Frequent question: Can you make a crochet hat bigger?

How do you increase the size of a crochet hat?

For those newer to making hats, the classic way to work a top-down beanie (regardless of stitch pattern) is to work a flat circle from the centre out, increasing by the same number of stitches each round. Then you stop increasing and work in rounds until the hat curls round and reaches the desired length.

Why is my crochet hat wavy?

if you add too many doubles and not enough singles it‘ll get wavy like your second picture. if you add too many singles and not enough doubles it’ll start to curve down too soon and it won’t fit. when you switch to all singles the hat will curve down and make a hat.

Do Beanies stretch out?

If you find a beanie that you really love, but it doesn’t quite fit exactly how you want it to, there are ways to shrink or expand it. Most fabrics, such as cotton and wool, will shrink or expand without much trouble.

Can wool hats be stretched?

Retrieve the wool cap from the towel and carefully place it on something clean and round — a melon, a soccer ball, even a balloon will do — and about the size you’d like the cap to be. The wool will stretch relatively easily at this point because the fibers are wet.

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