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Funny Sayings in Parker’s 35th Month


Parker is 1 month shy of 3 years old this week. I can’t believe how grown up he is getting but how small he still seems to me. He talks from the moment his eyes open to the second his head hits the pillow. He catches on to everything and I can’t believe how much he picks up from his favorite movies and relates situations to the real world.

Here are the top 10 things he says that crack me up!

10 What I thought was, “love balloon” was really glove balloon
9 When I pick up the phone he says, “calling Cathy Miller mobile”
8 At night we wear our pee-jamies
7 Me, “your okay” Parker, “no I’m not okay I want a snack”
6 Me, “I have to go get Caity she is crying” Parker, “she isn’t crying, she is happy”
5 “Hold on, I have an idea”
4 “Look! There’s a mail truck delivering mail”
3 “You lay down for twooo minutes”
2 “It’s okay Caity it’s okay I make you laugh”
1 And my FAVORITE “get out of my face Daddy”

Parker also started doing a few other things for the first time this month.

Counted 16 objects correctly
Counted down 3-2-1
Picked out his clothes and almost dressed himself completely
Started drinking out of a normal cup
Drove Cheif’s tractor

Parker - Collage w watermark

While filtering through all of our pictures over the last month I found this one of Parker and remembered taking a photo of him in a similar position in his crib when he was a peanut.

Parker sleeping

It’s hard to believe he was ever this small (and even smaller). He still sleeps in the same position and has the most peaceful face.


Parker really likes to “help” me during Caity’s monthly photo shoots ūüôā

Parker’s 2 Year & 10 Month Update



Month 34 with watermark

It’s hard to believe this little boy is almost THREE!¬†He has been watching a lot of movies lately and is starting to repeat phrases and sing songs from his favorites. He also has picked up a few phrases that make Rob and I giggle every time.¬†He loves riding in Daddy’s car and counting every time he sees something with numbers. We are also starting to work on the concept of time with him. Just recently he acknowledged that Bam and Chief were visiting on Friday (it was Wednesday at the time).¬†We still haven’t officially started potty training him but after a little virus and not pooping for several days he started telling us when he was going and has now gone 3 times. I know, that is something only a parent could be excited about, lol.¬†He is becoming really helpful when I am sitting with Caity and need him to grab something for me. My own little butler ūüėČ


I hosted a sprinkle for a good friend at the house so Rob took Parker out for the day. They had fun playing at Lowes and then watching the airplanes.


Parker is getting more adventurous each day and loves playing outside in the back yard and going to the playground.


We met some friends at the Zoo last weekend. The weather was perfect and we had a blast. I ended up wearing C for awhile and so we had a hitch-hiker in the stroller for awhile.



While my parents were visiting earlier this month the boys went to visit the Art & Space Museum while the girls went shopping (surprise, surprise). I am not sure who that little boy in the photo above is, it can’t possibly be my little man…!


Parker’s Airplane Room Reveal

Cover Photo

I can’t believe I am just getting around to Parker’s room reveal. It has been complete for awhile now but with all the hustle and bustle of a new baby in the house I just got around to taking all the photos this past weekend.


In July we decided to put together Parker’s “big boy room” so that he would have a few months to transition to a toddler bed and a new environment. I didn’t want him to feel as though Caity had kicked him out of the nursery. I knew Rob wanted to do an airplane theme and I was happy to take on the challenge of finding fun¬†and unique ways to decorate.


 SUNDVIK Expandable Bed (similar version)

I had the walls painted Valspar Pike’s Peak in anticipation of this move when we had the rest of the house painted. I wasn’t quite sure where to go from there until we came across this comforter set at Target. I loved the idea of having a Disney touch to the airplane theme. Plus the comforter had several vibrant colors I could use around the room making it easier to accessorize.

After going back and forth on bed size we ended up deciding on¬†a toddler bed we found on clearance at IKEA. I thought the smaller bed would make the transition a little easier. While I do like the bed I didn’t realize at the time that it would be so hard to find linens, outside of IKEA, to fit the European size (longer).


Side note: Did you know that Mickey has a teddy bear named Duffy? We found out during our trip to Disney last year. My sister gave P a Duffy and this adorable story about Mickey and his teddy bear, Duffy.


 STICKAT Bed Pocket

I just recently¬†found this over the bed organizer at IKEA and just had to add it into the reveal. It’s perfect to organize¬†holiday books or specific ones I want to read with Parker on any given week.


