How much does a industrial sewing machine cost?

How much do professional sewing machines cost?

A good quality sewing machine will cost you at least $150 while more professional, industrial or specialized quilting and embroidery models can easily reach $1000 to $5000.

Is an industrial sewing machine worth it?

Overall, an industrial sewing machine is a great option for anyone who regularly works on sewing or upholstery projects. It’s likely that you’ll get more accomplished within shorter spans of time which is also ideal for those running their own business.

Why are industrial sewing machines better?

Industrial machines are made to go at a faster speed to increase sewing production. Most models require no maintenance and, unlike models of the past, have their own built-in oil system. When repairs are required, parts and service are usually easy to find, especially for top brands.

How long do industrial sewing machines last?

Reason #3: Sew all day, every day

When you buy an industrial sewing machine you can sew with confidence knowing that your machine is built to run all day every day. In fact, we’ve seen industrial sewing machines last as long as 25 years with proper storage and maintenance.

How fast is an industrial sewing machine?

Increased Power and Speed

An industrial machine might sew at speeds between 1,000 spm up to 5500 spm or higher while a standard machine may sew between 250 and 1,000 spm.

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