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Jamming with my Jamberry Nails in NYC

jamberry nails shileds

This post is sponsored by Mary Myer, a Lead Consultant with Jamberry Nails. I was provided with a free sheet of Jamberry Nails to help conduct a review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own and I do not recommend products I do not use myself.

There are many things I love about being a Mother and a Stay-At-Home Mom. Watching Parker grow each day, taking care of the home, and getting a little crafting in during nap time is what I have always wanted to do. The hard part is finding the time, excuse, and energy to work on my appearance. Most mornings I barley have enough time to jump out of bed, throw on a tank with some yoga pants, and splash a little water on my face. Now that Parker is older and we have a baby girl on the way, I wanted to start making an attempt. Since I can’t add more hours to the day, I need quick and easy solutions that give me the biggest bang for my buck. It’s amazing what a few colored tops, a set of cheap pearls and a few MaryKay products have done so far.  I still missed my manicures and pedicures though. With a family, it’s not in the budget and attempting at home is simply hilarious.

Recently my good friend Jen, over at All Four Love, told me about a new product called Jamberry Nail Wraps and how much she LOVED them. Jamberry Nail Wraps launched in 2010 by three sisters who wanted to find a cheap and effective way for their nails to look polished. Jamberry Nail Wraps are made in the USA, contain no harsh chemicals, are non-toxic as well as formaldehyde and latex free. They can be used on artificial nails, won’t damage your natural nail, have no drying time and will not chip. There are also over 300 different designs for the perfect occasion. My favorite feature is that they are safe during pregnancy. Now I can get a professional and polished look without inhaling harsh salon chemicals.

What You Need

The timing was great as Jen and I were headed to NYC to attend Blogger Bash and I wanted to look my best! I chose the solid Tempest so it would coordinate with all of my outfits for the conference and when I got back home. I gathered up the above supplies and spread out at the kitchen table with my iPad. Although they come with instructions, I wanted to watch a video on how to apply them so that I did a good job.


It took me about an hour to complete my manicure which I decided to tackle after Parker went to bed. I would have loved to do a pedicure as well but my pregnant belly was slightly in the way! The video made it really easy to follow the steps and by the second hand I had really gotten into the groove.


After prepping your nails by removing any previous polish you can start wrapping those nails. It took me a little while to find the best process for me but these were the steps that worked best.

1. Hold the sheet of wraps over your nail to determine the best fit. You want the fit to be smaller, not larger than your nail. It won’t work as effectively if part of the wrap is touching the skin.

2. Use your tweezers to pull up the correct wrap and cut the appropriate length. This allows you to use the remaining piece for another nail.

3. Using your hairdryer, heat up the wrap until it seems soft, usually a few seconds.

4. Place the nail wrap on your nail and use your cuticle stick to smooth it out and remove any air bubbles.

5. Using the hair dryer again apply heat while pushing down around your nail in an outward motion from the middle.

6. Cut off and file any excess wrap.

IMG_7765 v2

I loved the way they turned out! While the wraps are more expensive than a bottle of nail polish, they last longer, are safer to use and look more polished. I am excited to make my first purchase and start getting a little creative with how I mix and match the designs. During the conference I received so many compliments and it really helped my confidence.

Jamberry Nail Wraps offer a variety of popular designs to fit your needs. Each sheet is $15 and is enough to do 2-3 manicures and pedicures depending on your nails. You also get 1 sheet for free when you purchase 3 so you can mix and match designs and solid colors. If you like keeping your look new and fresh you can sign up for the monthly Style Box by Jamberry. For $25 a month you will receive a box each month filled with at least $30 worth of Jamberry products, nail file, Orange Stick, and monthly style guide.

Searching for a Jamberry Consulatant? Contact Mary Myer for any questions, to host a Facebook party or submit an order through EMAIL, FACEBOOK or her WEBSITE today! Unsure if you are ready to take the plunge, simply complete this form to receive a free sample to test out!


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Loving Our Lovable Labels Back to School Pack & Giveaway

I received a pack of back to school labels from Lovable Labels to help conduct this review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own and never recommend a product I do not use myself.
Last year I shared our experience with the Lovable Labels Back to School Packs for Parker. We have been loving them so much over the last year I was thrilled when the opportunity came around to review a set in an adorable design for baby girl. With two kids around it will certainly help with keeping everything and everyone organized.

Lovable Features

Lovable Labels are dishwasher, microwave, washer, and dryer safe

They are also UV resistant and waterproof.

Back To School Packs include over 165 different labels to fit all of your labeling needs.

With over 21 designs/colors and 45 icons there is something for everyone.

Perfect for daycare, summer camp, school items and to keep everything in the house organized.

