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2014 Goals

I just love the beginning of a new year and the fresh start it brings. I always feel like I can accomplish anything and pretty much indestructible. My ambitious goals get the better of me mid summer and the rest of the year is just a game of keeping my head above water. I would sometimes jot down a few things I wanted to accomplish but never really developed goals and resolutions. Last year I decided to really start writing out goals to help manage and accomplish them a little better.

It would be cheating if I jumped right into our 2014 goals without reflecting on the ones we had last year. Since it was my first year actually writing out goals I will chalk my success to being slightly naive. That and Rob’s unplanned deployment. You can read the full post here.

This section was a complete flop. While I did make some goals that were manageable and measurable, I just didn’t follow through. While I can honestly say part of that was Rob’s deployment, I certainly can’t blame my entire lack of progress on that. At the same time, other goals were just unrealistic. My biggest health related accomplishment was participating in the Color Run.

Our family was incomplete for part of the year but we did make the best of what we had. Date nights were not weekly as hoped but the ones we had were a lot of fun. We had to reschedule Disney for January 2014 because of Robs deployment. I didn’t count the exact number of items donated but we certainly reached 2,013. 

This category was very successful. We painted his room, threw him an awesome birthday party, found a nighttime routine and took him to swim classes. The only thing I didn’t get to was making a growth chart for him. I think that will start on his 2nd birthday.

Manager of The Meyer Home
I am pleased with the two things I accomplished here. I made a pretty comprehensive yet realistic cleaning checklist. I also changed out all of our cleaning agents with safe and more natural ones (posts here).

With everything else going on I didn’t manage to get any of the other items below done. You’ll see them again with a list revamping in our 2014 goals below. I am most excited about getting together a house binder, backing up all of my documents and getting ride of our 4 drawer filing cabinet.

Nope, didn’t stick to a monthly budget or keep track to see if we saved money coupons. You’ll see these again in our 2014 goals with a lot of revamping.

Updates Around The House
While Rob was deployed I facilitated every room in the house getting painted. Even though I didn’t do it myself, it was a lot of work. I also changed out all of the lights, mirrors, door knobs, outlets, switches and plates around the house from gold to silver.

I did finish our laundry room (here), Parker’s room (here) and several things around the kitchen (herehereherehere, and here).

Memory Keeper
So embarrassed about this section. I didn’t manage to get anything done :/ I’ll be reevaluating theses for next year and picking the most important ones.

Personal Development/Cherry Blossom Love
Nope, didn’t read any books or looked at a newspaper. I did attend a blog conference and hosted several giveaways throughout the year though.

Overall, I do have to pat myself on the back. I managed to get a lot accomplished even as a single mom for a few months. If nothing else, I really learned alot about myself as a SAHM and living a life with a child.

Now that I have taken some time to reflect on my 2013 goals, I am in a much better place to figure out what I want to achieve this year. Looking back I realized that there were too many goals to possibly achieve especially with a deployment in there. Knowing that we have another one coming up this year, I want to focus on the quality of my goals this year not quantity. I also wanted to take the time to make sure that I keep them as SMART as possible. I first learned about SMART goals when I was in graduate school. Who would have thought I would find a purpose for them outside of the work place?!?

Family                                                                                                                                  .
Date Nights
Even though we are now parents, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have adult time. This year I want to spend time each week on a date with Rob. For the most part that will be a Redbox movie on the couch with a yummy homemade treat. I would love on a monthly basis to get out and go to dinner and a movie. My local SAHM group created a baby-share point based system that will allow us to do this without needing to pay a sitter. A responsible adult sitter for free? Winner over here!

Bad Language
I am embarrassed to say but this is a problem in our house. Parker is now starting to imitate us so this bad habit needs to change. I will be creating a “potty mouth jar” that Rob and I will be using to help stop our bad habits before Parker can learn them.

Weekends = Family Time
I need to start thinking of my blog, Etsy Shop, Thirty-One and MaryKay as my business(es). Most people don’t work 7 days a week and if they do, it’s not a regular thing. Aside from drill weekends and naptime I want to focus on spending time with Rob and Parker instead of glued to a computer screen. It took this last deployment to realize how precious that time is.

Parker                                                                                                                                  .
Retire Pacifier
Parker has pretty much transitioned himself off the pacifier except for sleeping and long car rides.

Prepare for Potty Training
I don’t believe pushing a child into potty training does any good so I am not in any rush for this. I do want to start research on different products, books and methods so that I have an idea of what we want when the time comes and Parker starts showing an interest.

2nd Birthday Bash
Except this year I am going to cater the food and cake so I can spend more time enjoying the party!

Luckily, this blog has kept me up to date with Parker’s monthly updates, photos, and milestones. Now I just need to sit down and actually put together his 1 year book and get up to date with his 2nd year. I want to have his 1st and 2nd year books done by July 1, 2014.

