At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have once again joined Weight Watchers. I keep going back because I know it works if I just follow the program. I don’t have to give anything up, I just need to adjust the amount of good versus bad decisions I make in a day regarding food.

In just over 4 months I will be traveling to Florida to participate in the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge; a 10k on Saturday and 1/2 marathon on Sunday. It’s probably a little too ambitious but I needed to do something drastic to get my ass in gear. Accomplishing this bucket list item is so important to me and by doing so I will have gotten a jump start on my long term weight loss goal of losing 90 pounds.


I’ve realized over the last few years that it is much harder to lose weight after kids. It won’t come off as easily as it did before so I decided to come up with an inspirational board to track my progress and achievements. I also came up with some pretty awesome rewards for each of my goals.



I will be attending meetings on Thursdays and updating my progress throughout the week via #maryswwjourney on Instagram in case you want to follow along 🙂

I Love My Body {Week 2 Challenge}

A really good friend and fellow mommy blogger, Jen, over at All Four Love came to visit this weekend. While taking a trip to one of my favorite thrift stores, I told her about this new adventure. She was my sounding board for awhile and helped me decide on the structure of the next few challenges and topics I wanted to focus on.

I want to take a different approach this time to my weight loss. Simply “winging it” isn’t possible at my age and my current lifestyle of being a stay-at-home-mom. I need to have a structure beyond my weight loss program. I realized that only makes sense that my next focus is on accountability. This is something I need to have and it needs to be effective. I have figured out several easy ways to help me stay accountable and I am going to see how they work this week.

My first form of accountability is already in place, all of you. Knowing that you are reading these challenges each week and waiting for my follow up lights a fire inside me, which is great! I want to be able to report good news. However, I am not perfect. I don’t know anyone who is perfect during a drastic weight loss journey. Even though I want to report good news each week, I know that obstacles I run into will make me stronger and may help others out down the line.

I also really believe that having accountability weighing in is a MUST. This is where things like Weight Watchers, DietBet and Last Loser Standing competitions among friends or co-workers can be extremely helpful.

I will be talking more about Weight Watchers throughout this entire journey because it is my weight loss plan of choice. For this purposes of this challenge, Weight Watchers is going to be important to keeping me accountable each week. In the past, knowing I am getting on the scale at a certain time each week has helped me make smarter choices. As a stay-at-home mom, I don’t have the ability to commit to attending meetings to weigh-in so I am doing the eTools and tracking my weight on there. It is not as effective but still makes a difference. 

DietBet, is from what I can tell, fairly new. It’s a great way to motivate because money is at stake! Bets which starts at the beginning of each month. You can find one to join, start a public one of your own or a private one and invite friends, family or coworkers. The admins of the specific bet decide the buy in. The two I have done so far were $10 but there are some for $50 or $100. There are tons of bets each month so you can choose which one is right for you. You are given a word and have to send a picture of yourself on the scale in airport attire and then a picture of your feet on the scale with the word. You have a month to lose 4% of your weight. At the end, you take another picture with a different word to confirm and you split the pot with the winners.

Weigh In for my January DietBet

Last Loser Standing competitions have been going on for awhile now. They are pretty popular in offices and among family members. I recently got involved with two on Facebook. Similar to dietbet, you are give a word each week and you must take a picture of your feet on the scale with the word in the picture. These are fun ways to stay accountable and if there is a great prize for the winner, maybe the exact motivation you need!

A weigh in for one of the LLS challenges

This week I challenge you to invent or find at least one way to help keep you accountable during your weight loss journey. Are you up for it?!? I can’t wait to hear what you have come up with on Saturday! 

I Love My Body {Week 1 Reflection}

We have company coming this weekend so I decided to write this post on Friday. It’s kind of ironic because this day is so bitter sweet for me. It was February 15, 2006 when I decided I didn’t want to be a fat girl anymore. This day is sweet because I worked hard over the next 2 years even through a move from CA to PA and completing a graduate program, I managed to go from 181.6 – 140 pounds. It’s bitter because I am now 203 pounds.

