Does waffle stitch use a lot of yarn?

What type of yarn is best for waffle stitch?

You’ll want to choose a medium-weight yarn. Choose a yarn that’s a bit thicker than double knitting yarn, but lighter than chunky yarn. Note: If you choose to make hand towels or rags with this pattern, Bella Coco recommends using a 100 percent cotton yarn because it washes better than acrylic based yarns.

How many chains waffle stitch blanket?

If you just want to practice this stitch, then try making a chain of 12. This will allow you to create a sample swatch. For a larger item, such as a washcloth, scarf, or blanket, make chains in multiples of 3 until the chain is the length that you want the finished project to be.

Does using a bigger crochet hook use less yarn?

If you are using the same pattern (same number of stitches and rows/rounds), a larger crochet hook will use up more yarn. If you are going for the same size of project (say a 36 by 36 inch blanket), a larger crochet hook will use up less yarn.

Does the Alpine stitch use a lot of yarn?

The Alpine Stitch will likely use more yarn than a taller simple stitch like double crochet. However, considering the alpine stitch is a beautiful textured stitch, I think it is well worth a little more yarn.

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