Home                                                                                                                                  .
Home Updates
Now that the house is painted I can begin to finish decorating each room in the house. To make it easy and affordable to achieve, I want to focus on a different room each month. I have been slowly collecting

Rob really wants to plant an actual garden this year with cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, raspberries and spices. He wants to take the lead on this and I am not standing in his way!

Sell/Donate 2,014 Items
Sadly, this is possible even after donating so much last year. This year I hope to focus on donating anything in my closet that doesn’t fit or doesn’t make sense with my SAHM lifestyle. I also need to weed through my craft room and get ride of items that I haven’t used since school.

Financial                                                                                                                              .
Realistic Budget
Overall, we stay in our budget each month but can definitely make smarter choices to save more. This is mostly true for our food budget and eating out. In the past I have set aside $50 a week for groceries. Let’s face it, $50 a week for a family of three just isn’t possible. Perhaps if I couponed my brains out but I just don’t have time for that. I want to set a realistic goal factoring in less meals out. By shopping more store brands and searching for specific coupons we need each week we can save money with a lot less work.

Decrease Utility Bills
I want to get in the habit of shutting off the water and lights when I don’t need them. I am so bad at this right now and I know that every little bit does add up.

Administrative Day
I really need a morning once a week to balance the budget, pay bills, and get all of our home administrative tasks done. If I set aside a specific day once a week for this I will be able to stay on top of  filing things, scanning receipts into our NeatReceipt scanner, putting together a menu/grocery list, and any other admin related items.

Personal                                                                                                                             .
Read the Hunger Games Series
It takes a lot of effort to sit down and read a book. There is always so many other things I can be doing. Especially since it takes me so long to read. My sister and I went to see Catching Fire and she really encouraged me to read the book. I decided to start from the beginning to read the whole series.

Healthier Habits
I am not going to set a specific number of pounds I want to lose this year. Instead I want to focus on some actual things that will help me learn better habits which will result in weight loss.
   – Complete the Advocare 24-day challenge (Started 1/3)
   – Complete the T25 challenge (Started 1/2)
   – Follow WW online after the 24-day challenge is over
   – Stop putting everything before taking care of myself

Get in Front of the Camera
Because I am so unhappy with my appearance, I always find myself behind the camera recording Parker’s life, milestones and accomplishments. I am so disappointed in the lack of pictures I have with my baby boy. He is my whole life and I know I am his even though he can’t articulate that aside from his broke “I love you”, which is to die for I might add.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Looking over these I am excited for the new year and ready to take on some new challenges. As I am writing this Rob and I are on day 2 of the Advocare Cleanse and day 3 of T25. I am hungry, would kill for some french fries and am sore head to toe. At the same time, I am really proud of myself already and it’s only January 4th!

So what do you think? Too ambitious? What are some resolutions or goals you have for the 2014 year?


2013 Resolutions & Goals – Monthly Challenge

As we approach the end of one year and the beginning of another, I can’t help but think of all the things I want to accomplish. I have always loved January 1st because it feels like a clean slate. Normally, I write a half a** list of things I want to accomplish on a piece of paper that I end up losing before the end of January. Since blogging has become a part of my every day life, I thought this would be the perfect avenue to organize my thoughts and create one ambitious and amazing resolution list for 2013!

Health – This year, on June 26th, I will turn 30 years old. I have been actively trying to lose weight since the beginning of November. I go to the gym about 5 days a week, follow my WW points and try to make the best decision possible. Come January 1st, I am stepping it into high gear because I want to be in the 130’s by the time I am 30. I know it is pretty ambitious since that is roughly 78 pounds. To help with this, I have two other goals. After looking at the number of times we have eaten McDonalds this month along, I am pretty much sick to my stomach. I just love it so much. I have to be realistic and so I am hoping to dwindle fast food down to once a week the first half of the year and then once a month in the second half of the year. In a nutshell, here is what I hope to accomplish.

– Lose 68-78 lbs
– Develop a meal planning system on a monthly basis
– Limit fast food to once a week max (Jan – June) and twice a month (June-December) – Baby steps!
– No more Diet Soda (Yikes!)
– Research and make changes to food products that can be harmful.
– Follow WW weekly by tracking, following the healthy guidelines and exercising 5 days a week
– Run a 5k

Manager of The Meyer Home – As the SAHM, I am responsible for managing the house. This includes maintaining our budget and keeping a clean house. While this may seem like two fairly simple tasks, they are made up of many individual responsibilities. I have to pay the bills, make sure we are staying within our budget, clean the house, look after P, schedule appointments, grocery shop, cook (sometimes), do the laundry and more. Breaking it down, these are the tangible items I can do to help maintain our home.

