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Wedding Wednesday ~ Courtney & Josh

I wish I could have known Courtney when she got married. By the summary she sent me for this post (all 4 pages of it) I can only imagine what an organized, creative bride she was! She did such a good job summarizing her wedding, I don’t even need to tweak it. So, in her own words, here is Courtney and Josh’s DIY Wedding!


My dream wedding was an outdoor barbecue, super casual and laid back.  We found a large log cabin facility.  They offered barbecue for their catering menu.  It was the perfect location.  We had the option of doing an outdoor wedding, but decided to do the wedding indoors as you can’t predict the weather in Maine, especially in October. We lucked out though the weather was perfect.  It was 70 degrees and beautiful, so we got some wonderful outdoor picture.  Our ceremony and reception were at the same location.  Our ceremony was very us, straight and to the point.  We didn’t want too much fuss.  We were married by a notary in less than 5 minutes!

Date: October 8, 2011
Theme: Superman (outdoor barbecue)
Location: Peakes Hill Lodge, Dedham, ME
Bridal Party: 4 groomsman, 4 bridesmaids, a junior bridesmaid and our son, Orion was the ring bearer
Guests: 75
Looking at all of the color swatches for bridesmaid dresses and tuxes it took forever for us to find a set that the colors matched up and looked nice.  We ended up going with Josh’s favorite colors blue and red, which are also superman colors, his favorite superhero. He wore a red vest and bow tie and the groomsmen wore blue vests and bow ties.  The bridesmaids wore blue dresses. All from Henry’s Bridal in Bangor, ME 
Our gift to the groomsmen was superman shirts to wear under their tuxes.  You can see they had fun with them at the reception.

My dress:  I knew I didn’t want to spend much on my dress and I said that I would get my dress at a local thrift store that had last seasons dresses, tags still on, for cheaper.  The weekend we got engaged was my birthday.  My parents came up for lunch and the thrift store was across the street from the restaurant so we decided to look for fun.  Josh was with us.  We picked out a few dresses and when I put this one on I knew it was the dress that I wanted.  Turns out it was the dress that Josh picked out.  My parents bought the dress to put away, at this point we hadn’t even set a date.  We got married just over a year later.  By the time of the wedding Josh had forgotten the dress and I wouldn’t let him see it beforehand.

Cake Topper: Josh always talked about the game over cake toppers he had seen.  So for our wedding cake I decided to buy one for him.  It had me dragging him away from Madden, with Tony Romo of the Cowboys on the screen and the screen saying game over.  I had it custom made on Etsy. It was a big hit at the wedding.

Jewelry: For the bridesmaid gifts I had my cousin make them bracelets and earrings to go with their dresses.

Bouquet: I wanted to have the diamond picks in my flowers.  I sat down with Mark at ChapelHill Floral to design the perfect bouquet.  I had blue and white hydrangea and bright red roses with diamond picks.  The bridesmaids carried white hydrangeas  while the maid of honor carried a blue hydrangea.  It was important to me to include our families as well.  I got our mothers, Josh’s grandmother and Josh’s sister a corsage.  I also got our fathers, his grandfather, and my brother boutonnieres. 

Cake: I wanted a simple cake that wouldn’t break the bank.  I sat down with Rebecca at Rebecca’s cakesand found a way to make a cake within our budget.  The cake I chose was a 3 tier cake with a floating tier, so 2 tiers of actual cake. The cake slices were two layers, one chocolate and one vanilla, with a vanilla butter cream   The outside was a simple smooth butter cream with piping. She also put red ribbon around each layer. In the back we had a large sheet cake that the caterer cut beforehand and was ready to serve after we finished our cake cutting. We sprinkled rose petals on the table for color. We used my parents’ cake cutter from when they were married 27 years before.

My husband is evil.  He let me feed him a piece of cake and then he shoved cake up my nose, ended up dropping it down my dress.  I was covered in cake! When I took my dress off later the cake was even in my corset.
For the father/daughter dance and mother/son dance we danced with our parent for about a minute and then had the DJ invite the pairs on the floor.  It was very popular with everyone.  I really enjoyed being able to dance with our son as well. I also loved the picture of my MIL with her 4 boys.

Our son was 6 months old when we got married.  We had a suit outfit we got at Burlington Coat factory for the ceremony and pictures.  He was then changed into a black shirt with black pants and a tux bib.  We had a chair for him at the sweetheart table, but he stayed with my mom and other guests throughout the night. My mom was nice enough to offer to watch him the whole night so that I didn’t have to worry and got to enjoy my wedding.

Centerpieces: My centerpieces were inspired by these I found on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, we didn’t think to take a full picture.  I got vases at the dollar store, silver dollies, floating candles, green flower foam and picked up a dozen roses before the rehearsal. The night before we prepped them at the facility, each vase received the gems a rose in the green stuff to hold it up and then filled half way with water.  The staff at Peakes hill finished filling them up and added the candles the day of our wedding. My dad made place cards on the computer. We bought the ones premade for the printer and he typed in all the names and printed them.

