Best answer: What pattern is knit 2 purl 2?

What is K2 knitting?

These letters are usually followed by a number that tells you how many stitches to work – so K2 means “knit two stitches”.

What does BW mean in knitting?

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Abbreviation Description
beg beginning
bet between
BO bind off
byo backward yarn over

What does Star mean in knitting?

When you see an asterisk or *, it means you are to repeat something. For example: k3, *p1, k1; rep from *, k3. This means you would knit 3 stitches to begin. Then purl 1 and knit 1.

Can you purl both sides?

Much like knitting in the front and back (KFB) of a stitch, purling in the front and back (PFB) is a way to easily increase stitches. However, purling on both sides of the loop is not quite as intuitive as knitting in the front and back, though the technique is basically the same.

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