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My VBAC Birth Plan


When I was pregnant with Caity I ended going into labor and delivery a few times for various issues. Each time they completed an intake form and asked the question, “What was my delivery method with Parker?” followed by, “Why was a c-section needed?” By the end, I had my answer down pat, “because I had an impatient knife happy doctor who wanted to get home on a Friday night.” Of course I don’t know if that is the real reason but it is the one I am sticking to because I simply cannot provide another one. The doctor claimed that my pelvis wasn’t big enough to birth a child but I later found out that is a common excuse for c-sections. Not to mention I proved that reasoning false with Caity’s birth.

Even before I got pregnant with Caity I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). I just wasn’t satisfied with my birth experience with Parker and to this day don’t feel a c-section had been necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret a thing because Parker is a happy, healthy, thriving toddler. Never the less, I wasn’t going to just concede to a repeat c-section “just because”. When I saw that BFP (big fat positive) pregnancy test I knew it was time to step into gear. While people typically think about a birth plan starting when labor begins, I think my birth plan really started when I saw that BFP.

Here are a few things I focused on throughout my pregnancy, labor and after Caity was born.

Choosing A Midwife/OB Practice
I wanted to find a joint midwife/obstetrician practice where my primary contact during check-ups and initial contact at the hospital would be with a midwife. I also wanted to find a practice where a midwife and doctor were on call at the hospital 24-7. That way they would have no where else to be and would hopefully be more patient during the course of my labor. Baring any complications, I was adamant about laboring for at least 18 hours before any talks of a c-section were to happen. It took a little while but I eventually found a practice with about 15 midwives and 8 doctors that rotated between three different offices. Although they delivered at a hospital a little farther away but I was okay with that.

Hiring A Doula
I also wanted to hire a doula again. I had one for Parker’s birth but looking back she was not much help at all. I was a little more specific this time around and actually interviewed a few. A doula is a great resource and advocate for any birth, even scheduled c-sections. They often have a large library of books you can borrow and packages may include private birthing classes before hand. This time around I was looking for a doula who could also take birth photos and encapsulate my placenta (more on that later this week). I wanted to find someone who would support but also challenge me during labor. I wanted someone would was willing to speak up to me when the midwife/doctor walked out if she thought I should make a decision about something. I also wanted to find someone I connected with who had a good amount of experience, especially with VBACs. I was so lucky to find Jen who was absolutely amazing. The total package cost $1,850 which included a natural childbirth session, doula services, photography of the birth, placenta encapsulation, and a postnatal visit.

Weekly Appointments With A Chiropractor
One of the reasons my old doctor said a c-section was necessary was because my pelvis was too small. How she could tell that is beyond me. I had intended to start seeing a chiropractor before getting pregnant again to get an x-ray but it happened sooner than we anticipated. During my initial visit with the chiropractor he noticed that one leg was a little longer than the other which may indicate a tilted pelvis. We spent the next 7 months adjusting that weekly. I also found out that our insurance covered up to 40 massages a year from their in house masseuse. You better believe I cashed in on that at saw her two times a month for most of my pregnancy. I strongly recommend you look into your insurance to see if they will cover visits to a chiropractor and possibly massages as well. Pregnancy is rough on the body and it’s important to take care of it for an easier birth and postpartum recovery.

Diet & Exercise
Throughout my pregnancy I tried to gain as little as possible and stay as active as possible. Having a toddler around made it a little easier especially when Rob was deployed. I struggled towards the end but was pleased with how flexible and limber I was able to stay. I started to swell near the end but nowhere close to when I was pregnant with Parker. I am sure I could have controlled my diet a little more but I wasn’t about to ignore all those pregnancy cravings! After a few inaccurate glucose tests I decided to test my blood sugar and follow a gestational diabetic diet. I will say it’s a fabulous diet while pregnant and one I will most likely automatically follow in the future.

Natural Induction Techniques
When my due date got closer I started taking Evening Primrose Oil, eating spices foods, walking as much as possible, and even went to a Acupuncturist. I wanted baby girl to come when she was ready but wanted her to know she was good to go anytime! She was measuring a little on the large size, just like her brother, so the earlier she came the better.


