How do you put a pocket in a crochet cardigan?

How do you add pockets to a crochet sweater?


  1. Crochet a piece of fabric to the desired size and shape. Use a simple square or rectangle, and experiment with unusual shapes or motifs, or try a 3-D piece.
  2. Pin the pocket onto right side of the crochet sweater. …
  3. Working on the right side, invisibly stitch the pocket onto the crochet sweater.

How many chains do you need for a pocket shawl?

This really depends on the yardage in your skein, but on average you will need 4-5 skeins (3.5oz) of yarn for a crochet pocket shawl. This is between 1000-1500 yards of yarn for an adult pocket shawl. The Simple Pocket Shawl uses 4 skeins of Lion Brand Heartland, for a total of around 1000 yards.

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