– Finish developing a comprehensive cleaning checklist
– Create a house binder with all information, lists contact number etc…
– Back up all pictures, documents and files
– Organize file cabinet and go electronic using our NeatReceipt
– Clean out and reorganize my email

Updates Around The House – Since we had to move into the new house rather quickly and right before the holidays, Rob and I decided the first priority was unpacking and decorating. We figured we would paint and really organize each room one by one when we had the chance. In order to hold us accountable, I decided to task ourselves to work on 1 room a month so that we would be done by 2014. You can read more about my plans for the house over at My Crafting Attic!

– Entry Way
– Living Room
– Laundry Room
– Garage
– Dining Room
– Kitchen
– Guest Room
– P’s Room
– Master Bedroom
– My closet
– Guest Bathroom
– Art Room

Memory Keeper – As the crafter, mom and woman of the house, the task of keeping memories naturally falls to me. I of course don’t mind this one bit 🙂 It can be a daunting task of taking, uploading and organizing pictures monthly. But again, a task I don’t mind! These are a few of the projects I would love to complete this year.

– Finish our wedding planning binder
– Finish the baby planning/education binder
– Finish P’s first digital scrapbook (maternity, birth and newborn)
– Order our 2012 blog book
– Create a scrapbook for Alice
– Update Flip Flops scrapbook
– Do our 2010 and 2011 scrapbook… Seriously, this is why I need these lists every year!

Personal Development/Blogging/Etsy – Most people probably don’t understand this new blogging obsession of mine. If asked, I probably couldn’t fully articulate it anyway. It has become my way of still contributing to the world, helping others and reflecting on this new life of mine all at the same time. I started out just wanting to keep friends and family updated on my pregnancy but it has slowly turned into something more. These are a few of the things I will be burning the midnight oil on while my boys are dreaming of sugar plums.

– Complete Craftsy course in photography
– Complete Red Velvet Blog Love E-Course
– Get some organizational printables and subway art up on Etsy
– Follow through on my Monthly Challenge & Tipful Thursday Link Ups and Wedding Wednesday Series.


Looking at this now, it does seem rather ambitious. I guess that is the way it is suppose to be. I think if I stay organized and focused I can achieve all of the above. The most important thing to remember is that my family comes first and if at the end of the year we are still happy and healthy, if I achieved nothing else on this list, I was still successful. I can’t wait to keep you updated over the next 12 months and share my successes  additions, changes and difficulties with my 2013 resolution list. 

This months challenge is creating SMART resolutions & goals! What are some of your resolutions and goals this year? How will you achieve them? What do you think will be easy and what will be difficult along the way? Please make sure to upload a direct link to a new and relevant post.

Two Thousand Twelve

This post is coming a little late but I guess it’s better than never! I have some very ambitious goals for 2012 that involved organizing our house to help organize our lives a little more. We plan to start these projects in April and get everything done by June 15th. Enough time to relax and begin to enjoy before Peanut comes!

Goal Number One
Donate 2,012 items. While this is a huge number, sadly, it will be possible. Ever since I got pregnant, I have been in a nesting phase which will include a severe “Spring Cleaning” of our house. Boxes have already shown up on each floor and contain quite a few items. My guess is, it will include everything from clothing to shoes to art supplies to kitchen items to books and more.

Goal Number Two
Moving Day!!! We are moving things around a little bit. My art room is moving downstairs to our finished basement which will now be a family room/art room/office/playroom. The babies room will now be in the large extra bedroom room and we will make a guest room out of the small extra bedroom. We will be painting those three areas.

Goal Number Three
Where the magic happens. Well, that has nothing to do with this really. We are going to upgrade to a king size bed to help organize all the bodies that are currently residing there and the one(s) that will be in the future. We will replace the nightstands with a headboard shelf to open up the space on either side. To better accomodate these changes, I am going to get rid of my vanity and move the dressor into my closet. We will add a small flat screen tv and shelves on either side for pictures and knick-knacks. This will mean that I will have to get creative with the beauty products and the current space in our bathroom :o)

Goal Number Four
Transform closet to mudroom/area. This came to me randomly today but I want to turn our front closet into an alcove/mudroom. This will really allow us to use the space wisely and open up the hallway a little. We will be adding a large cabinet to the right of our fireplace to house a few kitchen items/gagets currently living in the front closet.

Goal Number Five
Pinterest inspired. I will be using many pinterest inspirations to help organize things around the house as well. I am creating a little station near our kitchen for meal plans, grocery lists, freezer inventory etc… Were building shelves throughout the house for better organization and storage.

Goal Number Six
Two cooks in the kitchen. This is an ambitious goal to say the least but I want to go through ALL of our cookbooks and weed out only the ones we were ever use. Then I was planning on creating a binder and organizing all of them. I already have a little recipe box which will contain our favorite and most used recipies. This will clean out 2 whole shelves on our bookcase.

Of coarse there are going to be more projects along the way but these are the ones we are going to start with!