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Toddle Along Tuesday


Toddle Along Tuesday ~ Month Two Favorites

The topic for today’s Toddle Along Tuesday is, “your favorite baby item.” Since P will be two months tomorrow, I decided to combine this link up with our month two favorites. Click here to check out our month one favorites which we still are enjoying today!

It is amazing how much P has grown in the last few weeks. He is so much more alert and really starting to interact with his surroundings. We had most of these items when he was a month old but he just now starting to use them.

In no particular order, our favorite month two items are…

Baby Einstein Sweet Sea Mobile 

This mobile is great and plays 10 different melodies, all of which I have memorized already 🙂 It also plays a white noise and ocean sound. It plays for about 20 minutes with a drift off feature. P and I have been sleeping great 😉 There is also a remote control so my sometimes lazy butt can hit play without getting up!

Rob went out and bought this for P when he was about a week old. He just recently started interacting with it and watching the sea animals go round and round. He also tries to reach his hand up and get them which is adorable, but don’t take me on my word, see for yourself :o)

Fisher Price Discover N’ Grow Kick and Play Gym Piano

I P has had a blast with this play mat. He has always been a good kicker and he is starting to realize that he is making music when he kicks. We added some rings that he can reach and it getting more control with his arms and hands and can reach them when he tries. I like that we can alter the mat so he can sit at the piano any play when he is a little older. 

Sophie the Giraffe
I have to admit that Sophie wasn’t something that I had planned to buy for P. I wasn’t sure what the whole hype was and thought it was a little girlish. Luckily, Rob’s Aunt sent us a care package after P was born and Sophie was in there! I have to say now, I am SO happy that she sent it to us. I love how down to earth and practical it is. P is really starting to play with it more now he can hold the legs. I also don’t think it is too girlie!! 
Moby Wrap
The good friend of mine had a Moby and I have always trusted her judgement so of course I went ahead and purchased it. I used it twice during P’s first month but then stopped, for no particular reason. About a week ago I brought it back out and have been using it daily with P. He really likes taking naps snug inside and it frees my hands up to blog 😉 

I have to admit that it is really intimidating when you first open it up because it is just one long piece of fabric but I found a video on YouTube and after a few tries had it gown pat. At first I had P’s legs inside the wrap but now I have them hanging out so he is more comfortable. 

iPhone Apps

Technology has come a long way and I use that to my advantage every chance I can get! We used the Baby Timer to track P’s feedings and diaper changes during his first month constantly. Now I use it more to track his vaccinations, weight/height gain, milestones and sleep tracking. I also love the Relax M app which has different noise settings like river and thunderstorm. Rob, P and I all sleep great with it on. 🙂

Homemade Security Blanket

P having a security blanket was really important to me. I had one when I was little called a Funny Bunny and it really comforted me when I was little. The biggest problem was I didn’t know what it was actually called and couldn’t really find one I liked. My amazingly crafty Mom volunteered to make one for P. We picked out soft fabric for one side and satin for the other. My Mom then attached a turtle she made. I started putting him down at night with it and his hands are getting big enough so he can now hold onto the arms and legs. It is so cute to watch!


Toddle Along Tuesday ~ Finding Balance Part II

So this past week the topic for Toddle Along Tuesday was Finding Balance. I thought about what I wanted to say, wrote my post and published it. Like clock work, this momma had a complete melt down with ugly tears and all. To someone else, it probably would have warranted a good laugh but it was very serious to me.

While I have been able to balance out different things in my daily routine like showering, eating, taking care of P and administrative things, I have so many craft projects and updates around the house that I really want to do. Between blogging, Pinterest and house projects I would start one, get distracted by another and then another. By the time Rob got home, there were 4-5 things going on and I really wasn’t focusing on any of them.

If you know me, then you know crafting is my life! It brings me so much joy and I love coming up with and creating new projects.

Que my genius hubby who came up with what I think to be the idea of the century!!! Using Popsicle sticks, I wrote 1 project on each and placed them into a mason jar. Whenever I have time to start a project, I pull one and work on that project, no others, until it is done.

I actually decided to take this one step farther and did another jar that has different exercises and physical activities on them. Every morning I will choose one and will have the whole day to work it in.

After I was done with just my initial list, I felt a little overwhelmed and said,”I will never get these all done.” His response, “one stick at a time babe.” <3


Toddle Along Tuesday ~ Finding Balance

Throughout college and graduate school finding balance seemed to come natural. I was always a to-do list kinda gal and took pride in the number of items I could cross off my list in a day. I would even add items just to cross them off at the end of the day. I managed to balance school, co curricular activities, family, friends and the occasional relationship. On the side I was a MaryKay consultant, crafter and

About 3 weeks after P was born, when the initial shock of being a Mom subsided, I found myself confused. I was behind on entering our spending into the budget, MaryKay orders, updating my blog, adding pictures to Facebook, crafting my many Pinterest inspirations, cleaning the house and more (too depressing to continue the list). How on earth was I going to be able to get anything accomplished and feel like me being a SAHM was worth it?!?!

I am now 7ish weeks PP and things are starting to settle in quite nicely. I am able to predict P’s awake and needy times so I can figure out what to accomplish when. After his 5-7 am feeding I lay him in the crib to play (aka watch the mobile go round and round). During that time I get ready for the day (sometimes a shower), make the bed, tidy our room and P’s room, put away any laundry, tidy up the bathrooms (and clean them on the scheduled day). Then it’s time for his next feeding which is usually a bottle (we supplement 2 bottles a day). We make our way to the main floor and while he is entertained in his Mamaroo, I tidy up the kitchen make/eat breakfast, prep for dinner and get his bottle ready. We then head downstairs where he spends his day napping or playing on his playmate and I work on laundry, bills, crafts, MaryKay or anything else I can get done. I am a part of a few Mommies groups online so we will also go out a few times a week which helps with the cabin fever. Rob comes home and plays with P a little before dinner. Our nights are spent giving P a bath, playing with him and often relaxing in bed as early as 7:30 pm.

My system isn’t perfect and I am constantly changing it but for right now, it is working for us and I couldn’t ask for more! Here are a few tips I have been able to come up with:

– Life balance is relative term, only you can decided what your life balanced looks like. Don’t compare yourself to others as they do not have the same life you do, even if they are similar.

– Read and search for things others do and try them out for a little while. Some may work, some may not.

– I have also found that lists are KEY to feeling like I have some balance in my life. I have checklist for everything and it keeps me organized and helps me feel accomplished.

Anyone have suggestions for me to try out?!?


Toddle Along Tuesday

I am so excited to participate in my first Toddle Along Tuesday hosted by Melissa at Growing Up Geeky. I have been following Toddle Along Tuesday’s for most of my pregnancy and now that I have a LO of my own, I am thrilled to be able to participate!

This weeks topic is babies and pets!

Flip Flop & Alice were in for a rude awakening when P came home. Flip Flop knew that P was important and has always been very delicate with him. He loves it best when P is in the R&P so he can look at him! He also loves when I sleep in the recliner with P and often cuddles up between my feet! Unfortunately, Alice is a little more hesitant with P and I don’t have any cute pictures yet. I am keeping my eye out though!!!