How thick should a quilt border be?

How wide should my border be?

Whichever you choose, make your borders wide enough. A narrow border along a boundary is useless, unless you just want to grow climbing plants. … It is better to have fewer planting areas, but make them bigger. One metre wide is really a minimum, two metres better.

Should quilt borders be light or dark?

Using some of the same fabrics that were used when piecing the quilt will make an excellent framed appearance. Keep in mind that dark colors or those that have a dark-medium value provide a strong frame. A light value is more open and tends to give the feeling of fading off into the sunset.

How wide should a border be in a small garden?

Use a variety of plants to create contrast

But a little goes a long way, so use sparingly or the planting will look over-stimulating. With standard-sized borders (1.5-2m wide) one focal point plant every four to six metres should be enough.

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