During our pre-assessment session with our doula, Rob and I reviewed my wishes once labor started. I was important for her to know them as she would be the most educated advocate in the room during labor and birth. I also mentioned them in several of my appointments with the midwives. Once I was admitted I again mentioned them to the nurse(s) and midwife oncall. There was a shift change during my labor so Rob and Jen, our doula, explained those wishes to the new staff. There are many books you can purchase to help write your birth plan and some like to have it all written out for the staff. In my experience while it is helpful to write out during your research and brainstorming, it isn’t helpful to hand to a nurse or doctor at the hospital a document to review. It cant hurt to try, but in many cases they won’t have time to actually sit down and read it.

Pain Management
I wanted to use natural techniques to help ease the pain including moving around the room and sitting on an exercise ball. This was huge for me because I was not allowed to do either during my labor with Parker since my water had broken. My doctor was very old school and required you to stay in bed. One thing that was very helpful with a tennis ball inside a sock. The pressure against my back really helped.

I knew I did not want any IV pain medications regardless of the circumstances. I was hoping for a completely medication free birth but ended up requesting an epidural after a few hours of active labor. This was a little risky because an epidural meant I had to finish laboring in bed and it can often stall labor. I discussed it with Jenna, the midwife, who didn’t believe my labor would stall at which I gave the go ahead. I had previously discussed this with my Doula and Rob who knew that I would make it known when I wanted one. Even then they asked me a few more times before requesting questioned me quite a few times to make sure I did want one.

Watching The Birth
Prior to her birth, I had wanted access to a mirror so I could watch. When it was time, Jenna asked if I wanted one. I was so emotional because the chance of a VBAC was becoming a reality I didn’t want to lose focus and declined. I didn’t know it at the time but when I said that Rob and my mom looked at each other, pulled out their phones, and starting taking videos. I am really glad I didn’t know what they were doing because I would have most likely asked them to stop. The videos is absolutely amazing, personal, emotional and empowering, something I will cherish forever.

Delayed Cord Cutting
During my research of birth plans I came across the practice of delayed cord cutting. Once Caity was born, even after she took her first breath, the placenta was still transferring blood and iron through the umbilical cord to her. By delaying cutting the cord until it finishes pulsating, it allowed her to receive that last bit. Having Jenna and Jen present at the birth made my request a little easier as it is more common practice of holistic birth methods. Although it is less common during c-sections, some doctors will slightly delay at the mothers request baring no complications. It is certainly worth a conversation with your doctor if it is something you would like.

Skin To Skin
This was by far one of the biggest reasons I wanted a VBAC, aside for the health benefits. You better believe I wanted to be the first person to hold her. Parker was held by doctors, nurses, and Rob before I even got to hold him. Even then I was so out of it I don’t remember the first time out skin touched. As soon as Caity was out she was on my chest. Well actually, she was on my stomach because she ended up having an extremely short umbilical cord. Once the cord was cut she was on my chest. The nurses were able to do her APGAR screening and clean her off a bit right on me and within about 15 minutes she was nursing. About an hour later they took her measurements and finished cleaning her off while I had some breakfast.

Placenta Encapsulation
Did you know that humans are the only land mammals that do not automatically eat their placenta after birth? There are many benefits and methods to receiving those benefits based on your comfort level. I chose to have my doula dehydrate, grind, and mix with other herbs into capsules to take.

For the moment, I want to just explain the process I had to go through in order for this to happen. Later this week I will be talking more specifics about the health benefits and why I chose to do it. While this isn’t yet a common practice it certainly is gaining popularity. Luckily, that makes the process a little easier. I knew that some doctors and hospitals push back a little when mothers ask so I did my research and made my calls ahead of time. I would recommend calling L&D and asking to speak to the head nurse on call. Talking to anyone else will probably be a waste of time because they will have no idea what you are talking about. I am talking from experience after I tried to explain what I wanted to about 10 different people. For my hospital, if I had a normal vaginal delivery I just needed to have in the room a cooler and some ziplock bags. There was also a form I needed to sign indicating I was taking it with me. If I ended up with a c-section the process is a little trickier. In many cases your placenta is sent down to pathology for evaluation. If that is the case, there is a form you need to fill out and sometimes a fee to get it back. Going down to pathology also runs the risk of contamination. If this is something you plan on having done I would definitely talk with your midwife, doctor, and call the hospital to learn their policies ahead of time.