I also made table numbers.  Each table had a different picture of Josh and me throughout the years we had been together. I put them in silver picture frames I picked up at Dollar Tree.

Our favors were heart containers with stickers saying Joshua and Courtney, October 8, 2011. I bought them off of Oriental TradingCompany.  (Funny story: I received an order from Oriental Trading and was really confused.  Instead of the card box and favors I received water balloons and kids party favors. I called them and they sent the right package.  The poor little boy who received my card box). We filled the favors with silver sixlets.  My mom and I went to the candy store and played with a few different candies and colors to see what looked the best.

My best friend and I decorated a prelit arch. We wrapped tulle around the front, took 2 tulle bows that we bought premade at Michaels and placed them on the edges.  On the top I placed some white fake flowers and hanging down from the middle I had a foam heart that had beads stuck to it.  

I DIYed my veil   My MIL gave me the veil she had worn at her wedding, but being 28 years old it had started to yellow. It was a headband wrapped in ribbon, with flowers sewn to the ribbon and the tulle sewn to that.  She had DIYed it for her wedding.  I took the flowers off and bleached them.  I decided that instead of a bunch of flowers I only wanted a few. I took off the ribbon wrapped around the headband and wrapped a new piece of white ribbon around.  I then put on an old flower, freshly white from the bleach and a new one with hot glue. I also added a few extra accessories for a special touch. Finally I sewed the original tulle back on. I loved it.

For my jewelry: My MIL and I went through her jewelry and I borrowed a necklace with matching earrings and a tennis bracelet.  The necklace and earrings were diamonds and pearls in white gold.  The tennis bracelet was diamonds and rubies, so it matched perfectly with the theme.  I think it was very foretelling because right after the wedding I got pregnant with our twins who were born in July, ruby birthstone.  Our son was born in April, diamond birthstone.  Finally, I wore my grandmother’s wedding band.

Our wedding date was also our nephew’s 2ndbirthday. So I had bought a small cake for him and put candles on it.  Before the cake cutting I had him come up with his mom and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.

I tried to do our wedding on a budget.  One day I spent calling photographers and DJs trying to talk them into the price I wanted.  That evening I got an email from my cousin, Becky, offering to do the photography and for her boyfriend, Erik to be the DJ. She has always been into photography and does a great job with pictures.  Erik DJed her sister wedding, which mom had been to and said he was wonderful.  I was so excited and grateful for the offer. I took her up on it right away. Having her and Erik was the best thing ever.  While we were getting ready Erik was at the house with the boys taking pictures while Becky was with us.  They were coordinating when people left, where people were, and made sure we all got to the facility around the same time. Erik being the DJ was great.  He was so excited and up beat.  He had everyone confused because his PC set to his iPhone so he could sit anywhere in the room and change the music.
The year before our wedding I worked as an event coordinator at an event center where our main job was weddings.  Therefore, I had worked about 50 weddings and knew what I liked and didn’t like.  I felt this helped with the planning process.  Going into our final meeting I had a list of times and plans for everything to happen.  This also allowed the facility and DJ to be on the same page.
We had a sweetheart table.  I didn’t like the idea of having the bridal party sit with us since some of them had significant others and/or families, I didn’t feel like it was fair.  Plus I like the look of the sweetheart table.  We had it set for three with a booster seat in case our son wanted to sit with us, but he ended spending the time getting passed around the guests.
I asked my bridesmaids to be in the wedding by taking king size Hershey bars and wrapping them with a homemade wrapper.  I printed off a logo that said will you be my bridesmaid? Wrapped the candy bar with scrapbook paper and glued the logo to it.  For my two bridesmaids in town I put it in a gift bag and had them open them.  For my friend Out of town I mailed it to her and had her call me when she got the mail so that she could open it on the phone with me. 

Our guest book was a photo mat.

My SIL, Josh’s sister’s wedding gift to us was a drawing she drew of superman kissing his bride. We decided it would be fun to recreate it at the end of the wedding.

I hope you enjoyed reading Courtney and Josh’s wedding.

Interested in having your wedding showcased on a Wedding Wednesday? Contact me for more information. I am looking for all kinds of wedding themes, venues, locations, budgets and level of DIY projects. Didn’t have much of a DIY wedding? Don’t worry at all! This is about inspiration and every wedding has the ability to inspire other brides! 


Wedding Wednesday ~ Andrea & DaLan

I am so excited to feature the wedding of Andrea & DaLan for my very first Wedding Wednesday! I have known Andrea, through a mutual Facebook group, for about a year now. They did such an amazing job creating a personal and unique wedding environment!

Photo by Maria Sharron

Date: September 26, 2009
Location: Cleveland, OH
Theme: Black & White with a classic movie/Hollywood theme
Bridal Party: Six bridesmaids, six groomsmen, a flower girl and ring bearer
Number of Guests: 200

Photo by Maria Sharron
Andrea used silk black and white flowers tied to hair pins as her head piece. The flexibility of using several pins, about four, made it easy to work with to get the look she wanted. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

Having made silk bouquets for our wedding, I was so excited to see that is what Andrea did as well! There were several reasons why Andrea chose silk. The cost is significantly cheaper than using real flowers. You can use any type of flowers you want without worrying about them being in season. The quality of silk flowers now are quite amazing and most guests won’t even know. One of the main reasons she chose silk however, was because her bouquet is still in the same exact condition it was the day they were married. It is such a great keepsake! She used Stephanotis, Hydrangeas and black wooden Roses for the bouquets.

