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Parker at 44 Months (3Y & 8M)

44 Months Collage

This little man is just growing up way too quickly.


He has started taking on more of a big brother role with Caity. While that tends to be more bossing her around and teasing her, he certainly has his moments. When she cries he tries to console her. When he asks for something to drink or eat he also makes sure she gets something.

He is finally starting to play with his cars. He especially likes to take them all out and line them up. Next month we are building a fun garage to house all of his cars and I can’t wait for him to start using it!


We have taken a very lax approach to potty training Parker. I just wasn’t up for the tears, frustration, and accidents that I have seen so many of my mommy friends go through. Call me lazy if you must but it has worked about beautifully for Parker. Back in August while in Disney he randomly started asking to pee on the potty. From there on he would ask to go about 75% of the time, even though we kept him in a pull up. Fast forward to the last week in January when we decided to take the plunge and transition him to big boy underwear. In a daycare setting it was an easy way to encourage him to use the potty along with the other kids. As of now he is consistently peeing on the potty!


While we were visiting my parents in NJ my Dad played hookie from work and we took Parker to the Zoo. He loved running around looking at all of the animals.

Parker Is 43 Months (3Y 7M)

Photo Collage

This has certainly been a fun but tiring month. Parker had so much fun over Christmas with all the holiday excitement. He got to spend Christmas Eve with the boys and woke up Christmas morning very excited to see what Santa brought.




After the holiday craziness calmed down we enrolled Parker in a full time daycare program. He was missing “friends” which is what he calls other kids. Since he starts junior kindergarten in September I also wanted him to get use to a more structured day away from home. The school has more French influence than I realized which is good in the long term but I can tell he is struggling to understand his teachers sometimes. He doesn’t sit still or completely follow directions but I have seen a huge improvement in his ability to get dressed himself.


Parker’s World (3 Years 6 Months)

Photo Collage

It’s been 4 years since we announced to everyone we would be parents. We added it to our Christmas card and anxiously waited for people to receive them. We surprised my Grandmother Christmas morning and she spent the day walking around casually showing everyone her “great grandchild”. For New Years we traveled to TN and I slipped the ultra sound photo into the last page of our wedding book which my Grandma insisted I bring for her to see. She looked at it for awhile, then looked at me as I asked, “do you know what that is”. She said yes and asked whose baby it was a picture of and burst into tears when I said mine.

Christmas Card and First Photo

I can’t believe this Christmas that same baby will be 3 1/2 years old. I can’t believe he is that same baby who will leave cookies out for Santa and fall asleep dreaming about sugar plums. The same baby who will be ripping open presents and beaming with excitement. Time is flying by so fast and I wish it would just slow down, just a little.

Parker has loved watching #sammyandsophiameyer cause mischief around the house. We have been reading lots of books about winter, snowmen, reindeer, Santa, and Christmas, and I think he is finally starting to understand. He loves the old school Frosty and Rudolph videos and asks to watch them daily. Sammy and Sophia left Parker a fun board game “to play”. He did about as well as imaged in the first time 😉


When asked how old he is Parker will say, “I am one – two – three, I am three years old” as he counts on his fingers. Somehow four fingers always pop up though, we are working on that! When we were hanging up stockings I asked him to hand me the one with an A. As he did he said, “A is for Alice.” Rob and I were really blown away with that!

He currently loves quoting Paw Patrol. You will often catch him saying, “don’t worry I am here to help!” or “I will try my best”

While out running errands we were going to stop by Walmart but time was running out and I decided just to head home. Parker was disappointed because he wanted “lunch in a box” (ie a happy meal). The GPS told me to make a u-turn when I passed it and Parker didn’t skip a beat informing me, “the GPS is telling you to turn around!”. Seriously kid, your too smart for your own good.

We took him to see his first movie on Thanksgiving, The Good Dinosaur. He was really excited and seemed to enjoy the new experience. Unfortunatly, about 3/4 of the way through he got a little freaked with the TRex and asked to leave.


After attending a daycare program while we were home in NJ at the end of November he has pretty much done away with naps. Since I still spend nap time cuddling with Caity we decided he could have quiet time in his room watching 1 show of Paw Patrol on Netflix. Thanks to the special parental code we can put a timer on making sure it’s just one show. Then he usually plays, not so quietly, or dozes off for a little while.

He gets dressed by himself about 90%, he mostly just needs direction and the occasional cheering squad. Still not completely potty trained but we are going to get a little more involved this coming month since he starts school in September and I want him to be completely trained and use to it by then.


Hanna our sitter went to wake Parker up one afternoon and found him in the closet fast asleep with ALL of his friends and lovies on top of him. Rob says that is exactly what he did when he was little, I am not surprised in the least!


And he still adores his little sister!


25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Pajamas

If you follow us on Instagram you may have notice I have a slight, okay maybe huge obsession with pajamas for the kids. Especially matching Christmas ones. I have been getting a lot of questions about where I found some of the pajama sets and decided to put together a post with links and photos!

Favorite Christmas Pajamas

The top left two are from Target (here and here). I had found them on Black Friday (well technically Thursday) when they had all of their clothing 40% off for $7.49 each. While they aren’t matching, I think they both go well together and will be the perfect outfits for one of the photo scenes we are doing this weekend.

I was able to find a few pajamas in both the kids sizes so there has been some fun matchy matchy which makes me so happy. The elf pajamas are also from Target, here, that I snagged during their 40% off sale for $7.79 each. The next two are Child of Mine brand from Costco and Walmart (here and 18 months here/4T here).

A few months ago Zulily had Christmas pajamas for the whole family on sale. I went a little crazy and found something for all of us to wear on Christmas Day. And of course I could resist getting the last pair, also from Zulily.






Check out all of my 25 Days of Christmas here!

Parker’s Updates (3 years 5 months)

Photo Collage

Sorry little man… It’s January 5th and I am just now getting around to this update. Things have been SO busy lately and their just aren’t enough hours in the day. I didn’t do a good job with your calendar the last month and since I am writing this in January I can’t remember what specific things happened this month. Here are a few of my favorite photos of you for the month though!