Question: Do you need a bobbin cover?

What is a bobbin plate cover?

The sewing machine slide plate covers the bobbin area while the machine is stitching. We carry a large selection for all sewing machine brands, if you don’t see the one for your machine, give us a call. …

Do you need a bobbin winder?

With boat shuttles come bobbins. With bobbins comes the need to wind them. Now, if you are using a thick yarn or thread, this is no big deal to do by hand. … However, I can save the expense of a bobbin winder for another gadget, because if you have a drill or hand-held electric mixer, you have a bobbin winder.

What is needle plate?

A needle plate, also known as the throat plate, is a removable metal shield found on all sewing machines. This little metal shield is used to cover the bobbin area of your machine. However, some machines use special needle plates to help you with your sewing.

What is bobbin winder stopper?

Bobbin winder stopper: Stops winding the bobbin when it reaches capacity.

What moves the fabric while sewing?

Bobbin winder tension- provides tension on the thread when the bobbin winds. Feed dog– moves the fabric along as you sew.

What does throat plate mean?

1 : throat sheet. 2 : a flat plate holding the feed dog of a sewing machine.

Can you wind a bobbin without a sewing machine?

Yes! And wouldn’t you know it – one of the first things I saw was that little bobbin winder device (it’s called a SideWinder) that you can use to wind a bobbin thread without a sewing machine.

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