¬†Collectors Museum Flag Case $26.99 ¬†| ¬†Metal Red Tri-Plane $24.99 ¬†| ¬†Spice Rack $3.99 ¬†| ¬†Metal Letter P $14.99¬† | ¬†12×12 Front Loading Frames $6.99

I decorated the wall with a collection of items I found at Hobby Lobby, IKEA, and Jo Ann Fabrics. The museum flag case found at Jo Ann Fabrics holds a flag that Rob has passed down to Parker. The tri-plane and “p” were found at Hobby Lobby when their home decor was on sale so both pieces ended up being 50% off.


I just had to add in a spice rack from IKEA since they are my current go-to for organization. In this room they showcase some books that belonged to Rob when he was a boy.


I wanted to make something special for Parker and decided to do a few prints for his wall. Rob had the genius idea of spelling his name with the phonetic alphabet on one of them. I also pulled one of Rob’s favorite quotes for a little inspiration. I had them printed at Adoramapix¬†($3.72 + shipping) and I purchased the 12×12 front loading frames from Jo Ann Fabrics.


 Vintage Wall Decals $11.95  |  Cloud bTwinkles Nightlight $19.95  |  Green Toys Airplane $11.99  |  HoMedics Sound Spa $19.99

We purchased the bookcase from an unfinished wood store. I am not going to provide their name because I am not impressed with the quality of the piece for the price we paid. While it serves its purpose right now, I know it won’t last through Parker’s adolescence like I had hoped. In any case, I wanted the bookcase to pop so we chose Valspar Dijon. To give it a slight vintage look I found decals on Amazon for the back.

I love his collection of books especially since most are from my shower and signed by each gifter. Right now his favorite books are The Fire Engine Book, I Love Trucks, Baby Einsteins First Words, and Rob’s favorite Amazing Airplanes.


The lockers are the most expensive piece in Parker’s room. It serves as a dresser with plenty of space to grow along with him. I found¬†it months ago at a local antique store in my hometown. I am not sure if I fell in love with the piece or the story behind it more. I was with my Mom and as we were talking with the owner we came to find out it use to belong in the post office next door. I grabbed it immediately (well I claimed it at least). Rob and I had intended to touch it up a bit but ended up bartering with my FIL¬†who did all of the updates in exchange for a couch we were selling.




As you can see, we ended up with the better end of the deal! My FIL did an absolutely amazing job with this piece and I am so in love with it. He put his heart and many many hours of work into it and the final product certainly shows.


Nursery Fabric – Transportation Stripes $7.99/yard

When it came time to find fabric for the curtains I was a little worried I wouldn’t find something that would fit within our theme or color scheme. During one of many trips to Jo Ann Fabrics with my Mom we found this adorable fabric on sale for $5.99 a yard. It was perfect. The colors matched Parker’s comforter and the pattern almost reminded me of airplane wings. I am not a fan of curtains, especially in kids rooms, so my Mom helped (well she did most of the work) and made these valances for a pop of color in the room.




 STROFAST Storage Unit $39.99  |  STROFAST Storage Boxes $3.00 Р$4.00

I knew there would be times when P didn’t need or want to nap but it is still important that he has some quiet alone time everyday. We moved his toys over from the nursery to give him something to play with on those occasions. This has worked out perfectly so far. I’d say 4 of his 7 naps a week start off with some quite play and he eventually falls asleep on the floor, the couch, or his bed. Regardless it gives him some quiet time and Mommy a little break to tend to Caity or hop in the shower (*gasp*).


Rob scored this awesome Everyday Hero Play Set from KidKraft¬†on one of our local yard sale group for $15. It really engages Parker in some quiet low stimulation play which is perfect right before a nap or bed time. It’s cute to listen to him on the monitor playing with the fire and police chiefs. He animates them doing normal everyday things like riding in their emergency vehicles, playing with their dogs, and going night night.


 Aviation Altimeter Clock $24.99  |  Flying Ace Piolt Embossed Tin Sign $14.99

Some of the final touches and last purchases were an altimeter clock Rob found on Cafe Press and a tin sign from Hobby Lobby. The Peanuts Gang isn’t Disney but we called Parker our Peanut for 9 months (team green!) and it has stuck even now.


 Airplane Photo Frame $14.99  |  Birth Stat Print $24.99

I bought this long shelf years ago at IKEA and it has since lived in 2 apartments, 2 houses, and served many different purposes. I think it’s the perfect size to showcase some of our favorite prints and a few pieces of Rob’s old gear from his flying days. Rob has had the “Air Force in Training” print since I can remember and we found the Mickey print on our trip to Disney last year. I found the number hooks on one of my craft B/S/T sites on Facebook for $5.99. The three canvas paper airplane image was Pinterest inspired and gives a little pop of color on that side of the room.






