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Nûby™ Medical Kit Review

No Mom ever wants to need a medical kit or medicine but it’s just one of those things you need on hand when the time comes. P wasn’t sick a single day until he started daycare a few months ago. Since then, he has had an ongoing cold/runny nose, ear infection and a nasty 24 hour bug. Yesterday however, he started a fever that didn’t seem to go away and reached 104.4. I wanted to rule anything serious out so we took a trip to the local ER where he was given the clear and instructions to alternate Motrin & Tylenol.

While I wish I didn’t need it, I am sure glad I had gotten the Nûby™ Medical Kit a few weeks ago to review. Normally I would share a ton of photos with P demonstrating the product we are reviewing however, my time was needed tending to my poor little one and not behind a camera, I am sure you understand 🙂 I did take a quick photo while we waited in the ER to send to Rob who was really worried :/

I remember before P was born being a little overwhelmed with all of the medicines, delivery methods and gadgets you could buy. At the end of the day, this kit has the necessities and available on Amazon for only $12.99. 
The Medi•Nurser™ is great when giving medicine to an infant. With a silicone nipple, it’s a little easier and quicker to administer the medicine. 
Nûby™  included the perfect size nail clippers for tiny fingers but still easy for adults to use. 
The Sure-Dose™ Medicine spoon allows you to measure teaspoons and milliliters accurately. Designed for a child to hold, it’s the perfect delivery method during that phase of wanting to do everything themselves. 
The Sure-Dose™ Medicine Dropper is great for those late nights when you are sleep deprived and trying to give you child medication. I love that you can extract medicine from small bottles with no mess and either use directly to deliver the medicine or put into the Medi•Nurser™.
We are still using a rectal thermometer when P is running a fever but I am glad we have the Nûby™ digital thermometer for when the time comes.


Nuby Teether Review

Ah, teething… Every parent’s worst enemy. Babies cranky, you’re cranky and there isn’t anything anybody can do about it. Or is there? Teethers are like the contestants on Project Runway, “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” We have gone through our fair share of teethers. This one is too big, that one is too small, this one is too squishy and that one is too hard.

Nuby has recently come out with three new teethers and I had the pleasure of getting them to review. Although P’s teething is still going full force, hello canines, he is about halfway through teething so I solicited the help of this precious baby girl. The proud momma Jen, over at All Four Love, is a dear friend and amazing blogger.

So let’s get this party started! Overall, we give these teethers eight thumbs up (4 adult thumbs and 4 kid thubs). All three teethers have a few things in common which we love. First, they are all BPA free. We like knowing that what they are putting in their mouths is safe. They are easy to wipe off and clean when needed. Although, all three teethers can be fastened to a stroller so they don’t fall on the ground much. Even though they can help teething as early as 3 months, they are still helping P at 16 months!

With multiple teething surfaces the Icy Bite teethers will ease the teething pain in different areas of the mouth. There is a removable cover that will help keep little ones hands warm while enjoying the cool purIce gel. My favorite part of this teether is the bright, bold colors. 

Available here.

Nuby’s Under The Sea teether is a perfect size and shape for little hands with lots of ribbons and rings to hold onto. The ring can be attached to a strap to keep it off the ground while out and about. G was attracted to the eyes and loves to chew on the ribbons. 

Available soon.

The Chewbie teether is perfect for the pesky front teeth. The massaging bristles help clean and soothe the baby’s sore gums. The teether is made from soothing soft silicone and includes a carrying case for the diaper bag. Best yet, it is endorsed by the pediatric dentist, Dr. Grace Yum. 

Available here 

These wipes are amazing and a must have in the diaper bag. I am all about exposing P to germs to help build his immune system but I can’t in good conscious give him something that has fallen on the disgusting floor!

