Wedding Inspired Wednesday: Unique Bride Series {Flower Alternatives} ~ Paper Flowers

Aren’t these just darling?!? I am a huge fan of creativity when it comes to wedding flowers. Although big, beautiful bouquets of colorful and vibrant flowers is great, they always end up dying and cost a fortune. Finding alternatives to the traditional bouquet is a great way for the bride and groom and cut down on some costs.

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Nearly Newlywed {Wedding Inspired Wednesday}

Rob and I were watching Shark Tank last night and I just had to share one of the companies that was pitched to the sharks, Nearly Newlywed. It truly is an amazing idea and perfect for brides on a budget!

“Nearly Newlywed is an online boutique for modern brides to buy, try and sell ‘nearly new’, fashion-forward, hard-to-find dresses. We believe that for the modern bride, the perfect day requires the perfect dress, and finding and trying a once worn dress should be just as fun as shopping for a brand new one.”
What an ingenious idea! Give a bride the opportunity to wear a dress she could never normally afford, with the option of getting it even cheaper by selling it back when she is done. I know that many women like to keep their dresses. Really though, it spends the rest of time in a box and may come out once in awhile for children and grandchildren to see. I bet most women, if asked, would take wearing their dream dress at an affordable price over keeping it in their closet. Am I right? 
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{Wedding Inspired Wednesday} Professional Photo Books

I was surfing Facebook the other day and one of the amazing photographers I follow, Heather Bee Photography, posted an article that really got me thinking. The article was titled, “The Case Against ‘Good Enough'” written by Kathleen Trensker.

A quote within the article stuck with me, “a wedding album is the first family heirloom of a brand new family”. I never really thought of it that way… I personally believe that photography is the most important purchase of a wedding. There is so much you will miss that day and even more you will forget. A photographer’s responsibility is to be your eyes that day and capture a candid timeline.

I couldn’t believe how many packages included an album and at the time, I was disappointed because I knew I would be able to make our own. I am so glad that we moved some things around so that we could afford the full package that included a book. It’s easy to have every intention to put together a scrapbook or photo album but life often gets in the way. I also believe that professionally designed and printed books are much better quality and will last longer.

Since it’s on topic, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share the photography wishlist I shared with our photographer. I think it is very important to give your photographer a list. Just saying, “the usual is fine” simply won’t cut it and you will most likely find yourself disappointed when you see your proofs.

Download this list for free here

If you are located in the Northern Virginia area, check Heather out! 

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{Wedding Inspired Wednesday} Favors

Ahhh wedding favors. In my opinion, one of the most impractical yet important parts of a wedding. Guests can get pretty snarky with comments on mediocre favors yet they would also be the ones to complain if there wasn’t one sitting at their place setting. 
We chose to have a photo booth at our reception in lieu of a favor. Everyone seemed to respond well, at least they lead me to believe that, and were excited to take a funny photo home to remember that day by. 
Had Pinterest been around when we got married (I joined 2 months after our wedding), I maybe telling you a different story. Before Pinterest, brides had to search online and through magazines in order to find the perfect favor for their wedding. Now, you can search for hundreds ideas based on color, theme or even DIY favors. Here are just a few I found recently that I thought were pretty neat. 

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