Save in July with FREE shipping to the US and Canada (ends July 31, 2014)

Save $5 off Back to School packs when you purchase in July (ends July 31, 2014)

The Back To School Packs have a label for just about any need no matter how small the item is. We picked the Whoo Am I? design for baby girl. They came out adorable and I was so excited to get a few of the things we have found for her out and label away. Since we haven’t revealed her name yet, I did a little editing in Photoshop to keep the name a secret for a little longer. 🙂
All of the labels come in a booklet that is perfect size to keep in the diaper bag.
The Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS comes in three different sizes so they are perfect for clothing, bibs and lovies. The directions page in the back of the label packet provides detailed instructions so you can secure them correctly and never worry about them falling off!
The Mini Metal Tags are great to hang off any bag to help identify yours from anyone else.
The shoes labels fit perfectly inside the heal of even the tiniest shoes (3-6 months pictured here). The Slimline labels are perfect for small surfaces like toys, bottles and sippy cups.
The last page of the label booklet provides detailed instructions on how to secure each label to your items. It’s a great way to ensure proper application and never having to worry about loosing your label, or your item!

Check something off your back to school to-do list and SAVE by purchasing your Back to School Pack for only $39.95 with free shipping ONLY IN JULY (ends July 31, 2014).

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Lovable Giveaway

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oogiebear Review & Giveaway

One of the hardest things about being a parent is when you child is sick. Especially at a young age, they can’t really communicate what is hurting them. Lots of time is spent cuddling, breathing in warm mist from hot running water, and removing boogies. It isn’t glamorous but is a necessity to help a sick little one breathe a little easier.

Nothing has really phased me much but Rob hasn’t been so lucky. He can’t seem to handle the boogies very well. We’ve tried a few products and they either can’t get the job done or make Rob more grossed out. He was ecstatic when we came across a table at The Biggest Baby Shower that was showcasing their new product, the oogiebear.

oogiebear is the first mucus removal tool that safely and gently removes both sticky and dried mucus from a sick child’s nostrils. The creator, Nina Farzin, a Mother of 3 and practicing pharmacist for over 20 years wanted to develop something effective to remove unwanted boogies while keeping comfort in mind.

oogiebear has both a a soft flexible loop for removing sticky mucus and a contoured scoop to gently and safely remove dried mucus. The cute bear head on each end doesn’t only look cute, but also prevents parents from going to deep into the nostril. It is also latex, BPA and PVC free which makes this mamma very happy.

One of the best features of the oogiebear is it’s easy to clean design. There are no aspirator bulbs or suction tubes to clean and you always know when all of the boogies have been washed away.
Parker wasn’t so sure about it at first so we had him lay down on the changing table. Still giving a pouty lip we went ahead and tried it.
Before long he was giggling because it tickled. Now he gets a little excited when he sees it and leans in to make it easier.
You can purchase your own oogiebear on their website for $7.50. It is certainly a must have for any expecting or new parents and makes a fantastic gift! Don’t forget to follow oogiebear on Facebook and Twitter for their latest news and promotions.

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Scooting Around Annapolis: Joovy 2014 Scooter Review #JoovyScooter

Since Rob returned from his last deployment we have been very lucky to spend some quality time as a family until he starts Marine Corp Command and Staff College in a few weeks. Most recently, we took a trip to Annapolis to show Parker around the US Naval Academy.

It was the perfect time to try out our new Joovy Scooter we received for review. Whenever we take day trips I like to be as prepared as possible and having a reliable stroller with a few bells and whistles always make the trip nicer. After using the Scooter around Annapolis I picked out 10 of our favorite features about that are definitely worth mentioning to anyone who is in the market for a single stroller.

Hands down one of my favorite features about all Joovy strollers are their amazing canopies. The accordion design allows you to choose how much coverage your little one needs. The canopy on the Scooter certainly did not disappoint and was great on our hot sunny day.

Rob loved the adjustable handlebar which made for a more comfortable ride when he was pushing Parker around. The Scooter has 10 different handlebar positions ranging from 29″ to 41.75″ high which you can adjust in seconds making it easy to switch back and forth. As you can see, it also helps with an independent toddler who insists on pushing his own stroller.

I love a stroller that gives me a spot for all of my essential items which usually entails my phone, keys, wallet, and water. The parent organizer zipper pocket is the perfect size for keeping my wallet, keys and phone is a secure place that is easily accessible. The attached mesh cup holder is also a great place to keep a bottle of water or a zippy cup for easy access. There is also a plastic cup holder that attaches to the side of the stroller for a second beverage.

One of the first things I look for in a stroller are the safety features, specifically the harness. The Scooter has a 5-point harness that can easily be adjusted to a 3-point harness when your little one is older. The Scooter also has a bumper bar that Parker just loved to hold on to while he people watched.

There are two mesh pockets on the inside of the seat for a sippy or toys that can be reaches easily by a little one. Parker really enjoys being able to put his own sippy cup away and taking it back out whenever he wants!

Storage on a stroller is extremely important to me since I usually pack a lot. On long day trips that includes water, snacks, and extra clothing in additional to the usual diaper bag items. The Scooter undercarriage gave us plenty of room for two coolers to hold lunch for three of us, water for the day and snacks to keep our hungry hippo happy. We used the Thirty-One Single Thermal Cooler and the Thermal Tote which both fit perfectly underneath with room for our Becco Butterfly and our Skip Hop Safety Harness in case Parker wanted to get out and walk.