Photo by Maria Sharron

Andrea used a piece of patterned black and white fabric, some black lace and a piece of elastic to create her garter. She added a ribbon bow and hand stitched their initials, one on each tail of the bow in blue thread as her “something blue”. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

Andrea wanted to give her bridesmaids, their Mothers and their Grandmothers something personal. She decided to purchase plain handkerchiefs at Target and then sew black lace on each side. To personalize hers a little more, she stitched the letter “J” on the corner. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

Andrea chose long, strapless black dresses for the bridesmaids. To add a little pop of color, she sewed a thick white sash to tie around their waist. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

For the flower girl basket, Andrea wanted a different shape, other than round, and decided to re-purpose a rectangular basket she had at home. She covered it in white fabric and secured it using a hot glue gun. She finished it off by tying a black and white checkered ribbon around the outside, and twisted another black ribbon around the handle. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

I think Andrea’s cathedral veil is my favorite DIY project of the bunch! Believe it or not, she made it out of curtains from IKEA! She used a very soft tulle/mesh fabric that was around $5. Even her seamstress couldn’t believe it! To dazzle it up a little, she purchased a jeweled hair clip from Sally Beauty and stitched the corner of the veil to that. Then she trimmed the veil into a nice arc that hit just past her dress. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

They had long rectangular programs made from black construction paper and white printer paper. The back was a piece of black construction paper cut just large enough to peek around the sides of the white paper, and fold over the top. They were secured with white ribbons punched through the top and tied in a bow.

Photo by Maria Sharron

OK, maybe their escort cards are my favorite, I just can’t decide! For the reception, their escort cards were “movie tickets” ordered from a ticket printing website that allowed them to customize the entire ticket. They ordered the tickets early and decided to leave the names blank, as they did not know who would attend at the time, and filled the guests names and table in later. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

On the table holding the escort cards they had a replica movie slate and wrote in the details as if this were a movie being filmed. Each table was named after one of their favorite romantic films, and featured table cards printed by them in black and white with the name of the movie and table number, as well as a replica of the movie poster. The table were all of the parents were seated was rather appropriately, “Father of the Bride”. Other films included “Love Actually”, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, “The Wedding Date” and “When Harry Met Sally”, among others. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

The place setting that each guest found when arriving at their tables was a card (half sheet of card stock width-wise) with movie trivia printed on the front side, all questions pertaining to the bride and groom in some fashion as well as the movie it is referencing. On the back side were the answers to the trivia questions and the menu for the evening. This was used in an effort to keep guests entertained before they arrived at the reception. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

Also at each place setting were the favor boxes that contained 1lb of homemade fudge by Andrea’s mother who is a professional fudge maker. The fudge was chocolate in the shape of a heart with white drizzle (keeping with the black and white theme). Andrea continued their theme by printing quotes from romantic movie scenes on white card stock. There were approximately 30 different movie quotes to provide a variety at each table. The box was tied with a black and white ribbon and attached to the bow was a string of beads that spelled, “love”. These were strung by Andrea and a bridesmaid in the months leading up to the wedding on a piece of heavy duty thread. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

Throughout the reception there were black and white beads to add a vintage feel. They were wrapped around the vases for the center pieces as well as the candles on the cake table. Andrea also draped them in various places in the back ground and on the front of the head table. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

To add another personal touch to their reception, they created four collage boards to be displayed at the reception of baby photos and pictures of them throughout the years. These photos were printed in black and white and surrounded a larger 8×10 print of 4 of their engagement photos printed in color. The collage boards were canvases that they painted- 2 black and 2 white. 

Photo by Maria Sharron

Like Andrea’s style? Check out some of her awesome Pinterest boards here

Interested in having your wedding showcased on a Wedding Wednesday? Contact me for more information. I am looking for all kinds of wedding themes, venues, locations, budgets and level of DIY projects. Didn’t have much of a DIY wedding? Don’t worry at all! This is about inspiration and every wedding has the ability to inspire other brides! 


New Series Announcement

This blog is in need of some major TLC! I guess things like having a baby and moving to a new house can really put a damper on craft time… The flip side, I have some awesome DIY projects in store for this house. My art room is about 85% done and should be finished while my family is in town this weekend visiting. Just in time for some holiday decoration crafts, DIYing our new home AND…. 

… starting a new series here called Wedding Wednesday. Yeah I know, real creative Mary… I remember how valuable it was to see other weddings to get ideas of what I wanted and what DIY projects I could do to make our wedding ours. 
So, next Wednesday I will begin this series and each week I will showcase a different wedding. I am looking to showcase wedding of all different themes, locations, budgets, DIY level and more! I am super excited about this series and I hope it can help inspiration some brides out there! 
Check back next week, I have an amazing wedding already lines up to showcase for you!