If you are brave enough I would ask the midwife/doctor to show you your placenta after it is delivered. It was amazing to see what had been keeping Caity healthy and growing for nine long months.

No hepB Shot
Similar with Parker’s birth, we opted out of the hepB shot in the hospital. One of the common side effects of vaccines is a fever. In most hospitals, it is protocol to transport an infant to the NICU for additional testing and observation when a newborn develops a fever. We felt the low risk of  contracting hepB outweighed the risk of them being sent to the NICU and undergo additional testing and a longer hospital stay.


While there are many other things you can choose to do or not do during labor, birth, and postpartum these were the main things I focused on. Labor doesn’t always go as planned but all that matters in that moment is both you and baby(ies) are healthy. It’s important to go into labor as educated as possible and with advocates in the room that will honor your wishes even if they don’t agree. This is especially true with your midwife or doctor. It maybe stressful during pregnancy to switch practices but if you don’t feel a connection or they don’t seem to respect your wishes it will only cause more stress during labor.

Even though my labors were extremely different I am so thankful I have two beautiful, healthy, and amazing children. I am proud of the research and time I put in before Caity’s birth and luckily it resulted in my goal of a VBAC.

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Dear Parker

September 20, 2014
Dear Parker,

You were so excited when we dropped you off at school Thursday morning. You don’t usually go on Thursday’s so this was an extra special treat. We pulled up the driveway and you immediately started naming off all your friends at school. Ms. Leslie came out to get you so I didn’t even get a chance to kiss you goodbye.

I wish I could have been there when Bam and Chief walked into the house later that night, I bet you were surprised! You were so excited to cuddle up with Chief that you didn’t even notice Bam and Daddy leaving.


You see, while you were busy playing with friends all day Daddy and I were were also busy. That morning Daddy decided to take the day off so that he could drive me to the hospital. Nothing too concerning, I just couldn’t feel Caity moving around like I usually do. We spent the day getting my belly checked out and making some important decision. By 4pm we knew that this was the last trip we would be making to the hospital and that Caity would be born soon.

I know you are going to miss laying on my belly…


… and kissing it.

28 Weeks

And I want you to always know how much I love you. You will always be my little boy.


But on September 19th you became a big brother, which is the most important job you will ever have.


There will always be a spot on my lap for you, no matter how full it may seem.


And the next few weeks may be a little hard… People are coming to visit and while they came to see and play with you, they also want to meet Caity. Once everyone goes home it will just be Daddy, Caity, you, and me. Things will be a little different but we will still play cars, watch movies, cuddle, take shark showers, and read stories before bed.


We are now a family of 4 and even though that means things will be a little crazier at times, it means there is more love to share in our little family.




Pregnancy Favorites

As this pregnancy is coming to an end (wishful thinking!) I have been doing a lot of reflecting on how different it was from my pregnancy with Parker. Not only because I was a brand new blogger at the time, but I was a first time mom. This time around I was more confident and new ahead of time what worked well for me and what didn’t. That sure helped when knowing what items would be essential to get through 9 months of pregnancy.

Favorites Collage

Bra Extender  |  Target Be Maternity Cross-Over Pants  |  Old Navy Rib-Knit Tanks  |  Hi Bebe Digital Fetal Heartbeat Monitor  |  Cricut Expression  |  Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars  |  Nature Made Prenatals  |  Mary Kay Lip Balm  |   The Mommy MD Guide  |  Aladdin Mason Tumbler  |  Aladdin Cafe To Go Water Bottle

The Bra Extender,  Target Be Maternity Cross-Over Pants, and Old Navy Rib-Knit Tanks were even more of a favorite this pregnancy than last time since I now stay at home. I pretty much lived in them the last eight months, especially when it started getting hot out.

I used the Hi Bebe Digital Fetal Heartbeat Monitor a lot when I was pregnant with Parker so that Rob could hear his heartbeat over the phone while he was deployed. This time it took longer to feel baby girl move because I have an anterior placenta so it was nice to listen to the heartbeat when I got worried.  While having a heartbeat monitor is great, it should never replace a call to your OB if you are concerned about something. It does offer a little reassurance here or there when you need it.

Similar to last pregnancy I used my Cricut Expression weekly for my bump photos. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with them while having a toddler around but have been doing really well and only missed a few weeks total. My last bump photo was 35 weeks with Parker and he came at 38 weeks. Iv’e gotten both a 36 and 37 photo this time!


The Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars have been a life saver this pregnancy, especially when I started following a gestational diabetes diet and monitoring my sugar levels. They are so yummy, only 1.5 carb choices, and I can throw a few in Parker’s diaper when we are on the go. I was also grateful when I found the larger version of the Aladdin Mason Tumbler perfect for around the house and the Aladdin Cafe To Go Water Bottle which fits in the car and stroller cup holder. Staying hydrated has been a little harder now that I don’t sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and am constantly chasing after a toddler.

The Nature Made Prenatal vitamins and the MaryKay suncare lip protector have been used daily just like my last pregnancy. I find my skin is really sensitive when I am pregnant so the lip protector is great at preventing my lips from getting burned. The Nature Made Prenatal vitamins are inexpensive but still have everything I need to help baby girl grow.

I loved following the The Mommy MD Guide book during my last pregnancy and it was a great refresher each week this time around. It is extremely easy to follow and is broken down by week during your entire pregnancy. You can learn what is going on with baby, what is going on with you, and each section has stories from medical professionals during that week.

I would love to here what some of your pregnancy favorites were below!

3rd Trimester To-Do List


As baby girl’s due date gets closer I am slowly getting more and more anxious to get everything ready. Even though we have been through this before and I know that there is very little that has to get done before she arrives, it doesn’t mean I am not going to try to get it all done. Since Rob is in school and we have a toddler this time around, I decided to sit down and make a lengthy list of everything I want to accomplish. The length of the list really helped me put into perspective that even though I could have up to 7 weeks left, there is no time to dilly-dally around. I thought it would be nice to share what was on our list for any new or second times mammas who are thinking of doing the same thing.

A lot of people will tell you that there is no need to finish the nursery before baby arrives, especially if they will be sleeping in your room for awhile. While this is true in theory, try telling that to a nesting pregnant women and see what happens. I can’t speak for others but for me, it’s the excitement of putting everything together and seeing the final product. That makes the pregnancy very real, as if the kicks to the ribs at 2am weren’t real enough. I also like having it all done before hand because after the baby arrives things are crazy for awhile and having that unfinished feeling would just eat away at me. I don’t want to be decorating when i could be cuddling with a new squishy baby and playing with my toddler. Now that my son’s room is 98% complete (1 more project to go) we have turned our focus onto her room, which still needs a bit of work. Once the walls are painted I just need to decorate with all the items I have been collecting over the months that are waiting in her crib.

One thing that is helpful to do early on is wash and organize all the clothing you have received or purchased. Specifically the NB-3 month pieces that you will be using right away. Laundry is the last thing you will want to be doing as soon as you get home from the hospital. I also find that it takes time to figure out the best way to organize everything. This time around I have NB-6 month onesies, sleepers, and pants in drawers organized by size and outfits are hanging in the closet. The 6+ months clothes are separated into bins for the future. By selling Parker’s clothing, which I still have a lot of, I was able to buy a fantastic second-hand wardrobe for baby girl between consignment sales and online yard sales. Some of my favorite pieces are from Janie & Jack and Gap, especially since I got them for $2-$4.

IMG_8102 v2

About 4 weeks before little one’s due date we are going to take a look at our registry and purchase the remaining items that we definitely need. Since this is baby #2, there isn’t all that much we need but it was still nice to create a running list and let people who asked know where we are registered. Most registries send a completion coupon for the items still on your registry a few weeks before your due date so you want to make sure to bring that along to help save a little money! Also, Buy Buy Baby will accept current Bed Bath & Beyond coupons so grab any that you can, 20% can really add up! You can’t use the 10% completion coupon and 20% coupons together but separate the transactions so you can get the 10% off any items after you run out of the 20% coupons. I know Babies R Us/Toys R Us and Target also have completion coupons.

If you are feeling really ambitions or won’t have much help after baby arrives grab some freezer meal ideas off Pinterest and spend the day preparing some meals. These meals will help tremendously when you are recovering and figuring out what life is like with a newborn. Parker would ALWAYS know it was dinner time and want to eat, making it hard for me to cook or even help prepare dinner. We plan to have about 10 meals prepared this time around to store in our chest freezer. We are also going to put together a grocery list of staple items we usually have in the house in case my parents decide to go grocery shopping while we are still in the hospital. You will also want to do an inventory of toilet paper, paper towels, tooth brushes etc and make sure to stock up on these essential items. This is very important if you will have company over those first few weeks you maybe going through everything a little quicker.

It’s is a good idea to take a look at your bills 4 weeks out from your due date and schedule any payments you have online or write any checks you need to. You can schedule online payments and date checks for the due date so the funds are not taken out too early. I did this last time and will definitely be doing it again. I addressed and stamped the checks to keep by the door (I put the mail date on the back of each envelope) and put them in the mail as needed. Any remaining I threw in the mailbox on our way to the hospital. You can also add it to a checklist that you give with your key to the friend or neighbor will be looking after the house.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start interviewing and choosing a pediatrician. If your pediatrician doesn’t have practicing rights at the hospital you deliver at, the in house pediatrician will sign off before leaving the hospital. Usually you have to have an appointment with your pediatrician already scheduled before they will sign off.  We were instructed to call from the hospital after Parker was born and they scheduled an appointment for the day after we got home. It’s a little rough leaving the house so soon, especially when recovering from a CS, but it was nice to have them meet Parker and double check that everything was good. It’s also a chance to ask some questions that come up the first day/night you are home, we had a lot!

Although schedules can be hectic in the last few weeks before baby arrives it’s a really good idea to try and go on a babymoon or at least out to dinner and movie. Babymoons are just a mini vacation before baby arrives. We were able to escape to Cripple Creek Cabins after Rob got home from deployment before Parker was born. If you don’t have time for a weekend getaway or it’s not in the budget, try scheduling a few date nights or a game night with some friends. While we have never felt constricted after becoming parents there are certainly things we enjoy doing that just aren’t regularly possible anymore. This time around we are not able to get away but have been going out for meals and catching a movie every opportunity we can.

Most hospitals, birthing centers, midwives, and even doulas offer birthing and childcare classes. We attend birthing, childcare, and breastfeeding classes that were hosted by our hospital last time. Overall, they were worth the time and gave us some basic knowledge that helped us prepare for birth and the first few weeks of parenthood. This time around our doula is coming over and providing a refresher course in addition to helping us prepare for the VBAC I am planning to have. I did find that the breastfeeding class was the least helpful because it is extremely hard to prepare for an experience that is different for every mother and child. I still think it is helpful to attend one to learn some tips and walk about with a few resources, it will be really important to have the contact information for someone to call after the baby is born to ask individual questions and possibly schedule one on one sessions.

It’s not too late to get some maternity photos taken and schedule someone to do birth photography and newborn photos. I wasn’t 100% happy with the way I looked towards the end of my pregnancy but I am so happy we had them done. The birth photography is the perfect way to help remember the experience because our bodies make us forget (so we are willing to have more!). A lot of photographers will do a discount if you book multiple sessions at once. This time around a friend is taking our maternity photos in Annapolis and newborn photos the first week. Our doula is also going to be our birth photographer. I like to look on Pinterest to collect ideas for the photographers for what poses I would like to do. This time around baby girl is gonna have a shot in her Audrey cloth diaper and a set of pearls, a Thirty-One bag, and hopefully a strawberry outfit if I can find one.


