Favorite Toys at Bam & Chief’s House

Parker spent a good amount of time at my parents house (Bam & Chief) over the last few weeks while Rob was at training and I was in Chicago at BlogHer. Back when Parker was born, my mom started collecting a lot of the things we use so that Rob and I don’t have to cart everything up when we come and visit. She ended up getting the same Gulliver crib from IKEA, a Joovy Playard, the North States Superyard and all the essentials. It has been so nice to only pack clothing.

My mom has gathered quite a collection of toys from a few consignment sales and I thought it would be fun to share some of Parker’s favorites.

Parker’s new favorite thing is to dance and the Pop Tunes Boom Box plays some really good tunes. It’s an older toy so you are most likely to only find it at a consignment sale, garage sale or thrift store. I will have to keep my eyes open for it because it is a classic that I would love to have at our house too! 
It didn’t take long for Parker to figure out how to work the VTech Explore & Learn Helicoptor  He loves pushing the balls through and playing with all of the buttons on the side. Once we gets a little older and starts walking we can put the string back on so he can drag it around. 
I love that the Battat Sort & Stack is multiple activities in one. It’s great to build up with nice big cups but P also likes playing with the shapes and putting them in the holes and cups. 
He is really starting to like trucks and the Fisher-Price Little People Rumblin Rocks Dump Truck & Dumpety the Dump Truck are perfect for him. He has already learned how to make noise with them even if he can’t find the people. 
My mom found the Step2 Doorway Playhouse at the last consignment sale during the 50% off day. She wasn’t sure that P would really like it but he is having a blast. He loves when someone sits on the other side of the door and hands him toys through the mailbox 🙂 

13 Months

Yep, I decided I couldn’t stop doing monthly posts for Parker. They are so much fun to look back on and when I start something, I have a really hard time stopping 🙂 I am however going to scale them back quite a bit. On average, I would spend anywhere from 5-6 hours on 1 post taking pictures, editing them, going through the calendar to see what happened that month and putting together a timeline. I will just focus on some major milestones and important events each month.

So lets see….

By July 4th, Parker was starting to shake his head up and down. He learned how to shake his head left to right awhile ago and is quite good at it. It’s cute because he has no idea what either motion means, just that he gets a reaction from us.

He also started randomly putting things up to his ears as a telephone. I mean anything and everything like remotes, tops to his toy pots and even shoes.

We finally took him to get his hair cut. He did so good although he didn’t like the guy touching his head and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I was really impressed with him patient the barber was.

Parker is becoming more aware of Flip Flop and Alice each day and can now say kitty cat which sounds like ki ca. It’s downright adorable especially when he smiles and giggles while saying it. They are both in trouble because Parker has also learned that sound of the bells on their collars.

I think we have also started learning to throw mini tantrums when we say no. He doesn’t like it one bit and will either start to cry or bat his eyes nice and slow. With those baby blues, mommy can only smile. Yep, he has me in the palm of his hand already!

We had the amazing and talented Allison Evans from Fairytale Moment come to the house to take some one year photos of Parker and a few family shots. We had an amazing time and they came out great!

He now has 4 front teeth on the top and bottom and a molar on the bottom right hand side. He still does very well with teething. We are still giving him a bottle in the AM and PM of Enfamil Premium Toddler Formula. I like the comfort of knowing he is still getting 12 oz a day of vitamins as we transition and get use to organic whole milk at meal time. Rob and I are also not ready to give up our cuddle time. I get the morning and he gets the evening. I am planning to slowly transition after Rob leaves.

He is also getting very brave and not afraid to follow Flip Flop in between chairs under the table. He has also become quite the escape artist. I was upstairs making the bed when I noticed it got awfully quite. I came down to find him out of his playard changing the channels on the TV with the remote. He LOVES phones and remotes of any kind <3

Loving Our Lovable Labels {Review}

With Rob’s upcoming deployment, we have been making some arrangements for P to go to daycare a few hours each week. Even though I am a SAHM and it’s just P and I during the day normally, there are days I am counting down the hours to Rob walking through the door. Don’t get me wrong, I love staying home with P but there are just some errands and appointments that are easier solo.

We found a drop-in daycare at a base nearby that is perfect. I can schedule up to 24 hours each week, 2 weeks in advance. This will really allow me to grocery shop, mow the lawn, clean the house, run errands and maybe even catch an occasional movie.

