was an all-in-one. There is a changing table, infant insert and mobile. We have used this on overnight trips, naps during the day and now at night in our room before he transitions to his crib. It was a little confusing to take down and put back up the first few times but has gotten pretty easy with a little practice.

Angelcare 3-in-1 Baby Monitor

When we started putting P down for naps in his crib, we really started using the monitor we had. This was something I wasn’t willing to compromise on and even though this particular monitor is pricey, it is worth every penny. There is LCD color touch screen monitor and sensory mat. You are able to watch the mat detecting breathing movement on the screen and even the temperature in the room. I feel so much better leaving P alone for naps right now and will sleep a little easier once we transition him to the crib for nights. There were a lot of negative reviews about there being false alarms with this. I haven’t had any so I would definitely say it is worth the money!

NUK Soft Bite Infant Spoons & Munchkin Suction Bowls

I still remember getting some of these for our shower and saying to Rob, “it will be forever before Peanut will need these”. Ha, it came much sooner than I thought it would! We got the go ahead to start solids at our 4 month checkup. Rob and I waited until about 18 weeks. We did two days of oatmeal mixed according to the directions. It was really runny and P wasn’t into it. I decided to make it a little thicker and started adding different veggies and a few fruits. So much better! These munchkin suction bowls with lips and the NUK spoons have been great! Definitely among my favorite food items!


Month 3 & 4 Favorites

I am very excited to discuss some of our favorite items from the past two months. While we have been using a few of them from the beginning, their value really paid off this past month.

Trumpette Socks
Our little guy is gearing up to be on the move. His feet are constantly moving and kicking. Luckily, I had found a few pair of Trumpet Socks when I went to my first consignment sale, before P was even born. I didn’t know anything about them but thought they looked cute. I recently attended the same consignment sale and found a few more bags of them. They stay on P’s feet, look adorable and are even affordable at full price. They just came out with a Peanuts Collection (including Snoopy, Lucy and Charlie Brown) that I almost can’t not get ๐Ÿ˜‰

This wasn’t something we had registered for but we got it from an experienced Grandma at my shower. While I am sure a normal wash cloth would do, this is hands down worth it! The feet of the frog cover P’s arms and legs perfectly and keeps his little body warm in the bath. 
I have talked about Sophie in a previous favorites post but we are now in full fledged obsession. I don’t know how it happened, but we now have five Sophie products (+ one more at Bam & Chief’s house)! These are amazing, organic and healthy products for P. While most are considered theethers, they all have a slightly different purpose which makes it great. 

2. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe – So’Pure Vanilla Teether

Snugli Carrier

Originally we had purchased the Becco Butterfly to carry P around in. We tried it a few times and he just wasn’t feeling it. On a whim, I picked up a Snugli at a consignment sale to see if P liked that better. It is amazing what a difference there was. He loves being in this thing. I tried to find it online and it looks like the one I found is a VERY old model. I still want to try the Becco because I have heard such amazing things about it but in the meantime, we plan to continue to use this. We are still wearing him in although twice now we have worn him out because he wanted to look around. 

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat & Caddy
I know I am always saying that this has been our favorite item, but this car seat and frame stroller really HAS been a top favorite. The car seat base is simple to install and makes getting the carrier in and out easy. Having the infant insert made it very comfortable for P since the beginning. The caddy is AMAZING. It is small so using it in the store or mall is perfect. There is a ton of storage in the bottom (enough for my diaper bag, purse and a few bags) and two drink holders up top. The wheels make it easy to change direction of the caddy with ease so opening my own doors is possible and not so awkward. The caddy also folds up nicely and fits into the back of my car perfectly.

Here are a some of our past favorites that are still used frequently!


Toddle Along Tuesday ~ Month Two Favorites

The topic for today’s Toddle Along Tuesday is, “your favorite baby item.” Since P will be two months tomorrow, I decided to combine this link up with our month two favorites. Click here to check out our month one favorites which we still are enjoying today!

It is amazing how much P has grown in the last few weeks. He is so much more alert and really starting to interact with his surroundings. We had most of these items when he was a month old but he just now starting to use them.

In no particular order, our favorite month two items are…

Baby Einstein Sweet Sea Mobile 

This mobile is great and plays 10 different melodies, all of which I have memorized already ๐Ÿ™‚ It also plays a white noise and ocean sound. It plays for about 20 minutes with a drift off feature. P and I have been sleeping great ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is also a remote control so my sometimes lazy butt can hit play without getting up!

Rob went out and bought this for P when he was about a week old. He just recently started interacting with it and watching the sea animals go round and round. He also tries to reach his hand up and get them which is adorable, but don’t take me on my word, see for yourself :o)

Fisher Price Discover N’ Grow Kick and Play Gym Piano

I P has had a blast with this play mat. He has always been a good kicker and he is starting to realize that he is making music when he kicks. We added some rings that he can reach and it getting more control with his arms and hands and can reach them when he tries. I like that we can alter the mat so he can sit at the piano any play when he is a little older. 

Sophie the Giraffe
I have to admit that Sophie wasn’t something that I had planned to buy for P. I wasn’t sure what the whole hype was and thought it was a little girlish. Luckily, Rob’s Aunt sent us a care package after P was born and Sophie was in there! I have to say now, I am SO happy that she sent it to us. I love how down to earth and practical it is. P is really starting to play with it more now he can hold the legs. I also don’t think it is too girlie!! 
Moby Wrap
The good friend of mine had a Moby and I have always trusted her judgement so of course I went ahead and purchased it. I used it twice during P’s first month but then stopped, for no particular reason. About a week ago I brought it back out and have been using it daily with P. He really likes taking naps snug inside and it frees my hands up to blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

I have to admit that it is really intimidating when you first open it up because it is just one long piece of fabric but I found a video on YouTube and after a few tries had it gown pat. At first I had P’s legs inside the wrap but now I have them hanging out so he is more comfortable. 

iPhone Apps

Technology has come a long way and I use that to my advantage every chance I can get! We used the Baby Timer to track P’s feedings and diaper changes during his first month constantly. Now I use it more to track his vaccinations, weight/height gain, milestones and sleep tracking. I also love the Relax M app which has different noise settings like river and thunderstorm. Rob, P and I all sleep great with it on. ๐Ÿ™‚

Homemade Security Blanket

P having a security blanket was really important to me. I had one when I was little called a Funny Bunny and it really comforted me when I was little. The biggest problem was I didn’t know what it was actually called and couldn’t really find one I liked. My amazingly crafty Mom volunteered to make one for P. We picked out soft fabric for one side and satin for the other. My Mom then attached a turtle she made. I started putting him down at night with it and his hands are getting big enough so he can now hold onto the arms and legs. It is so cute to watch!


First Month Must Haves

I always search for blogs with the “must haves” that women recommend. Since we have found so many things that we love and have made our first month with P easier, I wanted to pass them along.


We have two in our house, one upstairs and one in the basement where I feed the most. My Mom made covers so they match the color scheme. They are great for breast feeding and tummy time!

Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Seahoarse
We had this for about 4 weeks before we took it out. We were visiting friends in Shippensburg and they had mentioned a seahorse being one of their LO’s favorite toys. When we got home we realized we had the same one and took it out that night. WOW, it soothed P immediately! This has become one of our FAVORITES!

Snuggle Nest
We came across this item at Babies R Us and decided to purchase it. We liked the idea of P being in bed with us but still being protected. We only really use it on the weekends when we spend the morning sleeping in but it’s fun to have him in bed with us! The top has a light and plays a noise that resembles a heartbeat which is soothing for all of us ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Rock N Play Sleeper

Everyone we talked to prior to P’s arrival talked about how amazing this little item was. Based on that, we registered for it and are SO happy we did. You don’t really know how valuable it can be until it is 3 AM and ALL you want to do is sleep. P isn’t a big fan of his crib yet so this is the other place he has been sleeping other than with me on the recliner. It is portable and P loves how snug he is when he is in it. 


Clothing & Linens

Aden & Anais swaddle blankets have been our favorite so far. They are big which makes swaddling P easy and are light weight so we can still have him in a onesie underneath. They are a little pricey but we bought them at Buy Buy Baby and used a 20% off coupon. We liked them so much we purchased a second set!

I would have said that mittens were a must have but for us, they lasted about 2 days. P has become quite the Houdini and they don’t stay on more than 5 seconds. Since he is also likes to claw at his face, we had to find another way to keep his precious face safe! Cuffed, footed onesies have been P’s wardrobe for most of the last month. My Mom found some adorable ones at Kohls from Carters. 

Keepin It Clean

We have been using Charlie’s Soap to all of P’s clothes and linens. It works so well and I love that there is NO fragrance. I keep a small container upstairs to get out stains before putting clothes in the hamper. So far, I have gotten poop, pee and liquid formula out of his cloths 100%. The Dapple we use to clean any of P’s bottles, pacifiers or anything else he would put in his mouth. We have the Munchkin Pacificer Wipes in the diaper bags to clean things when we are out and about.

Breast Feeding Items

The biggest item I have found to be a necessity for me are nursing pads. The disposable work well in the hospital and to have on hand in your diaper bag but the washable ones are softer and nicer for long term use. I put them in a mesh bag and wash them with our other hand wash items. The Earth Mama Nipple Butter has been really nice to use, especially on those cluster feeding days.

Since I was only planning on pumping once a day when Rob feeds P a bottle, we went with the Medela Pump & Swing. It is super quiet, portable and can run on batteries. We got it at Buy Buy Baby so we could use a 20% off coupon! We purchased the Medela Steam Bags based on a recommendation from a friend and love them! It is easier to store than a bottle sanitizer and can also sanitize pacifiers, pump parts and pretty much anything else. We also bought Medela freezing & storage bottles that screw right into the breast pump, EXTREMELY convenient. You can even attach a nipple to it if you plan to feed right after pumping. We chose the Born Free bottles because of the materials they are made from but have grown to love the fact that P controls the flow of formula.

We have two of these in the house, one upstairs (lawn) and one in the kitchen (grass). They are really stylish but practical as well. The tress are great for pump parts and pacifier.