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After 9 months of planning, Peanut’s nursery is finally DONE (minus a baby)!!! I am so thankful for all those who helped along the way. 

I originally wanted a nursery set that all matched from Buy Buy Baby but quickly realized that the matchy matchy look just wasn’t for me. From there, I decided to create something visually appealing using a mixture of woods and colors.

You can find the tutorial for all of these projects on my DIY craft blog, designsBYmcm.

Rob got a chance to paint the wooden prop plane I found in Lancaster after a Boeing Stearman, one of his favorite planes! It was also his idea for the parachuting turtles 🙂

Since I LOVE my Cricut, I knew I wanted to use it for some of the pieces. For the ABC piece, I used the following cartridges; Storybook, Tear Drop, George & Basic Shapes, Plantin Schoolbook, Create a Critter, Doodlecharm, and Speaking of Fall.

Rob and I really liked these two quotes and wanted Peanut to see them everyday. The one on the right I plan to say to Peanut every night before they go to bed.

The bedding is from Target and was the inspiration for the entire nursery. We looked at several cribs but fell in love with the Gulliver Spindle Crib from IKEA. The mobile was inspired by Pinterest however, I made the mistake of not looking at how they created it so I had to do a fair amount of altering to get the product I was looking for. The wall decal is from a site called Word Decor ~n~ More. 

My best friend, Michelle, made these for Peanut for Christmas. She is so crafty and even created generated pictures of what Peanut would look like based on pictures of Rob and I. We hung them using cabinet knobs from The Home Depot.

We purchased the dresser and nightstand unfinished from Derbyshire and my Mom stained them.

The bookcase was a gift from my Mom at Peanut’s Shower. It was from Wayfair. The shelving on the right is from Improvements and I thought it was a great addition to the room.


Starting the nursery!!!

I had originally scheduled today off since Rob was suppose to come home today and decided to keep it so we could do some baby related things. I have been anxiously waiting for Rob to come home to start all of this and am so excited it is finally here!

Our trip through IKEA lasted quite awhile but we managed to figure everything out for the basement and purchased the crib! We won’t put it together until the room is painted but I like knowing that it is in the house and “almost” ready to go. We decided to stick with the Gulliver Spindle Crib in birch.

We also stopped by Home Depot and chose the colors for the guest room and babies room! We finally decided we wanted to paint the walls a bright green color. I thought it would go well with some of the dark furniture we have picked out and the art work I am planning on hanging on the walls. This isn’t the best picture but it gives you an idea. I have a much better one come the 24th when the painters are done!


Nursery Bedding

Rob asked me the cutest thing the other day as we were talking back and forth about bedding. He saw the prices and asked, in all honesty, “what is special about them”. I kind of chuckled and said, “nothing really”. As a matter of fact, you can’t even use all the pieces right away or for that long. It’s something about picking and buying the bedding that makes pregnancy real, as if my growing belly and inability to shave my legs wasn’t a realization enough.

After searching tons of websites and stores we found the perfect set! What made it even more perfect was the DIY mobile Rob found on Pinterest! Michaels had a fantastic deal on canvas last weekend. 40% off and then 20% your total purchase. I bought tons of different shapes and sizes and will recreate the geometric patterns and colors from the bedding. I cannot wait to get started on the nursery :o)

Our runners up were: