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Tipful Thursday


{Tipful Thursday} Reward Cards

One of my goals and focus this year is getting organized. My theory is an organized office, makes for an organized home, which helps created an organized and therefor happy family. I plan on taking on this goal one step at a time over the year.

I am still trying to perfect my organization when I am out and about with P. Lately, I have found myself feeling like a bag lady. I would put my essentials in the diaper bag to limit the need for my purse but then I am always missing things I need. Most recently, it was my key ring of reward tags. Since another goal is to save money, this was quite annoying.

I was telling Rob about it later that night and he recalled an iPhone app where you could scan your tags and it would store all of them for easy access. While I am still skeptical of technology for certain things, it has proven to me time and time again that it can provide the most organized me. So, I decided to give it a shot.

The app is called Key Ring Reward Cards and available with many different providers.

This app is super easy to use and goes beyond organizing my rewards cards. You can look up local fliers for sales and some stores will even give you discounts for using the app. You can also share your upload with someone else. You just click the “share card” button and provide an email address. If the person already has an account, it automatically syncs. If they don’t, they are asked to join.

Overall, this app is a 10 for me and my key ring as retired itself to a shoe box I keep upstairs, organized of course, with all of our rewards and memberships cards.

What is the latest app or tip you have come across to help you be a little more organized this year?


{Tipful Thursday} Buurrrr It’s Cold Outside: Babies Winter Essentials

I was already thinking about winter when P was just a month old in July. I couldn’t image how a little one (who used a footed onesie, hat and blanket in the summer) would stay warm in the winter! Since we are in Northern Virginia winters are fairly mild, aside from Snowmageddon. Even so, I want P to stay nice and warm! This certainly isn’t an an inclusive list, but what we have started using a LOVE so far.

Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier This is currently in our bedroom since P was sleeping in our bed his Pack & Play up until the new year. Now that he has moved to his room, we are buying a second one because we love it so much and want one for ourselves! I love this particular one because it is a cool mist and has a nighttime setting which is a little more quiet. It also displays different colored stars on the ceiling which makes for a perfect nightlight and a little distraction to help P get to sleep.

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover Even though we don’t use our Chicco Key Fit Carrier/Car Seat anymore, I just had to share this one because I think it is a must for little ones. A few of my mommy friends have them and swear by them on those bitter cold days. 

Boogie Wipes A good friend and expert mom (IMO) gave us a pack of Boogie Wipes in the shower gift she gave us. It contained all of her favorite and most used products for baby. She has been exactly on with every single product. I was unsure at first when I would use these but they are so much better than tissues. They are damp so it’s easier to remove those boogies, smell good (ours are apple) and help sooth P’s nose and upper lip. We have a pack in the car, diaper bag and a few around the house!

Aquaphor The very same expert mom gave us Aquaphor in her little goodie basket. We just started using it the other day when we noticed P’s legs were a little chapped. Work like a charm! 

BabyGanics Lip Balm If you have already noticed, I am a big fan of BabyGanics products. A month or so ago I noticed P’s lips were a little chapped. I was hesitant at first assuming that there would be no baby safe lip balms around but I was quickly corrected.

I won’t really go into details about these because they are pretty self explanatory  It’s important to dress little ones in layers and cover everything! I cringe when I see a baby, even in the summer, with no socks and/or bare legs in the freezer section of the grocery store. At night (or when we are running lots of errands outside), we dress P in layers with a onesie underneath fleece footed pajamas  He always has socks on and I sometimes put two pair on if were going to be outside for an extended period of time. He wears a hat to cover his ears and I have gloves on hand always. We haven’t used them yet but would if P was outside for 10+ minutes at one time. When I am walking him to and from the gym nursery (and the store) I always throw a blanket on him. Much easier then trying to get a coat off and on. It keeps him warm and shields him from the cold.

One of the worst experiences I have ever gone through was being stuck on the highway for over 12 hours in winter. It was that crazy storm in February 2007 and I was stranded on the highway. Yes, my dumb fault for trying to make the trip from PA to NJ in the weather. I was desperate to see my Sister before leaving for a study abroad program in Australia. It all worked out in the end and I literally made it to the airport in time to give her a kiss, the calendar I had made her and wish her luck. While I will never be silly enough to do something like that again with P, you just never know when you will get stuck somewhere.

Glad Gallon Baggies These are nice to have to seal up dirty diapers, garbage, and for the adults, something to use when there is no bathroom. Gross I know, but let me tell ya it’s more humiliating to get out of the car in the dead of winter with snow everywhere.

Formula Even if you EBF, it maybe nice to have this around in case you are not in the care for some reason. I remember people saying they got stuck for 12 hours even though they went to pick someone up what was 5 miles away. If you have older ones in the car, I recommend keeping a few boxes of granola bars, Peanut Butter and any other things your kids would eat.

Diapers & Wipes These are good to have in the car all the time. You never know when you will be out and someone forgot to restock the diaper bag. I like to have these diapers on hand because they last up to 12 hours so you can use less of them over a long period of time.

