Question: How do I remove weaving?

How do you take off a loom?

Removing the knitting from the loom.

  1. Work the first 2 pegs (1 and 2). Move the loop from the 2nd peg over to the first peg. The first peg now has 2 loops.
  2. On the 1st peg, take the bottom loop over the top loop.
  3. Move the loop from the first peg to the second empty peg. The 1st peg has now been bound off.

How do you tie on a new warp to an existing warp?

You take the first thread in the lease of the old warp and tie a square knot to join it to the corresponding first thread in the lease of the new warp. Continue in sequence, picking one thread from one lease and then its mate from the other, until all the warp threads are knotted together.

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