Last time around I wanted to make something nice for all the nursers that would be helping me throughout the labor, delivery, and recovery process. I decided to make cookies and give a plate to each group along the way. I spent the day making cookies that I had planned to put in the freezer until we got closer to Parker’s due date. He had his own opinion of that and my water broke the next morning at 4:30AM. Everyone still got their cookies but they were in plastic bags instead of nicely plated with a thank you note attached. This time around I think I will either make them a few weeks earlier or plate them after making them so they are ready to go.

It’s also a good idea to get a head start on any thank you notes you will need to write in the first few weeks. I know it’s not possible to thank people ahead of time but you can make/purchase the cards. You can also purchase and label the envelopes with your return address and stamp. That way you can add a few cards to your nap-jail bag and write them when you are stuck for a few hours with nothing else to do. Everyone usually understands a new mamma has her hands full but I know I felt better if I was sending them out as I was receiving gifts. I also take photos of gifts I get when I open them to help me remember later who gave what.

It’s really helpful to have a “trial run” of what will happen when you go into labor. How to get there, where to park, and what desks you need to stop at. Most hospitals and birthing centers provide tours where you will learn that process and see a room. If you are planning a homebirth it’s a good idea to have the midwife come and walk through what room you will be using and where all of the equipment will go. It’s hard to be fully prepared when the time comes but this is one area where you can be prepared to help take a little stress off. If you live in a high volume area, you may also want to take a few test drives to see how traffic is and what alternate routes you can take. We are going to have to travel around morning and evening rush hour this time around which either means heading there and laboring in the parking lot for a while or risk not making it there on time. I know, wishful thinking for a quick labor but I would rather not need Rob to pull over and have her on the side of the road.

Ask your OB if there is paperwork you need to fill out to pre-register at the hospital or birthing center. In our case, you are suppose to complete your pre-registration 60 days before your due date. This will really help speed along the check-in process when the time comes. You also may be able to download the necessary forms to get the babies birth certificate done while in the hospital when you pre-register . Last time I filled out a form ahead of time and brought along a check. The day after Parker was born a woman came to collect both and the next day she returned with the official form for us to review and sign. A few weeks later we got his birth certificate and social security card in the mail. It was a great service and one less thing I needed to worry about in the first few weeks.

You will often hear about people writing out their birth goals, there are even a variety of books you can purchase off Amazon to help you write your list. The best tip  was  given was to keep it simple. No L&D nurse or doctor will have the time to review a 5 page document. Their job is to ensure a safe delivery for baby and mamma while keeping in mind the mother’s wishes. Some things I focus on for my birth plan is who will be allowed in the room, pain meds, preferred positions to labor in, and use of instruments to get the baby out. I make sure to discuss these goals with my OB/midwife, doula, and my husband extensively since he will be my main supporter. It’s important to remember that you will need to keep reminding the staff of your wishes as a longer labor could mean a shift change. Stay strong and don’t let anyone pressure you into a decision you are not comfortable with. One of the biggest pieces of advice I have is to keep an open mind as your birth plan may not go perfectly. The most important thing is that  you and your baby are healthy after delivery.

Since I am trying for a VBAC this time around I researched some natural induction techniques to help get this labor going as soon as my body is ready. After talking with my midwife and doula I decided to start taking Evening Primrose Oil at 36 weeks and visit an acupuncturist around 37 weeks. Iv’e been seeing a chiropractor this entire pregnancy but many women start going in their 3rd trimester for adjustments. I will also be baking cookies around 38 weeks since that worked last time! While none of these are proven to help, your body will go into labor when it’s ready, I don’t think it hurts to try. It’s also a good time to get a prenatal massage if you haven’t had one yet.

Aside from the nursery, one of my favorites things about Parker’s pregnancy was putting together the hospital bags. It really made everything seem so real and the added comfort of knowing the end was near. I shared what was in our bag and a critique afterwards of what worked, what didn’t, and what was missing. I am slowly putting together a list and plan to have almost everything packed 4 weeks out. I can’t wait to share what we are packing and how we are packing this time. I’ve learned a lot between then and now! I will also be sharing some helpful items I plan to have on hand for when we return from the hospital.

