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Sissy’s Wedding Weekend

This past weekend Rob and I traveled back to NJ for my sisters wedding. It’s hard to believe she is now married and it still takes a moment to recognize her new name on Facebook. We had a fantastic weekend sans kids surrounded by family, old friends, and several new ones.


I was so honored to create several things for their ceremony and reception. Unfortunately I was having so much fun dancing and eating that I didn’t think to take many photos. I am anxiously waiting for the professional ones to be done. They decided on a Lucky In Love theme and we found ways to incorporate various forms of lucky with wishing wells, dandelions, and horse shoes. 14457519_893909935936_4141644552529436257_n

Saturday was busy with manicures, pedicures, and I even got some hair extensions. Then the mini rehearsal, yummy dinner, followed by a hilarious round of Cards Against Humanity. That night I stayed with her for a little Sissy time although we both passed out rather quickly, lol.






The day was beautiful, everything went smoothly, the food was absolutely amazing, and the bride was gorgeous. We spent the evening dancing and toasting the new couple as they start an amazing life together as husband and wife.

Anniversary Weekend

I can’t believe it has been five years already! I can’t even remember what life was like without Rob in it, and even if I could I certainly don’t want to. Although this is our 5th anniversary, it’s only our 3rd together. The first and third years he was deployed and I was pregnant. Still we manage to take a photo every year to document our growth over the years.

4 Years Collage watermarked

As I look back it’s kind of crazy to think how many moves, deployments, and life changing events have happened in just five short years. I’d have to say that although we made some mistakes along the way we really have worked well as a team and continue to grow individually and as a couple. We jumped into parenthood rather quickly so there wasn’t much of a chance to define ourselves as a couple first. Now that the kids are older we are finding more time to dedicate to “us” with date nights and even our first vacation alone (thanks Bam & Cheif!). While I love being a family I am very excited to continue reconnecting with the man I fell in love with five years ago.

I always like to do a quick countdown to recap some of our most memorable moments…

Five different homes. Three houses, 1 apartment, and even a hotel. We never planned to move around that much but we continue to evaluate our families needs and intentionally find the best solution for those needs. I have loved making every house feel more like a home for us, no matter how big or small it was.

Four awesome vacations to Disney, OBX, and a house hunting trip to Canada. Lots of pre planning, packing lists, and patience made each one a blast even through those unplanned moments.

Three deployments. Two of which were when I was pregnant and both of which were planned before we knew we were. I can’t believe how much I miss him when we are apart for even a week. How on earth did I survive? Maybe I did that, just survived. I hope we don’t have anymore of those in our future although it’s always a possibility.

Two amazing children. I can’t put into words how Parker and Caity have completed our family. It isn’t always perfect and certainly not always pretty but it’s true, honest, and absolutely amazing.

One graduation from a masters program. Just before Caity was born Rob started Command Staff College at Quantico. It was certainly difficult having a newborn around but he worked hard and we are all so proud of him.

Anniversary 1 watermarked

On Saturday, our actual anniversary we spent the day as a family. Having been away from Rob for 2 weeks it was the perfect way to spend the evening. We tried out a cute little breakfast place called Flap Jack Pancake Shack. It was AMAZING. Then we stopped by the Aviation Museum. The kiddos had fun running around the open space and playing in all of the simulations. Later that night we put the kids to bed and made a nice dinner, relaxed on the couch, and watched a movie. It was such a wonderful day and very true to us. Next month we will be going on a kid free vacation to celebrate a little more!

Collage watermarked

On Sunday the sitter came and we spent the afternoon out. We enjoyed a nice quiet lunch and then saw Garth Brooks in concert. Erin from LuLaRoe Erin’s VIP was sweet enough to send this beautiful dress to wear for the concert. Our seats were SO close we really felt like part of the concert. He is an amazing performer and I just adore Trisha Yearwood. They were beautiful together so loving and so supportive of one another on stage.

Erin Shara Campaign


It was a wonderful weekend and although it was very busy I find myself starting the week energized with a reminder of how much I am loved and how lucky I am. <3

Happy Halloween!

I love the month of October. Hoodie weather, colorful leaves, apple cider, pumpkin picking, and of course Halloween. Having kids certainly makes dressing up a little more fun. Since things have been so hectic here lately I was lucky to come across costumes for the kids and myself fairly easy. A good friend let us borrow an adorable Mickey Mouse costume for Parker. It fit perfectly and was very comfortable! The Mickey hands are from Robs childhood and are used daily when the kids are dressing up. They were the perfect touch although they didn’t stay on long.


Caity was Alice since the dress my mom had made for her ONEderland birthday was just too cute not to wear more than once. I can’t believe how much they have grown in just a year!

2014 and 2015 Halloween

I recently joined a few local FB groups online for moms. It’s such an easy way to make new friends, especially when you are new to the area. A few of us met up at a local mall to show off the kiddos costumes and have lunch. It was great to get out with some other moms and little. I participated in the Teal Pumpkin Project this year and that night we gave out Play Doh and glow sticks to the kiddos. They were certainly a hit and even a few parents stopped to say thank you.


When it was time to take Parker out he said he wanted to stay and help me give out treats to “his friends”. Not really wanting candy around the house we didn’t push the issue.


That night we decorated pumpkin cookies which Parker had a blast doing. Caity was a little too impatient and started eating hers before it was even decorated.

Halloween Cookies


A Year Of Photos {Wordless Wednesday}

Thanks to the Project 365 Pro iPhone App, I have a picture of Parker everyday for the last year. It was a fun display at his birthday party last weekend and a great addition to his scrapbook! I didn’t realize it was possible to laugh and cry as much as I do while looking through these and remembering what this past year has brought us.

You can find out more about this iPhone App over at My Crafting Attic.


Happy Birthday Peanut

One year ago today, at 4:30 AM, I woke up to a little surprise. My water had broken after a long day of mall walking and cookie baking the day before. You may have decided to come a few weeks early, but we were ready 🙂 We were ready to meet our little Peanut and officially become parents. 
The day may have not gone as I thought it would, but that didn’t matter. 
I may have not been able to have an unmedicated vaginal birth, but that didn’t matter.
At 5:30 pm, I got to hold my little Peanut for the first time and finally call him by name. 

You have brought so much joy and happiness to my life over the last year. You have taught me so much about myself and how to live life one day at a time. You are such an amazing little boy so full of laughter and love. You keep me on my toes and constantly smiling. 

Thank you for being patient with me over the last year as I learned what it means to be a mother.  Things didn’t always turn out the way I had planned, but you are so forgiving. It has been amazing to watch you grow over the last year and I am excited to see what we have in store this year! 

I went back to read your birth story and it brought tears to my eyes all over again. It is a day I will never forget, ever.