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To The Father Of My Son…

Thank you…

… for loving Parker with your whole heart
… for taking care of him even when he is cranky
… for changing his poopy diapers
… for cuddling with him when he needs you
… for making him smile when you walk in the room
… for being silly with him just to make him laugh
… for teaching him about football
… for going on walks
… for working so hard to take care of us

but most importantly,

… for being the most amazing father to my little boy.


Dear Parker

Dear Parker,

Motherhood started for me before I even knew you were Parker, before I felt you flutter in my stomach, before I saw your adorable face on the monitor. I became a mother the moment I read that big fat positive sign on a test.

I love your daddy very much but it wasn’t until our eyes met on June 22nd at 5:33 pm that I understand what, love at first site meant. I was so overcome with joy the moment I first heard you cry and they told me you were a boy. That was the day I became a mother and we became a family.

Even though we had just laid eyes on one another, it felt as though I had known you for years. We fit perfectly together and it felt so natural to snuggle with you. We wasted no time getting to know one another not by sounds but faces.

You are such an amazing little boy and you have brought so much joy, laughter and happiness into my life. Thank you for loving me for who I am. Forgiving me when I make a mistake and not expecting perfection. For making me laugh and smile. For helping me realize to never take life too seriously and live every day one nap at a time. For melting my heart and making me smile. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift I have ever known, motherhood.


My 29th birthday ~ A new perspective

Beautiful flowers from hubby!!

From the very moment you are born, there is one day every year that you can call your own. While it is originally predetermined based on science and technology, the actual date is decided by fate. 

I celebrated 28 birthday’s that were all about me. I decided what I wanted to do on that day, what type of dinner and what kind of cake. While my 29th birthday may not have been about me, I did get the best present in the entire world. My day was filled with dirty diapers, feedings and even a few cries. I was the BEST birthday ever because I got to spend it with my parents, husband and baby boy.

While June 22nd will be a day for Parker from now on, it will also be the day I can remember his birth and holding him for the first time.


366 Days Ago…

… I told the most amazing man in the world that I would stand by his side, support him though anything and love him forever. He is my rock, my light, my joy, my everything. I love you Robert Meyer!

Although we were apart from one another, I found a creative way to capture our anniversary. Next year, we will each hold these pictures and take a picture together celebrating our 2 year anniversary!