This week had it’s ups and downs but I think I am in a really great place. At the beginning of the week, I challenged myself (and all of you) with trying to change the way I felt and the things I said to my body every time I looked in the mirror. I’m no expert but this seemed like a good place to start this journey. It’s not just about what you put in your mouth or exercise you get. It’s just as much a mental commitment as it is a physical one. Maybe that is where I have been going wrong up until now. I was counting on food and exercise to do all of the work.

As corny as it maybe, I needed to tell myself that I was beautiful and that I loved my body everyday this week. I needed to tell myself this so I stopped blaming my body and started blaming myself. It was hard the first few days but, by the time this morning rolled around, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I wasn’t mad at my body anymore. Now I am not claiming any immaculate miracle here. I am sure there will be a time, or two, or ten, where I find myself with those thoughts over the course of this journey. But for the moment, the blame is where it needs to be.

Today, I celebrated. Not only did I take a shower AND wash my hair (yes honey, you heard me right) but I also styled my hair and put makeup on before P woke up for the day. It was amazing how much better I felt about myself. I won’t have time to do this most mornings but I think I found the first change I want to make. Maybe by getting up 10 minutes earlier in the morning so I can wash my face, putting on some mascara and actual clothes, it will help me make better choices throughout the day. It’s tough staying at home because it feels natural to stay in sweats with your hair in a ponytail. Trouble is, that was the outfit I was usually in for lazy weekends vegging out and snacking all day.

So here I am folks. Mary. A 29 year old stay at home mother to Parker and wife to Rob. A shy but outgoing, creative and caring woman. I am also a fat girl. But that is okay because I love my body and I am going to start making changes. One day, my insides will match my outsides. You will see my beautiful smile any day of the week because I will finally love myself as much as others love me.

How did you all do this week? Was it easy to look in the mirror? Was it hard? I would love to hear about your week and how you are doing! Join in the link up party below or leave a comment!

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I Love My Body {New Link Up Challenge}

I Love My Body… {New Link Up Challenge}

I wrote this in my journal on Thursday and after reading it, realized I wanted to share it with all of you…

Today is the day I get to the gym and usually stretch outside the aerobics room for about 15 minutes before class starts. Now-a-days, that kind of alone time is rare. This morning, I decided to drop P off 15 minutes earlier and go into the fitness center for a little bit before my aerobics class. As I walked up to the aerobics room, I heard the instructor finishing her cool down by asking her students to repeat the following, “I love myself”, “I love my body”. 

Normally I would be sitting on the floor with my head phones on and would have missed this chant. I can’t help but think I was meant to hear it. I love myself, I love my body… I love my body… I love my body… Do I though?

At least once a day I find myself looking in the mirror and not only thinking, but saying out loud, I hate my body. The truth is, my body hasn’t done anything wrong. In fact, I should be saying, I love my body. My body sacrifices for me every day. My body created the most beautiful little boy in the whole world. My body held strong through 11 hours of labor and then stayed strong while the Dr.performed a c-section. My body worked hard and healed quicker than the Dr expected so that I could bond with my son. My body keeps up with the abuse I give it hardly ever complaining.

It’s time I start focusing the blame where it belongs, on me. So body, will you give me a second chance? I can’t promise perfection only that I will try harder and think before I do or say something that might be hurtful to you. I will try to not stare at you in the mirror and look in disgust and say I hate you. The truth is, I love you body. I am so grateful for everything you have done for me and it’s time I start acting like it.

To help me stay accountable and help achieve my goals, I have decided to put together a new link up challenge called, I LOVE MY BODY. The idea is that you can’t expect your body to change, if you don’t first love yourself and treat your body right.

Here are the lovely challenge details. 

I thought about different ways to run this and although it is a little more work, I feel like there needs to be two separate parts to this challenge  One day for the topic and challenge announcement and a separate day for reflection. To me, it’s important to take one week at a time and I need to give proper thought and reflection to one week before I start another.


