How do you measure bust size in knitting?

How do you measure the bust on a knitted sweater?

Measure around the fullest part of your chest. Be sure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. Measure around the largest part of the neck. If you are creating a circular neckline and would like to make a wider neck, you can add inches here.

How do you measure a cardigan bust?

For sweaters, you should know three basic measurements: [A] Bust: Start by measuring around the fullest part of your chest, making sure that the measuring tape doesn’t droop in the back. (Ladies, your bust measurement is not the same as your bra size. There’s a bit of extra math involved with that one!

What is actual measurement in knitting?

Finished Measurements describes the garment and is the key listing to help you determine a size. If a pattern lists that the sweater has an actual finished bust circumference of 40″, if you measure it, it will be 40″ around at bust height—that is, the front and back will each be 20″ across.

Do you measure bust with or without bra?

You need to be wearing a bra to measure your bust. Pick a comfy one, but one that doesn’t boost your bust size. You want to measure your actual breasts, not the extra padding!

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How do you measure your bust in inches?

Place the tape directly below your armpits and directly above your breasts, generally where your bra strap would meet the cup of your bra on your body. Hold the measuring tape gently around your body and take note of the circumference of this area, for example 34 inches or 38 inches.

Where do you measure bust on a sweater?

The bust is probably the measurement that is asked for the most with tops. You take the measurement across the chest of the garment, from side seam to sides seam. It goes across the garment directly under the armpits, where the side seam meets the sleeve.

How do you measure bust size on a sweater?

Measure the chest size

Measure across the front of the jumper from one armpit seam to the other. Read off the number of inches and double it to get the chest size. For example, we would describe this jumper as having a chest size of 32 inches.