How do you do a single crochet wire?

Is single crochet the same as double crochet?

So for example, the American single crochet is the same as the British double crochet. The American double crochet is the same as the British treble crochet.

What’s different?

American Crochet British Crochet
Single crochet Double crochet
Half double crochet Half treble crochet
Double crochet Treble crochet

Can you crochet with cotton cord?

Cotton Air cord is a cotton knitted cord (chain shape) of about 5mm thickness. It is perfect for home decor modern crochet projects as rugs, bags, baskets, bowls, plate mats, cushions, poufs, wall-hangings… It is soft and easy to work with and it comes in beautiful colors.

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