Are sewing thimbles worth anything?

Are old sewing thimbles worth anything?

Also some very old thimbles that are valuable and very collectible! Most of my thimbles are just $3, but some of the very collectible can be up to $20. … Sterling or decorative thimbles usually sell fast!

What thimbles are worth money?

Porcelain thimbles are a particular area of interest for collectors. Made from the 18th century onwards, the most sought after are those from the German Meissen factory, generally intended as gifts. Royal Worcester, Coalport, Spode and Wedgwood were leading English thimble manufacturers from the early 19th century.

Is there a market for old thimbles?

Most thimbles are selling for $5-15 but you may have a rare one so think about checking them out before selling. Be prepared to wait for a sale as these may not sell very quickly.

How do you date a thimble?

Unless a thimble has a specific date mark it is possible only to arrive at an approximate time of manufacture and for very old thimbles this is best expressed in terms of the century or centuries in which the thimble was made, all other thimble should simply be dated as ‘early’, ‘mid’ or ‘late’ what ever century they …

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What is the most expensive thimble?

A gold thimble, circa 1805, attributed to Paul Revere Jr., featuring engraved script initials of LD with a wrought domed top, sold for $10,000 during an auction at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, May 21, 2014.

How can you tell if a thimble is gold?

Many American gold thimbles are unmarked with regard to fineness of the gold, they may have a maker’s mark and usually have a size mark. The mark may be anywhere on the thimble. The term ‘Gold filled’ is used to denote that a layer of at least 10k gold has been bonded to the base metal of the thimble.

How do you identify a thimble?

Some marks may be very small and difficult to find, you can often identify the site of a mark (especially thimbles marked in France) by looking for a small rounded, ‘bulge’ on the inside of the thimble – this then acts as a guide to the punch mark on the outside of the thimble.

How do I know what size thimble to get?

Use a narrow strip of paper and tape it into a circle around the finger you want to measure, at the base of the fingernail. Cut it and measure how many millimeters equal the circumference of your finger. Compare it to the chart below to determine your thimble size.

What is thimble game?

Hunt the thimble (also known as hide the thimble) is a party game in which one person hides a thimble, or other small object, somewhere in the room, while all other players wait outside. … In Singing Hunt the Thimble, the hiders sing louder when the searcher is close to the object and softer when they are farther away.

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What is a Dorcas thimble?

Horner’s “Dorcas” thimbles were patented in 1884. These solved the problem of the previous soft, silver thimbles by using a sandwich of strong steel and sterling silver layers. … This was for a minor improvement, the provision of thicker material at the top of the thimble, the area of most wear.

Why are thimbles found in fields?

There are many theories as to why so many thimbles are found in the fields. Most likely is that women and children did most of the sewing and tended to work with the family in the field. Another popular theory is that thimbles were used to protect finger tips from straw.