One of the hardest parts of being out all day is nap time. We are really lucky to have an awesome napper, even at age two. While he is pretty flexible and can handle a missed nap here and there, I still like to give him the option. The Scooter has two features that make it a little easy for Parker to get comfortable and take a nap while out. The seat has an easy recline latch that allows you to pick the exact position all the way down to a 149° recline. The other unique feature is a two position footrest that attaches to the lapbar so little one can stretch their legs all the way out.

The Scooter has swivel lock front wheels and sealed bearings on all four wheels allow for great handling and easier pushing. The one-step linked parking brake makes it easy to lock quickly. So easy that it took my toddler just a few minutes to figure it out himself.

One thing I never thought to check with a stroller when Rob and I first started searching two years ago was their balance. There are tons of strollers out there but most don’t have a large enough basket underneath to hold everything you would need for an entire day. That’s when diaper bags like our Diaper Dude come in handy because they clip right on to the stroller’s handlebars. There is just one problem… If the stroller isn’t balanced, as soon as the child gets out of the stroller it tips over. The Scooter had great balance and Parker was able to get in and out without the stroller tipping over, or even being close to.

There is nothing worse than struggling to open or close a stroller in the parking lot while wrangling little ones. The Scooter has a quick trigger fold and a carry handle on the seat to easily put it in the car. I love how this stroller is designed so that it never needs to hit the ground when folding or unfolding it. The Scooter can stand on its own when folded and is very compact given it’s comfortable size when open.

Thanks to the Joovy Scooter I had a fantastic time walking around Annapolis. This was certainly the perfect stroller to bring on a long day trip in a fairly crowded area with small sidewalks. I am really looking forward to our next family outing which will hopefully be in DC to celebrate the 4th!

You can purchase a Joovy Scooter for $299.99 in a variety of colors including blueberry, purpleness, black and charcoal. You can also purchase a Scooter Car Seat Adapter that is compatiable with the Chicco® KeyFit 30, Graco® SnugRide® Classic Connect 35, Peg Perego® Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 for $34.99. Or the Scooter Tray for $29.99. 

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Nuby Travel Set Review

I quickly learned that once Parker started eating table food it was really important to add travel silverware to our diaper bag. While he could manage with normal silverware in a pinch, it’s much easier to have something his own size. They Nuby Travel Set is the perfect solution for on-the-go families. 

The set comes with 4 forks and 4 spoons that fit in a carrying case for about $6 and can be purchased at Amazon, buybabydirectcookieskidsidealbabyRoss Dress for Less, and TJ Maxx. 

Each have small handles and wide bases, perfect for small toddler hands and hungry bellies.
My favorite part is the multipurpose carrying case they come in. It keeps the utensils sanitized, diaper bag clean and can even serve as a snack holder in a pinch. 

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PeaPod Plus Travel Tent {Review}

I mentioned in my Disney With A Toddler Packing List post, we were not sure if we would be able to get a pack n’ play for our room in Disney. While we could have managed with Parker on the bed with us, I knew I wouldn’t sleep well being pregnant. We also wanted to have something for our overnight stay on the Amtrak Auto Train. I searched the internet for ideas and came across the Kid Co Pea Pod Plus.

I was already familiar with Kid Co after purchasing their Go Pod at a local consignment sale. We loved it so much it made our 9 month favorite products list. Definitely something I would consider bringing if you have an infant who isn’t walking yet. It’s a great way to keep them entertained when you need two hands and don’t want then crawling on the hotel floor.

I was thrilled when Kid Co agreed to work with me on a review of their Pea Pod Plus. Since it is rated for children ages 1-5, I knew we would be able to get good use out of it for several years. We decided on the Kiwi color and I was so excited to get it in the mail to try it out.

The Pea Pod Plus is a convenient travel bed that allows children to relax in style. The lightweight mesh surrounding keeps out unwanted bugs while allowing adequate air flow. To help facilitate nap time or to keep wind out, effortless zipper planes cover the mesh on all sides. The shell provides UV protection keeping your child’s sensitive skin safe. The Micro-Lite sleeping pad is secured in a separate compartment under the tent to safely provide cushion while easily accessible for cleaning.

The Pea Pod Plus also comes equipped with anchoring straps for those extra winding days.

My absolute favorite feature of the Pea Pod Plus is it’s compact travel size. Small enough to throw over your shoulder or pack away in your luggage.

The Pea Pod Plus can be purchased on Amazon Prime for $95.95.

We didn’t end up needing to use it on the train or in our room however, Parker really liked taking naps inside with all of his friends. Since we were on vacation, I gladly obliged.

And since this is about Disney, I though a behind the scenes shot would be appropriate. This is what life as a blogger usually looks like. Even on vacation I am staging shots for product reviews and posts.