What does 500gsm quilt mean?

What is a good GSM for a quilt?

GSM refers to grams per square metre, and measures how thick the quilt is and how warm it will keep you. Where possible, it’s ideal to have a 150 to 350 GSM quilt for the warmer months, and a 500 to 700 GSM quilt for winter.

Is higher GSM comforter better?

GMS stands for grams per square meter. The higher the number the fluffier the comforter. This comforter is one of the fluffiest, warmest and probably the most beautiful one I’ve ever owned.

What does 250gsm mean?

250gsm = 190 to 285mics. 300gsm = 237 to 342mics. 350gsm = 284 to 395mics.

What TOG is 300gsm?

King Wool Duvet 300 gsm Lightweight 4-7 TOG. You shouldn’t have to compromise on getting the best possible night’s sleep, so we’ve worked hard to create the most luxurious, comfortable, certified 100% British wool duvets that we can make!

What is 300 GSM quilt?

• 150 – 250 GSM is best for Summer. • 300 – 400 GSM are regarded as Autumn and Spring weight. • 450+ GSM are considered best for Winter.

How much GSM is good for blanket?

If you want to very warm comforter, you will need to consider filling in over 300 gsm. It is not that popular in the market so you may need extra blanket combined together. The gsm of polyester filling in has not too much to do with the comforter cost. The most important parts are comforter facing backing fabrics.

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What is the best quilt filling?

Goose down is the finest feather filling. It is soft and light but very warm,” says Azra. “For a good-quality doona, you have to pay more and goose down is expensive because those feathers are less common – it’s like buying raspberries at a supermarket versus apples.”