Each Sunday, I will post about the weeks topic and challenge. The theme will always have something to do with weight loss, eating healthy or treating your body right.

There are two ways you can except the challenge:

1. Comment on the challenge post letting me know you are accepting the challenge. Writing it down makes it official. This is a great option for those of you who don’t have a blog.

2. Write a quick post and add the I LOVE MY BODY button. Your readers will see you have accepted the challenge and are going to want to hear how you did!

On Saturday, we will reflect on how we did that week. What was easy and what was hard. Did you succeed? If not, what held you back. I will host a link up party where you can link up your own reflections and visit your neighbors posts to offer congratulations, words of encouragement and continued support.

There are two ways to reflect on the week:

1. Journal about it throughout the week and write how you did in a comment on my reflection post. This will allow other reads to offer congratulations, words of encouragement and continued support. 

2. Write a reflection post on how the week was for you, share the I Love My Body button and link up to the party.

So, what do you say? Are you willing to accept this challenge? Are you ready to focus on yourself, even when life gets in the way? Then share this challenge on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media  avenues you have. We ALL deserve to be happy and healthy and together WE can help each other take the steps to change!

If you are, then let’s get started RIGHT NOW!!! 

We all need to start fresh sometimes with a new focus. This week’s theme is the very purpose of this link up, loving your body. You need to love and respect your body for any kind of change to happen.

So, the challenge this week is to look in the mirror each day and say, “I love my body, I respect my body”. Even though it maybe hard, take a picture of yourself. If you are really brave, plan to share it in your reflection. Take some time to also write down what your body has done for you. Have you even run a race, participated in a sport, had a job where you were constantly on your feet?

On Saturday I will share what my week was link and host the link up party where you can share your post and stop in to see how others did!

If you accept this challenge, let me know! Change starts now!  

WW Wednesday in DC

What a beautiful day!

My SAH Mommas group spent the day in the city walking around the monuments. Since there were 3 little ones, we didn’t get all that much sight seeing in but it was such a beautiful day we didn’t care! 🙂 We met at the Smithsonian metro stop and worked are way around the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial and Lincoln Memorial. We had to stop a few times for diaper changes and feedings but we didn’t mind. It was such a beautiful day outside that the fresh air and breeze was relaxing.

It would have been a perfect trip if was able to find where I had parked a little easier. I remembered where I parked, I just couldn’t find it. I swore it was GG5 but all I could find was G5 and no car. Then I realized that I turned in the wrong direction when I got off the elevator and there are two separate garages. P was so cute watching me try to find the car 🙂 I am glad he didn’t really know what was going on!

Here are some of my favorite shots for of the day!

First outside bump metro ride! 

Enjoying the breeze! He absolutely loved looking around. 

Real men wear pink! Mommy remembered everything but a hat. It’s okay though, he didn’t like the carrier  (or the hat) very much. He preferred to stay in the stroller and look around while playing with Frey! 

I can’t share my weight loss today because our scale is broken :/ I promise to report back next week with a hopefully nice loss. I wanted to get down to 200 lbs by the end of this month so I have just a few more days to achieve that! I am getting better each day with figuring out how to eat healthy and be a SAHM. It’s amazing how much more food for you bang you can get when choosing healthy options.

I decided to really test this theory out and put together breakfast, lunch and two snacks the night before.

Nature Valley granola bar, Yoplait, tuna sandwich, fruit cup, apple, cheese and crackers and carrots =  26 points! 

I can’t believe all the food I got for only 26 points leaving me with 19 for dinner and an evening snack. A Burger King Whopper and fries come in around the same number of points. Of course, the above menu is lacking some chocolate but I can add a Skinny Cow candy bar for only another 2 points. This also includes 2 dairy, 3 fruit, 1 vegetable and protein.

I did want to share a really helpful article that I found on one of my favorite pregnancy/mommy blogs. It’s titled, How Real Moms Lose Weight, and can be found here. I can agree that it is so hard to find time for me, that when I do finally get it, exercising isn’t really top of my list. I have found ways to exercise while tending to P which include weights while breastfeeding!