Toys & Books To keep little ones occupied. Especially for older ones, it may help keep them calm. 

Blankets  & Hand Warmers These items are SO important to have in your car, even if you don’t have a little one. I had to use dirty laundry to keep myself warm because I was running low on gas and couldn’t keep my car on the whole time.

Bottled Water To use with the formula, hydrate nursing moms and anyone else in the car.

One of my favorite resources is Parents Magazine and I have been getting routine emails from since I found out I was pregnant. They are so good at providing information right as I happen to need it, like they are in my head or something.

As usual, they sent our an email talking about the following things right when it started getting cold out and I began researching how to protect P from the cold! These are some helpful articles, links and even videos for keeping your little ones warm this winter season.

How To Protect Baby’s Skin In Winter
Protect Baby from Harsh Winter Weather
Protecting Baby’s Skin In Winter
Way’s To Keep Baby Healthy This Winter
Helping Baby Through a Sneezy Cold Season

Thanks for joining in for another Tipful Thursday post! What are some of your winter essentials? 


Tipful Thursday

Today’s Tipful Thursday topic is, removing stains. What is your favorite remedy for removing those pesky stains?!

Even though P is only 10 weeks old, he can still cause some massive stains on his cloths! We have had a few blowouts and when he got his vaccinations at his 2 month visit, I found a little blood on his onesie.

We have been pretty particular about the cleaning agents we have been using around and for P. From dish soap, to detergent I wanted safe and green products. I didn’t want stain remover to be any different. We do a good amount of shopping at Buy Buy Baby and found a line of cleaning products called BabyGanics. I am a fan of several of their products but my favorite is the Stain Remover. It has gotten every stain out I have thrown its way!


Tipful Thursday

Today’s Tipful Thursday topic is, favorite car toy. What is a must have toy for your little one in the car that makes the trip a little easier?

It’s important to Rob and I that P get use to riding in the car so that we can travel anywhere we want while he is still young. The best way I know to do that is get him in the car everyday, even if it is a short trip. It’s still a little hard to drive around with P by myself but certainly not impossible. We have had our fair share of emergency stops along the highway to reinsert the paci or for a top off. When it is the three of us driving, Rob or I will sit in the back to make things a little easier.

I can’t imagine what goes through a two month olds mind, but a few weeks ago we realized that P needed something to stimulate him while in the car. We saw these little bugs in Toys R Us and decided to give them a try. They are light weight and move very easily while the car is in motion. P loves watching them swing about and I can assume he likes the sounds they make as well. For us, these were a GREAT find!

This product is cost effective and worth price, is durable and made of strong materials that I imagine will hold up through multiple children, extremely useful and readily available at TRU, Amazon and other locations.


Tipful Thursday’s ~ Pregnancy Tip # 10

I am particularly hungry today so it looks like this weeks post will be
dedicated to my food must haves.

While this is a picture of Pepsi and not Coke, I would still like to dedicate this to a good friend, LWTF! 

First. I must acknowledge my slight crazy obsession with Diet Coke. I do not need coffee in the morning to be my chipper self, but I do start enjoying my daily soda intake with breakfast. Since I am a camel (as my dear sweet hubbs calls me) I am still able to get in all of my water plus some each day while still enjoying 1-4 Diet Cokes. I wish I could say that I am referring to the 8oz cans but in reality, I am speaking of the jumbo Diet Cokes at GW Deli.

You may notice that there is a picture of Pepsi above. This is because the world (or Burke, VA) has something against preggo’s who try and follow the rules and refrain my drinking diet soda, like myself. Have you ever tried looking for caffeine free Pepsi or Coke. Perhaps I have been blind but it has been darn near impossible. Yes, most stores have the 2 liter bottles but I need something in a can or smaller bottle to carry around with me. I have yet to find Caffeine Free Coke (although my Mom & Dad did) and can only find the cans/smaller bottles of Caffeine Free Pepsi in a few select stores.

This lovely beverage has been a life saver for me. I am able to treat myself (since the real stuff has sugar in it) for parties, when I indulge in some pizza or other special events. I have also been seen carrying a bottle into a restaurant, movie theater or fast food place and just asking for a cup of ice with my meal!

I have always loved oyster crackers but they have been very nice to have during pregnancy. I often have salt cravings and these always satisify it! They have also been by my bedside and help on the nights when my heartburn/acid reflux is acting up.

I have already talked about these in another tip but they are so good, they deserve another post! These are a healthy way to curb my sweet tooth 🙂


Tipful Thursday’s ~ Pregnancy Tip # 9

Ladies, these will become your best friends sooner than you may think! I started noticing the need within my first 2-3 months. I ignored it for awhile but there comes a time when you just have to face the fact that your cup size isn’t the only thing that is growing. These are a great way to use your current bra’s just a little longer and to even extend the preggo bras you buy until after birth when you know exactly what size you need postpartum. 
You can find them at a ton of stores including craft stores like Michale’s and AC Moore. They are a decent price and well worth the investment.