Parker was used to having the La-Z-Boy in the nursery to cuddle up on with us for story time so I wanted to find something that would take it’s place on a $200 budget. I should have known IKEA would come to the rescue as we found this¬†sofa bed that was perfect. It fits the space perfectly but we can all still fit on it for story time. It also pulls out into a bed for sleep overs when he gets a little older. Parker has been on a bit of a nap strike lately but Rob and I figured out that he will happily lay down if we let him sleep on the couch. “Sure kid, whatever gets you to nap!”


Growth Chart

¬†1×6 Pine Board ¬†$8 ¬†| ¬†Pipe Flange $10 ¬†| ¬†Valspar Dijon Paint

Parker’s growth chart was a blast to make. Rob and I cam up with the design together and I got to use my projector to trace it on the wood from our drawing. We painted it to match the bookcase and Rob added a pipe flange to give it a little more of an industrial look. We found all the materials at Lowe’s and the project total was around $20.

Toddler Proofing

Toddler proofing the room was one of my top priorities with this transformation. Since he would no longer be contained in the crib I knew everything had to be safe. Luckily that didn’t take much work or money.

We covered all exposed outlets with solid covers and secured the¬†Summer Infant Multi View Monitor to the wall near the door. My Dad and Rob installed a ceiling fan so that we didn’t need to have a lamp or fan within reach of Parker’s curious little fingers. The furniture was secured with pipe strapping similar to what we used around the house. Most importantly, we put a cover on the knob so that Parker can’t leave his room on his own. We have the video monitor on at all times when he is in there so we can hear if something is wrong.

After rolling off the bed the first night we decided to install a bed rail until he gets used to the new bed.

Inspirational BoardI am giddy just looking over this post and all the work we did to make this room special for Parker. He transitioned beautifully and still loves playing, reading, and sleeping there!


Parker At 33 Months

This month Parker…

… started using the word “actually” when it isn’t necessary but always in the appropriate context

… is¬†using pronouns, for the most part, correctly and started to say “you want to come play with me” instead of “with you”


… is rocking it out on the playground climbing up ladders and rock walls

… can recite The Fire Engine Book word for word

… can eat a container of yogurt in under two minutes without getting a drop on himself

… loves helping Daddy fix things

… can count up to 15 and sing the entire alphabet


… started forward facing in Daddy’s car :/

… visited the Air & Space museum with his friends

… took his second trip to Tennessee

… is now sitting in a booster seat at restaurants

… started holding the phone on his own during FaceTime calls with AhAh, Bam, and Chief

… weighed in at 40lbs 3oz at his¬†¬†2.5 year well visit and moved up to 3T and 4T clothing

… can take his shoes off by himself and helps put them on


… has mastered the art of defiance

… loves singing while he takes a “shark” shower

… has started the “I do it” stage

… likes to line everything up including animals, cars, and even his food

… has turned into a little man right in front of our eyes

33 Months

Parker At Thirty-Two Months

I promise at some point I will stop updating by months, maybe once he is three ūüôā I just can’t believe how many new things still happen each month for him.

Lately we have noticed he imitates his favorite movies. Sometimes we hear him say something and wonder where it came from until we hear the exact phrase in one of his movies and have an “ah-ha” moment.

Parker’s life according to movies…

“I’m tired, I’m hungry, I wanna go home” – Madagascar
“I’m scareding Caity” – Monsters Inc
“Mommies cutting the ice” – Frozen
When something falls, it “crashes” from Cars & Planes
Imitates Dory talking to the whale in Nemo
“I’m touch the butt” – Nemo
All elephants are “baby elephants” from The Little Engine That Could
“Blasta blasta” – Rio

I love his imagination. He asks us to lay on our stomachs and “open the door” (our legs) once he steps inside he asks us to “close the door” (our legs).

He wants to learn letters and number desperately. His favorite letters are R and O and his favorite number is probably seven because he is always skipping six to get to it faster. I struggle with wanting to help teach him and just wanting him to play and be a kid. I didn’t learn my letters until kindergarten and I feel like we are in such a rush for babies to grow anymore.

He now likes to wear hats like his daddy. I can’t get over how cute they look together!

The biggest change this month is that we said good bye to the paci. Since he wasn’t quite ready to potty train it was a good time to try. Rob took the step and just told him one day his paci was all gone. Later that day and since Parker will randomly say, “paci all gone in trash truck”, “can’t get paci right now, it’s in the trash truck”, or “walk mommies hand to trash truck to get paci”. I am so proud of the way he has handled it. His naps are no longer consistent but there have been little to no tears.

At the end of January we took him to an indoor bounce park and I was a little worried about how behind some of his gross motor skills were. The truth is it’s hard in the winter with one car to get him out. We decided since Rob only had electives in February we would bring him as much as possible. I can’t believe how is confidence has grown over just a month. He now climbs up the ladder and tumbles down the slides with ease.