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Babymoon/Anniversary Weekend

Since Rob and were not together on our anniversary, we decided to take a trip when he got home. Early in my pregnancy, I started hearing women talking about taking babymoon’s with their husbands before their LO’s (little ones) arrived. I thought it was a brilliant idea! Rob has always been the vacation planner out of the two of us so he started researching trips. We knew I would be in my 8th month and 3rd trimester when he got home which ruled out a cruise and flying (because of comfort). 
We decided on a cabin in Crockeet Virgina at a place called Cripple Creek Cabins. It has gotten excellent reviews and was exactly what we were looking for. 
On our way down, we found a cute consignment store and purchased a ton of outfits for Peanut (both boy and girl clothing). The prices were amazing and quality was great. 
When we got there we were welcomed by stray kitties, freshly baked cookies and a warm hello from the owner. He walked us through the amenities and then took us to our cabin for a tour. 
The view from our cabin. 

As part of the baby moon package, we were also welcomed with a  fresh plate of chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider. They were delicious and we enjoyed them while using the Jacuzzi tub! 

In the mornings we called and said, “we are ready for breakfast”. About 30 minutes later there was a knock at our door. Outside we would find a cooler, warming back and large Tupperware container. Inside the cooler was juice and condiments. For breakfast we had french toast and eggs one day and egg casserole and muffins the next.

There was a fridge with beverages and a microwave in the room. We decided to cook out one night and went to the store and got steak, corn, onions & peppers, garlic bread and salad. They gave us steak knives and grilling utensils to use. It was very yummy!!!

Like some of the other Bed & Breakfast places we have been to, this one had a journal where you could write about your experiences for other visitors to read. 

Birth Photographer

Now before you jump to conclusions, give me a chance to explain :o)

While on one of my Mommy forums, the topic of birth photography came up. I had never heard of it and Rob and I really hadn’t talked about it yet. I did a little digging around and came across Heather Bee Photography. She is just like many other photographers who focus on weddings, engagements, maternity and portraits. She also offered another service called birth stories.

I can’t really put into words what birth photography is better than that. This isn’t about documenting the gross and vivid things people (men and women) often relate childbirth to. This is about documenting the minutes or hours leading up to the birth of a child. This is about the interaction between the parents, the down time, the teamwork, and most importantly, the moment when the parents get to say hello to their little one for the first time. She is there before, throughout and after the birth silently documenting the entire experience with an artistic, documentary and tasteful style. I don’t know what it will be like to give birth, but I don’t want to ever forget a minute of it, no matter how long or painful it will be. To be able to look back on photos and see Rob and my face the first moment we see are little one and find out if it is a boy and girl will be priceless.

I met with Heather this past week and got to know her. She is amazing and so comfortable to talk with. I knew right away this was the right decision. It’s comforting to know that Rob will be able to focus with me and not worry about having to take any photographs before or after. After the birth, she makes a slideshow to music for us to share with friends and family. We are able to approve the pictures before she publishes it which I like. We get a CD with the images and the rights to print them.

Of course, this isn’t like a wedding where we can provide the date and time. Heather will be “on call” two weeks prior and one week after our EDD. We keep in touch with her anytime anything starts to happen. She stays throughout the entire labor, no matter how long it is, and 1-2 hours after to get pictures of the parents and baby together. For us, the tricky part is that our EDD is right in the middle of wedding season. Since she books weddings for a specific date and time, she works around them for births. If a birth happens to occur during a wedding and she cannot make it, we get our deposit back so there isn’t really a risk. I have already started giving Peanut the pep talk that Mon-Thur will be the most convenient for everyone 😉