In addition to packing your hospital bags you may need to make some additional arrangements if you have pets or kids. Unfortunately, most of the time, labor is unpredictable. About 4 weeks out we plan to give some friends who live close our house key. That way they can stop by to feed the cats, check on the house, and bring in the mail if needed. As far as Parker goes, it really is just going to depend on the day and time I go into labor. We have talked with Parker’s daycare teacher, my parents, and close friends about some options so they have a heads up. We have a tentative game plan if I go into labor in the evening/middle of the night, weekend, and during the day. I have found it’s best to have a few different plans and make sure everyone who is involved has a heads up. Other than that, all you can do is wait and see what happens. Regardless, I have started putting together a document that includes emergency numbers, some of Parker’s favorite foods, his daily routine, things he shouldn’t or cannot eat, some quirks he has, and some of his favorite things to do or watch.

And for anyone who likes physical checklists, here ya go!


Gender Prediction Tests

I can still remember my heart skipping a beat when I read the positive pregnancy test for Parker and for baby girl. Both were rather unexpected which made the moment very surreal. Rob was actually in the bedroom both times and while he loved being there in that moment, I still wish I could have surprised him.

With Parker, once we found out we were pregnant that was all we would know until he was born. I loved being team green and could have gone that route again but Rob really wanted to know the gender. I decided to go with it and we learned that we were expecting a baby girl the evening of our anatomy scan at home together as a family. One thing that convinced me to find out the gender this time was all the fun I could have with the nursery and doing some of the gender prediction tests I had watched people do during my last pregnancy.

I had gone back and forth on whether I wanted to do them before or after we found out. I know the whole purpose is to give you an idea well before the 20 week anatomy scan but I wasn’t sure if the results would impact the moment I found out for sure. I decided to do the tests after we found out so I could also report on their accuracy.

There were some I already knew the answer too because they are pretty common gender prediction questions.

I also searched Google and Pinterest to find a few others I could do at home. I just needed some Baking Soda, Drano, red cabbage, and a few clear cups.
This one is simple and very straight forward. I am not sure how accurate it is and would love to know what the result was for someone having a boy. It’s hard to believe that this mixture wouldn’t produce fizz.
This is the only test I would strong recommend you have someone else do, preferably outside. There is no need for you to expose yourself to unnecessary chemicals. Luckily, my hubby is a trooper and gladly helped me with this test on the deck. It looks more clear in the photo but definitely had a green tint to it.

My sweet husband stepped in and helped with this test as well. I don’t buy or eat red cabbage so I was a little taken aback by the smell and couldn’t imagine it cooked.

Although these are meant to be fun and hold no definitive answers I was impressed with the results. Out of the 11 tests we did 2 came back boy, 8 girl and 1 boy/girl. While I wouldn’t go decorating the nursery with pink and purple until an ultrasound, it’s a fun way to get excited and either get a huge surprise or confirm what the tests say.
If you decided to do a few of these on your own I would LOVE it if you could report back and let me know what you got! 🙂

Weekly Bump Pictures With Cricut

I loved documenting my pregnancy with Parker through weekly photos. It was a great way to watch my progress and now that I am on round #2, it’s great to look back to see what is different, what is the same, and what I should expect to see coming up!
I kept hearing that I wouldn’t have time to do this again with a toddler around but I have made it a priority and so far so good. I know I won’t get every week but if I get the majority that will be enough for a good timeline. You can check out my weekly updates, 12  |  13  |  14  |  15  |  16  |  17  |  18  | 
This time I decided to share which Cricut cartridges I used 
13 Weeks – Library Fonts & 50 States  |  14 Weeks – Library Fonts and custom made image

16 Weeks – Library Fonts  |  17 Weeks – Storybook Font

18 Weeks – Library Fonts & A Child’s Year  |  20 Weeks – Library Fonts & Simply Charmed

My Crafting Attic

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