Available at Buy Baby Direct


Nûby™ Tub Time Turtle™ & Splish Splash™ Bath Time Stacking Cups {Giveaway}

I always knew that I liked the Nûby™ brand but over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to review a variety of their products and can honestly say I am in love. 
Using minimal packaging, I still feel like I am able to make an educated decision on whether or not one of their products is a good fit for my family. They use brilliant colors and shapes to attract little eyes and keep them engaged. Their products are offered in a variety of stores and online which makes it easy to find what you are looking for. They also do not sacrifice quality for cost. The products I reviewed were affordable but well made and safe for Parker. 
Here is a quick look back at the items I had the privileged of reviewing. 

Now it’s your turn to fall in love with Nûby™. One lucky reader will get to try out the Nûby™ Tub Time Turtle™ & Splish Splash™ Bath Time Stacking Cups for themselves!

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Nûby™ Snack Keeper™ {Review}

Parker has liked snacks pretty much since we started him on solid food. With Rob gone, I try to keep on the go as much as possible to pass the time. This means daycare a few hours a week, trips to the gym, playdates and adventures shopping. 
I was so excited to give him the Nûby™ Snack Keeper™ and see how he would do with it. It’s a great way to include snack time, even on the go. 

The Snack Keeper™ is the perfect size for a toddler. The container can hold up to 9 oz of dry snacks. The perfect amount to satisfy a hungry belly but not enough to ruin their supper. 

The top comes off which makes it easy to fill and clean. It is also top shelf dishwasher safe.
The lid consists of several soft flaps which hold the snacks in if flipped upside down. While being soft and flexible enough to get inside for those yummy treats. The protective bottom will also prevent scratching on tabletops.

Best of all, it can be taken on the go with us. While I found a few pieces in his carseat, overall I was so impressed with how P did using his Snack Keeper™ for the first time and can’t wait to use it on future trips. Today it kept him occupied for 30 minutes on our way to a friends house!

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Easy Clean Bottle Brush by Nûby™ {Review}

I have always liked keeping a clean and tidy home. I feel happier and more accomplished falling asleep in a spick n’ span house. Waking up to a sink full of dishes is no way to start your day. The hard part is finding the motivation to actually do the dishes once P is in bed. It use to be a tag team effort but with Rob deployed, the work falls on these shoulders. 
That’s when I turn to any gadget I can find to make cleaning quick and easy. Particularly for all of P’s sippy cups and dishes since I still wash them separately using Dapple. I was really excited to open up this next item from Nuby, the Easy Clean Bottle Brush, and give it a try.  

There is a lot going on in this little contraption which makes it the best bottle brush I have tried to date.

I love the suction cup on the bottom. Even with a clean sink, it grosses me out a little when a sponge or brush sits there. 
You can fill the dispenser up with your favorite dish soap for an easy no fuss wash.
The soap is released when you hold down the soap button which means no mess in between. 

The bush unscrews in the middle to make it easy to fill up and clean before you refill it again.

One of my favorite parts is you can control the amount of soap you want to use so it’s easy to get a good lather.
The brush consists of soft and hard bristles which makes it easy to get this clean in the hard to reach spots without scratching your dish. 
I didn’t really need P’s help for this review but I couldn’t post without at least one picture of him! Boy did that bottle brush come in handy when I had to clean out that bib!  |  Sam’s Club


Nuby Tub Time Turtle {Review}

I wasn’t exaggerating when I said P loves the water. I just assumed it was bath time but we have spent a fair amount of time the last few weeks in the ocean and in a pool on our deck. This kid loves ALL water. That is why it was perfect when we had the opportunity to review the Tub Time Turtle from Nuby

I love how bright and vibrant Timmy, yes we named the turtle, is. It’s small and light which makes it great to throw in a bag for a play date. I also love that is ACTUALLY floats. You would be surprised how often a bath toy doesn’t live up to standards! He quickly learned that he could even put things in the basket and it would still float. Parker was entertained by this little guy for most of the afternoon and giggled every time he saw the eyes. He loved when we would raise it above him and it would rain down water.  |  | | | | bedbathandbeyond.comBealls | Tuesday Mornings | Buy Buy Baby

Wish you had a Tub Time Turtle of your own? Check back on September 15th when you can enter to win a Tub Time Turtle and Stacking Cups!