Can you comb out crochet locs?

Can you detangle locs?

Because dreads are masses of tangled hair, the key to removing them is to use a deep conditioner and gently comb them out. While this can sometimes take days, depending on the length and thickness of your dreads, you can save some or all of your hair by detangling them.

Can you brush dreadlocks out?

Brush the end of the dread with a small-toothed comb.

Hold the loc and brush the end of the dread, pulling the brush outward. Continue brushing out the dread until the hair fully separates. As you comb, built up hair that you’ve shed over time will start to come out into your comb. Don’t be alarmed, this is normal.

Should I crochet my dreads wet or dry?

Crochet hook maintenance should be done on dry hair only. Dry hair is less susceptible to breakage because keratin protein — the stuff hair and nails are made of — is more durable when dry.

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