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DIY Recipe Holder

Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to share a quick DIY project that I am pretty pleased with. It was overall a quick, easy, and cheap project that has seemed to make significant impact in the kitchen.

My sweet tooth has been getting the better of me lately and I find myself wandering into the kitchen to make something sweet most evenings. Although it’s not a huge deal, it was always annoying to have to sit the recipe against something or tape it to one of the overhead cabinets.


My mom has used this recipe holder for as long as I can remember and by the looks of it that recipe too! I love that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is rather simple. Having had enough I decided to rummage through my supplies and scraps to see if I could make something similar.

Although it’s a little different, it is perfect for our kitchen and does the trick!

Supply Collage v2

This project took about 20 minutes, since I had to create the printable. I didn’t need to spend any money since I already had the materials but if you needed to purchase them it would be about $8. If you don’t have a hot glue gun at home you could use Gorilla Super Glue. The frame was an after Christmas clearance purchase at Target for a steal.

Helpful Tip: Always look out for red and green items after Christmas on clearance that can be used for Valentines Day and St Patrick’s Day. Thanks for that All Four Love blog!

I was originally going to keep the frame blank but decided to make a print so it served as a decoration when I wasn’t using it to help cook.

DSC_5761 watermarked

DSC_5770 watermarked

DSC_5772 watermarked

As an extra treat I decided to offer this print for free. Just right click on the image and save it to your desired folder.


Kiss The Cook Printable

25 Days of Christmas: Snuggle Up Blanket

There are two things that make me happy during the bitter winter months; hot chocolate and snuggly warm blankets.  I decided I wanted to make the perfect snuggle blanket for the Mr. and I for the chilly nights we have coming our way. Since I am still a beginner sewer I decided to try my hand at a tie blanket. A family friend had made each of the kids one when they were born and it has been some of our favorite go to blankets.

DSC_4103 watermarked


I purchased 2 1/2 yards of a red plaid and gray fleece from Hobby Lobby. The plaid just shouted Canadian winter to me!

Here are a few tips:
– When deciding on the size blanket make sure to factor in about 6 inches on each side that you will lose from the ties.
– Fleece is pricey so wait until a sale of after a holiday to score a good deal.
– Pattern fabrics can be tricky if the cutter doesn’t cut the fabric straight (or make sure the previous person did) so watch them carefully.

When I got home I aligned both pieces on the floor and trimmed the access off.

Now for the cutting…

You will want to cut a 6 inch square out of each corner, then cut 6 inch deep and 2 inch wide strips down each side. I found that the natural lines in the plaid pattern made it really easy to cut straight lines. Since my blanket was rather large I decided to cut a few strips and then tie continuing that pattern around the entire blanket. I used a simple double knot making sure to pull tight on each one.

I was worried about each piece shifting in the laundry so I used crochet thread to make small knots throughout the blanket.

DSC_4101 eatermarked

I am pretty excited about my first tie blanket. It looks so warm and inviting and I am sure the Mr. and I will be able to snuggle up underneath for several movie nights come winter.

Overall this project cost about $30 (because I didn’t get the fabric on sale :/) and took about 45 minutes to make. I had so much fun doing it I decided to make each of the kids a stroller tie blanket for our winter walks or skating down the canal.

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25 Days of Christmas: Lighted Burlap Garland Tutorial

Burlap and Christmas lights are two of my favorite go to items when decorating our home. It’s easy to incorporate them into centerpieces, wreaths, and even garland. Having the house full of lights at night brings a smile to my face.

When I was browsing Pinterest for some new ideas I came across this adorable Lighted Burlap Garland tutorial from Create Craft Love. I added it to my list to try and tonight I am sharing my final product with a short tutorial.

Burlap Garland Materials

The materials for this project are minimal and you can find both at Target, Walmart, Canadian Tire, and even certain Dollar stores. You can also get burlap cut to order at fabric stores which is cheaper than buying rolls of it. If you want a cleaner look choose stiff burlap as it won’t shed when cut. If you like a slightly messier look a softer more flimsy burlap will do.

DSC_3414 watermarked

I alternated between natural, turquoise, and green. The turquoise gave it a more updated look and really went well with the color scheme in the master bedroom. Originally I had cute 2 inch strips but quickly realized that they were a little too wide to tie so I cut them down to 1 inch strips about 6 1/2 long.

DSC_3429 watermarked

We are still learning the tricks of the trade with night photography but this gives a pretty good feel for how warm the garland makes the bedroom. I have seem some concern about the burlap being so close to a light source but they emit almost nonexistent heat.

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25 Days of Christmas: Burlap Wreath

Welcome back! Thanks for joining me on day 2 of my 25 Days of Christmas mini series dedicated to everything Christmas. Yesterday I talked about our Elf(ves) On The Shelf and shared our schedule of all the mischief #sammyandsophiameyer plan to get into.

It’s been quite chaotic around here trying to catch up so I am grateful for the reason to sit down for a few minutes and share my next project, a burlap wreath tutorial. I’ve never made a wreath before so this was a fun little project that I think ended up turning out great. It was also fairly inexpensive and easy to do, about one hour total.

FloraCraft Wire Wreath
Cloth Wire

Burlap – I used 4″ by 7 yards
Yarn – Any kind and color is fine
Sewing needle – One with a wider hole makes threading it easier
Hot glue


My mom and I did some brainstorming and decided it would be easier to thread the burlap with yarn using a needle and then scrunch it together. I quickly realized it was easier and quicker to fold the burlap a few times and push the needle through. This limited the number of times I needed to pull the yarn through which saved a lot of time. I also had to go back and redo about half of it because I got too lax with the spacing and the scrunch wasn’t tight enough. For a larger wreath you can space the threading out more. There is no right or wrong, just your preference.

Steps 2

Once it was scrunched to fit the FloraCraft Wire Wreath I turned it over and used Cloth Wire to secure the burlap to the wreath. I made sure to secure the burlap well on the inside and outside rim of the wreath. Then using hot glue I secured some gold embellishments I found at Canadian Tire.

DSC_3330 watermarked

I am so excited with the final project and how it looks on the wall in the kids play room.

DSC_3328 watermarked

DSC_3335 watermarked

Tomorrow I will be sharing some of my favorite Christmas music!

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