Frequent question: How do you sew Sashing strips together?

How wide should Sashing strips be?

Now add ½-inch for a seam allowance and the width of the sashing should be cut is 1 ¾ – inches. Between the two extremes – the widest sashing being 3 ¼-inches wide and the narrowest at 1 ¼-inches wide (finished) sets the stage for all the options of the sashing width.

How wide should Sashing be on a T-shirt quilt?

Completing the Quilt – add sashing – Sashing strips are the horizontal and vertical strips between blocks. The horizontal strips should measure 15″ in length x 2″ wide. Cut enough sashing strips to add to all the t-shirts except the bottom row.

How many shirts do I need for a lap quilt?


Quilt Title Approx. Size* Est. # of T-shirts**
Lap 45” x 45 9 or 12
Large Lap 45” x 60” 12 or 16…
Twin 60” x “90 or 75” x 75” (long twin) 16, 20, 24, 25…
Full 75” x 90” or 90” x 90” (wide full) 20, 25, 30, 36…

How much fabric do I need for quilt Sashing?

Add 36 plus 12 for a total of 48 inches. Each horizontal strip requires a lengh of fabric 48-inches long by 3-inches wide. You need six horizontal strips total, so you need at minimum of 48-inches by 18-inches of material. For the vertical quilt sashing, you will not be cutting long strips.

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What is the average width of Sashing on a quilt?

Sashing Width and Length

Work with sashing that finishes at one-fourth of the block’s width, or less. That means you would use sashing up to 3 inches wide (finished) for a 12-inch (finished) quilt block.