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Tipful Thursday ~ Teething Munchkins

Today I am seeking tips more than just offering them! To my surprise, at three months, my little Peanut has started the teething process. I thought it was too early but after consulting with a few Mommas, I learned that it isn’t although it could still be a few months before we see any peek through.

I am so unprepared for this, I thought I had more time!!! I have started researching everything I can find on teething and realized the first step was getting P some things to play with that are safe and effective.

We already have Sophie, which I love, and he really seems to enjoy chewing on her legs and face. I have heard nothing but amazing things about Sophie and can already see how much P likes play with her and chew on her legs.

These were two of the teething toys that I received at our shower. I figured we would try both and see what he thinks. I did notice that the Sassy one is dishwasher safe but the Bright Starts is not. I was thinking I would keep a list in the kitchen of how each of these should be cleaned to keep track.

While at Babies R Us yesterday, we also picked one of these up. They have multiple teethers for the different teething stages and each one serves multiple purposes. P hasn’t quit gotten the hang of holding things continuously so I liked that this resembled a pacifier. I also liked how the teething part contours the mouth so it can reach multiple areas.

I can’t wait to update you all on how these work for P over the next few months!

Seasoned Mommas, what have you found to work the best with your teething little ones? How do you keep them clean? Any tips out there for new Mommas?

Disclaimer: I wrote this review after purchasing these items on my own. I was not given them to try or paid by the companies to write my review. 

Where has the time gone?!?!

I can’t even believe how much time has elapsed since my last post! I swear, I have a pretty good reason though!!!! Right before, like the night before, we left for OBX with our families (all the way back in October) we found out that we are expecting! Needless to say, I have been busy keeping our family blog up to speed since we have people from all over wanting to know updates. As a result, I have neglected my crafts and more importantly the Pinterest Challenge!


Now that my crafts will have a specific focus, Pinterest will be even more helpful and I want to document all of my craft making on this blog (I wish I had for our wedding). We also plan to do a lot of home additions around the house to increase storage space.

I want to keep this blog focused on crafts but if you want to check out our personal blog it’s  :o)