After finding a facility that met my standards and had employees I trusted with P, it was time to work on logistics. Having worked in a daycare for many years, I know how often kids lose things. When you have a room full of energetic kids, it is bound to happen. Similar clothing, toys and lunch boxes can get switched easily. No to mention all the corners, pockets and toy bins those pesky pacifiers, blankets and socks can get lost in.

Luckily, I came across Lovable Labels a few months ago and have fallen in love with their products. These labels are exactly what I need to stay organized and keep track of all P’s stuff!

I may be biased but I simply love companies that are started by parents out of a need for a specific product. Laura, Owner and President of Lovable Labels, realized the need for durable labels after enrolling her son in daycare. She came up with colorful, exciting, durable and functional labels for just about everything!

I was so excited to get the Back To School Pack in the mail. I chose the Metal Man theme because I thought the robots were so adorable! Yeah, I went there and totally used the word adorable to not only describe metal but something my son will be using. #ilovewhentheyareyoung! Their packaging was so adorable and very appealing. Even Rob was wowed when I opened it up!

I loved that all of the labels were organized in a coupon book that can fit into any travel bag, purse or diaper bag. The last page were instructions to help you maximize the durability. I got right to work walking around the house and collecting things we take to our weekly play-dates. There was a label for everything!

The Slimline labels were perfect for bottles and some of Parker’s toys. 

The Multi-Purpose Labels were great for Parker’s pacifier container and some of his travel cups. I thought Parker’s new StrideRite shoes were adorable before, but now with the Shoe Labels inside, they look even cuter! 

I used a mixture of the Square Labels, Multi-Purpose Labels and Slimline Labels for all of his travel dishware. This will be really important since a lot of moms use the same products.

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about the Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS. After trying them out and going successfully through a few loads, they have absolutely impressed me and are by far my favorite. I plan on using these for Parker’s winter stuff more than anything else. The hats, mittens and jackets seem to get misplaced the most.

I used the metal tags for his changing mat and diaper bag.

30 Multi-Purpose Sticker Labels
80 Slimline Labels
12 Shoe Labels
48 Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS
12 Square Labels
2 Mini Metal Tags

I don’t know about you but I have gotten to the point where I will not buy something unless it is microwave, dishwasher AND washing machine safe. I am all for organizing but having to create an Excel sheet breaking down what can’t go where is just too much for this momma. It’s no surprise I didn’t have to compromise with Lovable Labels because they are approved for the washer, dryer, dishwasher and microwave.

Lovable Labels is running an amazing deal right now on their Back To School Packs. If you order by July 15th, you can get the WHOLE PACK for only $39.95. Plus, a surprise pack of FREE Fun Stickies! That’s over 180 colorful, functional and personalized stickers.


 Check out some of their other great products! 

Our 4th Weekend

I know this post is a little late.. Silly momma forgot the USB cord for her camera in the rush of packing!

First, let me start off by wishing you all a very happy 4th. I hope you all had a chance to relax, spend some time with family and enjoy great food. I found this quote that I thought put this day into words better than I could.


Last year is such a blur with me recovering from a c-section and having a newborn in the house. I do remember it being important for P to have a cute outfit and to do his first, of many, in home photo shoots. I even made my Mom and Rob head out to find a chalkboard for me. #babycametwoweeksearly

Ahhh, pictures were so much easier back then when he would pose for as long as we needed 😉

This is officially Parker’s second first holiday. I know, a little much but I was very excited about it and my family went along with it too 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how much they can grow in their first year?!?

This year we decided to head to NJ for the 4th to celebrate.  Rob worked nights last week so he got off Wednesday morning and we headed out right after he got home. It always works out really nice that way because we miss the morning traffic, P usually sleeps for a little while in the car and we get to my parents house at a decent time.

We relaxed on the 4th and took a trip to Rices which is always a good time. I found a pretty awesome hat for BlogHer’13 next month and we picked up an old school Fisher Price Crazy Combo set for Parker! While we were there, he was home helping Big Chief put together his custom made water table.

I thought it fitting to head up to the Firehouse and take some photos of P in his adorable and festive romper. I brought along our smaller chalkboard because it transports a little nicer. He did pretty well despite the heat.

And what’s a visit home to NJ without a trip to Hobby Lobby, quite possibly my FAVORITE store ever! We scored some amazing deals on items for Parker’s big boy room (airplane theme of course) and his play area. The crayon pieces were on clearance for $1-$3. The two airplanes were 50% off and the set of drawers was 66% off. I had been eyeing that for months and was giddy when I saw it on clearance. Don’t forget to follow My Crafting Attic along so you can see what I do with all of these amazing pieces in the next few months!