How do you cover a screw with an embroidery hoop?

How do you use a metal embroidery hoop?

How To Use an Embroidery Hoop

  1. Loosen the top screw.
  2. Separate the inner and outer rings of the embroidery hoop.
  3. Place the fabric over top of the inner ring.
  4. Place the outer ring over top of the fabric and inner ring.
  5. Tight the screw and pull fabric evenly through the hoop until it feels tight like a drum.

What is chenille in embroidery?

Chenille embroidery, colloquially known as “chenille” is a kind of specialized loop or chain embroidery, which is made with yarn, not typical embroidery threads – polyester or viscose. Thanks to use of yarn instead of threads , this embroidery method makes the pattern look optically thicker and more convex.

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